After Bleaching Hair, Can I Dye It Blonde?

If you’re looking forward to coloring your hair but wondering, can you dye your hair blonde after bleaching? This blog discusses all that you are curious to know. This blog answers the most common question: After bleaching hair, can I dye it Blonde?

Whether you color your hair at home or in a professional studio, the last thing you want is to end up with a weird or not pleasant result after applying bleach. When doing it for the first time, there’s a chance you’ll worry about the time it takes to color your hair after using bleach.

Preparing for a change in style requires knowledge and patience. Basic hair coloring isn’t complicated, but it’s a complex procedure that needs to be performed by an expert who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re looking for clear instructions on how to bleach & color your hair and want to consider some critical points, this article is for you.


Bleaching Hair

Bleaching hair is a process that involves lightening the natural color of hair. It can be achieved using chemical products or a more expensive and time-consuming method, which uses heat from an electric or chemical source.

The most common products used to bleach hair are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These chemicals react with each other to produce a substance called “hydrolysis.” This substance changes the pigment in the hair shaft, resulting in lighter strands.

There are two types of bleaching agents: organic and inorganic. Organic agents are made from natural ingredients like lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide, while inorganic agents are made from chemicals like sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. Organic bleaching agents have a higher success rate than inorganic ones but also have more side effects, such as skin irritation and scalp burns if misused.

Bleached Hair

Can You Bleach Your Hair and Then Dye It Blonde?

Bleaching hair is a process of lightening your hair to a blonde, white or silver color. The process can be done at home, but it is also offered at many beauty salons.

The answer is yes; you can bleach your hair and then dye it blonde. But it also depends on the type of bleach that you use. However, the process will take a little more time and effort. This is because when bleaching your hair, the natural color will be stripped away, and it won’t be as easy to get as light as you want it to be.

Bleaching your hair before dyeing it blonde will get rid of any natural color that your hair has and make it lighter. You’ll then be able to dye the bleached part blonde without worrying about the color not taking.

What Happens if You Put Box Dye Over Bleached Hair?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are planning to dye their hair. If you are one of those people, this article will be able to answer your question. The answer to this question varies from person to person and depends on the bleach they have used and what kind of box dye they are using.

If you are going to put box dye over bleached hair, ensure that your hair is in its natural state before applying it. Box dyes are usually made up of ammonia, peroxide, and other chemicals that can damage your hair. The more you use box dye, the more damage it does to your hair.

Bleaching your hair is common for people who want to change their hair color. However, if you don’t take care of your hair after you bleach it, you may experience some problems.

One of the most common mistakes when bleaching hair is that people put box dye over their bleached hair. The problem with this is that the bleach in your hair will make the color much more vibrant than it would if you just put the dye on top of your natural color. This means that if someone has light brown or blonde natural hair, they may end up with bright orange or neon pink hair after they put box dye over their bleached locks.

Consequences of Putting Box Dye on Bleached Hair

If you put box dye over bleached hair, the result will be unpredictable. The color might not appear, or it can be a shade of another color you never wanted.

The first thing that happens when you put box dye over bleached hair is that the color starts to turn out much darker. Even if it is darker than what you initially expected. The bleach has already stripped the hair of its natural pigment. And now the color from the dye sits on top of it.

The second thing that happens when you put box dye over bleached hair is that it starts to fade much quicker than if you had used a permanent stain on your natural hair color. This is because bleach removes all of the natural pigment in your hair, and there’s nothing left for the paint to cling onto.

How to Avoid Damage of Box Dye Over Bleached Hair?

The best way to avoid this problem is by using a semi-permanent color instead of a permanent one because it will only be absorbed by the hair follicle, meaning it will not stain your skin or clothes. If you are looking for a semi-permanent color and want a balayage look, try Moroccan oil Hair Infusion Hairspray. It is purely natural and made with argan oil which has also been proven to have anti-aging properties.

Can I Put Golden Blonde on Bleached Hair?

Depending on how much you bleach your hair, the golden blonde shade may not show up as much or what you want. In contrast, Golden Blonde will show up even brighter on bleached hair.

The best you should do is, If you have bleached hair, start with a shade of blonde that is close to your natural color and work your way up to the golden blonde. You are perfect for this hairstyle if you have naturally light brown hair.

Types of Blondes

There are many different reasons you might want to dye your hair blonde. From catching the eye of a particular person to simply trying something new. However, before you get the bleach out and start prepping for your new look, you must know what type of blonde you’re going for.

There are three major types of blonde hair: Ash Blonde, Light Blonde, and Platinum Blonde. Ash Blonds are subtle and more natural-looking. In comparison, Light Blondes and Platinum blondes are brighter in color.

There is also a between platinum blonde and light blonde with more pink undertones. This is called Faint Blonde or Pale Pink. In addition, it looks like summer blondes by the end. It makes one look sun-kissed.

Ash Blonde
Light Blonde
Platinum Blonde
Faint Blonde

Things to Consider When Dyeing Hair After Bleach

What to consider when dyeing bleached hair? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they want to dye their hair a darker color. Even though there is no way to tell what will happen, you can still try to do it with limited damage.

First, take an expert opinion and consult with your hairstylist. They will know what colors you can put on bleached hair and what colors are safe for your hair type. If they are unsure if it will work, don’t do it!

Secondly, if you choose to proceed with the dye job, ensure you buy the right brand and color for your hair type. The brand most likely won’t have the desired effect because of the bleaching process. But using a semi-permanent color like Revlon ColorSilk should be safe.

Factors to Consider Before Doing Blonde

This article is a tricky one. If you have lighter hair and are looking to do the blonde, there are a few things to be aware of – for the best possible results, it does depend on your natural hair color.

If you have dark or medium brown hair, then bleaching it will change the tone of your roots and make them noticeably darker than the rest of your head. Your blonde will also be significantly lighter in comparison with roots and ends.

If you have light brown or black hair, bleaching it can result in a noticeably brighter blonde. This could quickly look like a different shade than your natural color.

If you have red, brown, or strawberry-blonde hair, bleaching won’t affect its tone as much as if you had fair skin tones.

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