Are Rock Revival Jeans Made In Vietnam?

Customers rave about the quality of Rock Revival jeans, and so can you. They are available at a fraction of the cost of other jeans, making them such a great bargain in a clothing category where prices tend to be high.

Rock Revival jeans are a comfort brand and fit true to size. They make all different shapes & sizes look good because the jeans are curvy silhouettes. The right amount of stretch of the fabric helps these skinny jeans keep their shape and ensures that you are comfortable. But where are they manufactured? Let us find an answer to this question and other questions you might have about Rock Revival jeans.


The speciality of Rock Revival jeans

About Rock Revival

The Rock Revival Jeans was established as a brand in 2005. It is based in Los Angeles. They were first designed as a jeans brand for men. However, at present, Rock Revival designs jeans for both men and women. The men’s collection comes with jeans, shorts, t-shirts, denim jackets, hoodies and joggers.

Rock Revival is a premium denim brand that pays tribute to the timeless rock stars from years gone by with signature designs and meticulous embroidery. To this end, Rock Revival has studied some of the biggest stars in music and their passion for rock n’ roll. They use this as inspiration for their unique men’s Rock Revival denim collection.

Special features

These jeans are mixed with a blend of rock culture and cutting edge fashion. They offer rare and unique products at higher prices. This is because they’re using raw denim, which hasn’t been heavily produced in recent years, as well as other details like different types of washes.

The Rock Revivals collection stretch and cover the body shape, giving a perfect fit. It provides excellent support for your natural body shape and is guaranteed to be unnoticeable under your clothes.

Rock Revival is known for high-quality denim and its impeccable attention to detail. These custom-made jeans are even more impressive with designer buttons.

Rock Revival’s new Signature collection has intricate details like its signature back pocket design plus side seam accents.

Rock Revival’s Black Label collection provides slim fitting cuts and sophisticated washes that, when put together, create a polished and trendy look.

Each of their denim washes is hand-crafted to ensure that each pair of Rock Revival Jeans is unique. The process includes hand grinding, fading, destruction, whiskering, and the use of resin to make it all yours.

Are they manufactured in Vietnam?

The authentic Rock Revival jeans are designed in the USA made in Vietnam!

Although the ones made in China are still of the same quality, there are multiple options for purchasing versions for a lower price.

How to buy Rock Revival jeans that suit me?

If you are buying Rock Revival jeans for the first time, keep in mind that they typically run big. They are a little more stretchy than other pairs of jeans.

If you plan to buy your first pair of shoes online, go down a size than your regular size.

Rock Revival is the best option for someone who likes a pair of jeans as good as designer jeans and unique jeans. You can buy a pair between $160 to $200. The expensive Rock revivals have more authentic designs.

The quality of your pair of jeans depends on the style and the type you decide to buy.

How do you wash Rock Revival jeans?

Wash your Rock Revival jeans the same way you do any other jeans.

Turn your jeans inside out and wash with like colours in cold water.

You can use a mild detergent or one specially made for dark colours.

It is best to wash your jeans by hand. If you are using a washing machine, select the delicate or gentle option and use cold water.

Once you are finished washing a load of clothes, be sure to hang them up to dry in the air. Please avoid the use of high heat or low heat when drying the clothes in order to preserve their colour and quality.

It’s best to follow garment care instructions, but the safest bet is not to use bleach or iron if you are unsure.

How much can I sell my Rock Revival jeans for?

Do you believe that Rock Revival jeans have a high demand for the second-hand market? They do, and people bid over $130 for a pair of Rock Revival jeans because of their excellent quality.

My friend once sold three pairs of her boyfriend’s barely used Rock Revival jeans for $120 each. So if you have Rock Revival jeans that you can no longer fit in, think about selling them and earning some good cash.

How to spot a fake rock revival?

One of the easiest ways to identify a fake pair of Rock Revival is to check the knees. If one or both knees are blown, it is because it uses a stringy fabric that hangs from the knees.

There’s dirt around the heels from where the strings have been dragging.

Check the price. A pair ranges between $160 – $ 200. If there is a considerable discount or the price is below the price mentioned above for a new pair, think twice before buying it.

Turn the jeans inside out to check the quality. If there is loose thread or fabric or inconsistent sewing quality, it is probably a fake one.

Tags on the cloth, too, make a huge difference. Original tags are well made and of good quality. Compare their original logo and the brand name with the label on the cloth.

Always purchase from authorized retailers or stores. If you are buying online, you can always go to a nearby Rock Revival store and ask for their assistance to identify the original pair.

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