2007 Infiniti G35 Service Engine Soon Light Reset

As usual, I filled the premium gas this morning and drove my car about 4 miles. Suddenly, the “Service Engine Soon” is turned on. According to the manual, I went another 1 mile, but the light did not turn off. I guess maybe the gas tap is loose. How can I turn off the light?

This article will show you how to reset the service engine soon light on a 2007 Infiniti G35.


What is a “Service Engine Soon” light?


The CEL/SES/MIL warning light is probably the most misunderstood warning light.

Owners attribute way more car maladies to the SES/CEL/MIL warning light than it’s designated. Many are too quick to “clear” the light without taking the time to read the code.

CEL/SES/MIL warning light only displays OBD II mandated emissions system components. No other codes came up.

A system lean code is normally associated with the fuel trims.

How to solve this issue?

Service engines can soon activate due to several reasons. So it is best if you could find the exact reason to solve the issue.

The gas cap might take a few drive cycles to reset itself if it was the gas cap. If it doesn’t, take it to Autozone and ask them to read the code for you (a freebie).

When you remove the gas cap, is there rust/corrosion on the filler neck? This needs to be cleaned up as the cap won’t seal properly. It happened to me when I bought my car. I cleaned up the filler neck, and it’s been fine.

It can occur when the wires connected to the maf are rubbing against the strut bar base.

What is Code P0420?

The code P0420 is cat converter bank1, and mechanics say it will cost a lot to fix this issue, but worth it to repair.

It would help if you had a code reader to turn off the light or disconnect the negative battery cable for several hours. Most readers will show a “pending” code.

Rev up Engines have 4 upper sensors at the back Bank 1 (passenger side) p1078 -EVTCP Angled Sensor 23731-AL61A with a black bracket to clip in p0340 -CP straight sensor 23731-6J90B with a Green bracket to clip in Bank 2 (driver side).

The car has 3 idle point characteristics—the high, mid, and warmed-up numbers. A few seconds later, the car will idle high and settle down to about 650-700 rpm. You could try an idle reset or disconnect the battery.

Before the re-learn step, make sure your car idle is too high after warm-up. The test procedure calls for all accessories off, so the idle should be checked with the A/C system and radio OFF.

AutoZone will check that SES code for you with a scanner for free. I’d go that route even though a disconnect on the battery might reset that too. If You lose the code, it may be referring to another issue or telling you something about that high idle.

Are you hearing a whistling under the hood?

If you hear a whistle under the hood when you push on the gas, you should be cautious. Does this whistling have anything to do with the EVAP Control System Gross Leak (P0455)?

The best solution is to call your local dealership, have your VIN handy, and have them check Service Comm (campaign ID R0508) to see if your car is affected.

Since this is a voluntary recall, dropping it off at the dealer to have this repaired will not cost you a penny. If the car has any warranty, let the dealer fix it.

How to reset ECU – manual method

Here is a quick way to reset your ECU.

Check whether the accelerator pedal is fully released, turn the ignition switch “ON,” and wait 3 seconds. Repeat the following two procedures quickly five times within 5 seconds.

Using a stopwatch or an analog clock with a second needle will be good.

ECU Resetting Procedures

Timing is extremely critical. If it is NOT DONE within the specified time, the ECU will not reset.

Operations Procedures 1. Release the accelerator pedal fully. Then turn the ignition switch “ON,” and wait for 3 seconds. 2a. Fully depress the accelerator pedal (HARD). 2b. Fully release the accelerator pedal.

Accelerator Pedal Release Position Learning Operation Procedure

  1. Release the accelerator pedal is fully released.
  2. Turn the ignition switch “ON.”
  3. Wait at least 2 seconds.

Idle Air Volume Learning (Throttle Position Learning)

Start the engine. Warm it up to normal operating temperature. Turn the ignition switch “off.” Wait at least 10 seconds. Confirm that the accelerator pedal is fully released. Turn the ignition switch “ON” and wait 3 seconds.

A doubt has arisen on the correlation between the oil change and the SES light for the intake camshaft sensor. 

I once bought a car with 60k, with no warranty. There is next to NO chance the oil change caused the problem. Is it possible to reset the “Service Engine Soon” light without going to the dealer to fix it? My warranty ended, and I don’t want to pay $60+ to have them say it was a problem with my gas cap. If I can reset it and if there are codes, it should throw them again. And will take it down to the dealer. On my Mustang Cobra, it is possible to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. The light has been on for a while and has not gone out.

Is it possible to reset codes?

One of my friends has Nismo cams, and occasionally it throws a check engine light for a misfire at idle. It usually clears up after three or four-engine cycles. Because the car needed to be inspected, he cleared codes, but the codes have not reset to ready. It’s been almost three weeks since the codes were cleared, and it still hasn’t reset.

So the solution is to try to drive it every day until it does.

After a 30 mile drive this morning, he said that the codes finally reset, and was able to get the car inspected. 

OBD2 readiness drive cycle is well explained in the EC (Electronic Controls) section of the FSM (Factory Service Manual). More about the number of warm-up cycles and 55 mph.

It was a complicated procedure to reset the readiness codes. But with the help of ScanGuage, it is easy to tell when the readiness codes had reset.

If you reset the ECU, clear the codes with a scan tool, disconnect your battery overnight, etc. -the ODBII status will report not-ready until a drive cycle is completed. That gives the system time to determine if any problems exist.

However, it depends on your car. Go to www.obdii.com. This is an informational site about onboard diagnostics used in cars. 

You can also follow these steps to reset the Service Engine Soon light on a 2007 Infiniti G35:

  1. Turn the engine off for 10 seconds, then restart it.
  2. Remove the gas cap and wait 10 seconds before replacing it.

Anyone else had this happen?

Of course. You are not alone. There are a lot of people who encounter the same issue. 

First, check the OBD2 port with a scanner to see the code.

Contact the shop that installed it.

Have you reconnected all the appropriate vacuum lines?? Check your work, then reset the computer. Code was run and supposedly was the 02 sensor.

You may need to have someone plug an OBDII scanner into the OBDII port under the dash on the driver side. The trouble code will tell you what makes the service engine light turn on.

If the light doesn’t go off, there are many other things to check and test. It can be a “large emission leak” code.

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