Recommended Audiobooks that Make You Smarter?

“Audiobooks that make you smarter” is a new term for some people. It may even sound strange to hear it. How do books make a sound? Because as we know when we talk about reading is reading a book, and if you listen to it, listen to music or radio, but for this audiobooks, is more like is listening. Even people have been using these audiobooks for a long time, but few people rarely enjoy this. The audiobooks themselves are still foreign to the public. People still think audiobooks are for the visually impaired. Previously those who read books printed in braille, but now audiobooks have come as a good choice for the blind to get the contents of a book. Maybe audiobooks make that a bit harder for us, but not them. 

Many of us prefer reading a book; you can picking references up quickly, find names, quotes, and other info you want to use for a review. Audiobooks are something we listen to while we are crocheting or on vacation. But during this pandemic, where we can’t go out as we please, many malls or bookstores have to be closed because we have to keep the rule for social distancing. I think audiobooks can be the best choice for now. Audiobooks that make you smarter, even you stay at home. 


What’s the Difference between Regular e-books in Making You Smarter?

Why are audiobooks different from the e-book or conventional books in making you more intelligent? It’s all about personal preferences, taste, situation, mood, technical availability, and quantities of other circumstances that made us choose between e-book audio. They are fundamentally three different media, even if derived from the same book. Audiobooks performing feature, the interaction between the text and a human being.

An audiobook is much more than a text. It’s a voice and an interpretation. Help us know the actual conclusions of subtleties and moods in the scene. E-books are intelligent, convenient, and easy to carry, and availability of titles because of their portability and versatility. A suitably formatted e-book without any error adds to the experience and the immersion. It’s provided comfort by giving options like big font size, background light, auto-scroll, and an opportunity to highlight or bookmark.

Lastly, Printed or conventional books it’s good for our brain and health. They have been here for ages and are always best friends to humans. Plus, it’s pretty easy to go back to the page with a physical book and confirm information you’re not sure about. 

Benefits of Audiobooks

But this audiobook is an excellent alternative for those who don’t like reading physical/electronic books. Audiobooks are an option to add insight in a non-intimidating way. There are many benefits to be gained from listening to audiobooks or examples. You can listen to audiobooks while driving, taking a walk, cooking, cleaning the house, and so on. You can’t do all this while reading a printed book or e-book. Here are the main benefits of listening to audiobooks that we need to know.

  1. Saving time
  2. Attain attention Range and Focus.
  3. Improving Pronunciation and Fluency
  4. Memory Improvement
  5. Building Critical Listening Capabilities.
  6. Developing Empathy.
  7. Improve Mental Health.
  8. Get Interesting and Living Story Experience.
  9. Beneficial For People with Visual Disabilities.

We just talked about the benefits of audiobooks that make you smarter. Now, where can we get them? Can we download the application for free, or have to pay? You can find the best free audiobooks through your library’s app, but you can find free books in the public domain or buy audiobooks individually. Maybe you want a taste, so here are the top free audiobook apps. No harm, no foul.

Listening to books sounds unusual. Generally, people are reading books, not listened to. But, at this time, of course, listening to books does exist because of technological developments. Books that are heard are called audiobooks.

How to Get the Audiobooks?

You can download the file for free or use a free audiobook app from Google Play Store. Download audiobooks for free or buy audiobooks that are widely spread on the internet.

Listening to audiobooks is an excellent way for professionals to get valuable career information. Setting aside time to improve your skills is not easy. Most people still find it challenging to find time to read books. However, audiobooks keep it simple.

Listening to and downloading business audiobooks instead of reading hardcopy can reduce working memory deficits, improve understanding, and is an excellent use of time when combined with driving.

Expand your knowledge with a selection of audiobooks that will make you smarter, especially for anyone trying to learn about making deals, connecting with business people, and improving your job status.

Audiobooks Recommendation

Here are audiobook recommendations that make you more intelligent than we recommend you listen to.

Sapiens Audiobook


There are many hypotheses. It starts from natural selection, catastrophic disasters, to powerful predators. But when looking at some of the relatives of snakes, chickens, sharks, and many species with identical physical characteristics that have survived to this day, side by side, Yuval Noah Harari makes a presumption that makes me somehow feel very guilty.

That the only creature that scientists should suspect of the extinction of ancient humans, our relatives, is none other than Homo Sapiens itself. Alpha chimpanzees have the instinct to lead a small group of their kind. But Homo Sapiens dreams of leading the world by burning down anyone who gets in its way. This audiobook is one of the audiobooks that makes you smarter.

Art Of War Audiobook

audiobooks that make you smarter

Art of war is one of the oldest military strategy books globally. He has a lot of influence on military strategy planning both East and West, business tactics, and much more. This book, written around 400-320 BC, was first introduced in Japan in 716-735 AD. Meanwhile, in Europe, this book was presented by Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, who translated it into French. It was later translated into English by Captain EF Calthrop, a British captain.

Pitch Anything Audiobook

audiobooks that make you smarter

A powerful way to convince people to give you what you want is to be persuasive. Sometimes, this tactic is tricky, but with some practice, you’ll find it invaluable. This business audiobook from Oren Klaff will teach you how to do it.

Klaff himself has raised more than $400 million in the last decade, so he knows a thing or two about how to convince people. You’ll learn how to pitch startup ideas, negotiate raises, and persuade people to buy whatever ideas and products you happen to sell.

Pitch Anything is one of those audiobooks that makes you smarter. In this book, Klaff shares a riveting story about his success in understanding how our brains react to new ideas. He will bring a lesson to the listeners to frame their views, sell stories, and get the results they want.

The Power of Body Language Audiobook

audiobooks that make you smarter

The ability to read someone’s body language is one of the most underrated skills in the business world. This perk is invaluable during interviews, negotiations, your personal life, and more. If you have a hectic commute on public transport, this is the book for you.

Studying for hours won’t make you smarter; instead, you need to test out what you know and learn the most from what you don’t know. And what better place to learn and try new things than when you’re at your laziest and doing nothing at all?

Even if an audiobook with an overall duration of 6 hours and 52 minutes doesn’t resonate with you, you’re sure to find a tip or two that will soon come in handy in your own life.

Get tips on making great first impressions, shaking hands like a boss, interviewing like an A+ candidate, and making your lies foolproof. Learn the art of body language to tell if someone is lying or simply mad. If you are looking for body language, we highly recommend The Power of Body Language audiobook is suitable as an audiobook that makes you smarter.

What I Know for Sure Audiobook

audiobooks that make you smarter

Is there another word that brings to mind the high levels of success and self-empowerment that Oprah’s name suggests? In this audiobook, reporter-turned-talk show host then media billionaire tells you pearls of wisdom, strung together as beautifully as any necklace she’s wearing.

In her O Magazine, Oprah shares advice on a variety of personal and professional topics, and now, you can enjoy the secrets of her wisdom while you’re driving, washing dishes, or even bathing your pets hands-free in this audiobook. That is 3 hours and 53 minutes.

Other than that, can you think of a more soothing sound? He’s categorizing his short stories by themes of joy, resilience, connection, gratitude, possibility, awe, clarity, and strength.

4 Disciplines of Execution Audiobook


What is the most important goal? Simply put, it is a goal that you cannot succeed in work or life without achieving. Sean Covey, the planning guru, loved by his personality everywhere, has teamed up with others from his family organization Franklin Covey to share his wisdom in a delightful 8-hour and 27-minute audio format.

Having worked with hundreds of thousands of people, Covey found that the best way to succeed in this all-important goal is to focus on them, act on the best advice, find ways to measure success, and increase accountability.

You’ll learn to balance pressing tasks while keeping an eye on big prizes. You can also take what you know and try to apply it to your personal and professional life.

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