ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 change Master Code

A home security system plays a huge role when it comes to the protection of the home, and ADT is a leader in the market. So I thought of discussing the famous ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 today.


Home Security

A home security system consists of a group of physical, electronic equipment that works together to provide protection to a house. Most home security systems have;

Security cameras – to detect movement and provide live footages

Sensors (motion sensor, entry sensor, glass break sensor) – to detect motion and alert the system.

Siren – to alert the owner and the sneakers.

Keypad – to enter the codes when required.

Key fab – similar to remote control, allows to arm or disarm from a distance.

Panic button – to alert emergency services (police, hospital, fire extinguishers) quickly.

Base station – sync all connected devices by notifying the users via mobile applications.

ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000

ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 provides protection from burglary, fire, and emergency with different sensors. It comes with a touchpad that gives access to the system operations and displays the system status.

How to change the date and time

To change date and time settings, first enter your [security code] + [#] + [6] + [3].

Wait a few seconds until time and date are displayed.


After following the above-mentioned steps, press [*] to move the cursor ahead and [#] to move back.

Enter the actual time in the 2-digit hour and minute settings. For example, if the time is 08:15, go for [08] and [15].

If it is PM, press [1]. Press [2] for AM.


To add the date, continue to enter the 2-digit year, month, and day settings. Assume today’s date, January 27, 2022. Select [22], [01], and [27].

Finally, when the cursor is on the last digit, press [*] to exit.

Security Codes

These are some of the valid codes to know when using ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000.

Add user code – enter your [Master/Partition Programmer code] + [8] + [user #] + [new user’s code]

Delete user code – enter your [Master/Part. Prog code] + [8] + [user number] + [#] + [0].

Assign authority level – enter your[Master/Part. Prog code] + [8] + [user number] + [#] + [1] + [authority level].

To silence an alarm – enter the [security code] + [1] sequence twice.

To clear memory of an alarm event – enter the [security code] + [1] sequence twice.

To toggle chime mode, enter your [security code] + [9]

To stop the beeping sound of Trouble Conditions, check that the protected areas are closed and secure.

Check that no environmental changes have been blocking or limiting the wireless sensor.

If you’ve corrected the problem, please type the following sequence 2 times: [security code] + [OFF].

Installer Code vs. Master Code?

The Installer code and the Master code are completely different.

You can’t view or change anything without the Installer code. It is tiresome with the installer code, but you can step through the programming and write it all down. 

How to reset Master Code?

A Safewatch 3000 Pro 3000 is a Vista 20p that ADT paid Honeywell to put their logo on.

Your main system battery is found in a beige or grey metal box. Mostly it is in the main suite closet or an electrical or utility room. That’s also where the main system board is. The keypads are just an interface.

Go to the panel(the steel box).On top of the box, you will find a key. ADT doesn’t normally install a tamper to the home security system, but for added safety, put the system into test mode. 

Select master code (XXXX) + Test (5) + 0. The siren will sound for 1 second. 

Open the box with the key to see whether the installation manual is inside. If the keypad on the box has been tampered with, the system will show a fault.

Close the box and lock it. Turn off test mode.Master Code + Off (1).

OOMA and ADT Safewatch Pro 3000

OOMA does not work with ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN security system. Can someone tell me the settings to get the system working?

First, check whether your house wiring is set up to work your VoIP with alarm line seizure by looking at your call logs. If the alarm calls out creates a call log entry, your wiring setup will work with line seizure. If there are no entries in the call log, your setup doesn’t work with line seizure.

When an alarm calls out, it cuts off Dialtone access to every wall jack (line seizure. Make sure the remote phone cannot be hacked and disrupt your alarm call. If it is to feed VoIP dial tone to a wall jack, line seizure will cut off the very dial tone that the alarm panel needs, so no call-out can happen.

Let VoIP Dialtone gets fed to a point upstream of the alarm panel. One way is to get the VoIP dial tone to the NIB via the 2nd pair and then have the dial tone come in the house on the first pair.

First, make sure house wiring is disconnected from the phone company by unplugging the plugin (the NIB). If you have a swing door type NIB, get your wires off the screws. At a wall jack near your Ooma device, plug in one of these L1, L2 Splitters. Feed your Ooma dial tone (Phone port) to L2 of the splitter. At the NIB, connect the 1st pair & 2nd pair.

If you connect the orange wire to the same screw blue wire is connected to and get a white-to-orange, do the same with white and blue wires.

If you have one of the older swing door enclosures with the classic three screws, the wires should be easily detached from the screws and connected together using these phone wire butt connectors (white/blue) and (white/orange).

Once you complete this, your alarm setup will work with Line Seizure Alarms; you’ll be able to see alarms when you do line seizure tests. From this point forward, it is a matter of whether or not you can get a successful handshake with alarm central. Often, it is a matter of whether or not a first response can be given by a security company.

As for programming your alarm system’s dialing prefix and such, use prefix code 70 (disable call waiting). If you’re looking for Telo tech support, try using the 98 prefix when chatting to see if they can help you better.

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