best diesel additive for duramax

Diesel Additive for Duramax: Does It Work and What’s The Best

Fuel additives are not always necessary, but they can help you get the most out of your engine and save money in the long run. Some fuel additives can help you reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. In addition, they can help to protect against corrosion and deposits on the engine.

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What’s the best diesel additive for Duramax

I run the Cen-Pe-Co additive. I also ran 2 strokes but now run Rev-X. It’s cheaper, quieter, little less smoke & mileage is up a little. Use stanadyne performance formula. Just make sure whatever you do.

Power service and stanadyne here. I like to buy the stuff by the 55-gallon drum. It takes one gallon to treat 1,000 gallons.

Naphtha is primarily used as a feedstock to produce premium-grade gasoline via catalytic reforming. It’s also used in petrochemical processes for producing olefins in steam crackers.

Depending on the grade, lubricant ether includes white spirit used in paints. VM&P naphtha and varnish makers and painters naphtha are also found in this category.

Benzene is a colourless, flammable liquid with a sweet, detectable odour. However, at higher doses, it can be dangerous. Because of this, the use of gasoline additives has been limited. It is naturally found in crude oil.

Xylene is an odourless liquid that’s typically colourless and sweet-smelling. It’s a by-product of bitumen and coal tar which means you can find it in abundance at forest fires.

The melting point of xylene is between 13.26 °C and −47.87 °C. Xylene is commonly used in industrial applications such as solvents, printing, rubber and leather industries and is also found in small quantities in airplane fuel and gasoline.

Naphthalene is volatile, forming a flammable vapour. Naphthalene easily sublimates at room temperature. p-Dichlorobenzene is now often used instead.

Petroleum spirit (or mineral spirits) is a petroleum distillate, and it has many applications in the industry. You can use it as a paint thinner or solvent to clean various things. It’s better known as white spirit in Europe. 

White Spirits can be used for several purposes, including as an extraction solvent, to clean with and as a solvent in aerosol cans.

Does Stanedyne work well for Duramax?

Stanadyne Performance is the only company that makes injection products and fuel additives.

Are you out of Stanadyne? You can use Power Service because it is super easy to apply.

Although Stanadyne and Amsoil make good products, it’s best to use them separately. The injector cleaner/lubricity combo might end up damaging your engine.

Diesel fuel additive like Standing. A GMC Denali is a very popular pickup truck with great power. I’m sure I’ll get some fresh new opinions on whether it’s worth it to keep on adding the diesel additive Standyne to the fuel.

Where is the best place to get Stanedyne, and how much does it cost?

I order mine online from the most inexpensive place I can find usually. There is no favourite here. The price depends on how much and what packaging you get. Price per volume gets cheaper as you go up.

Should you use a fuel additive in Duramax?

Newer diesel engines say not even to use additives. They state they recommend strictly following their service guidelines.

I left out this bullet because it said the same thing as before. Most additives don’t hurt anything, but I put a few extra to keep the list going.

I found this link that offers Schaeffer’s products online. I don’t know if it is the site you are looking for, but I thought it might be helpful.

We think you might find this guide about Bosch high-pressure fuel pumps interesting. It was written in the US, so it applies to you too. Within it, you’ll find out that our fuel does not meet the lubricity requirements these pumps require.

Bosch makes all of these HP fuel systems. These systems run at up to about 30,000 PSI.

I only add cetane to mine. I believe in the cold states, and they add something to the diesel in the winter, so it.

I’ve used additives in my diesel engines for over forty years, both in trucks and ag applications. Over the years, I’ve used power Serve, Howse, Hot Shot usually whatever is on sale at the local farm store.

Do diesel fuel additives work?

Do you notice a noticeable change in performance?

I always used Millers in my last car. We feel like it didn’t have any effect, but the engine always ran smoothly. I’m surprised that it seems that you can use regular fuel with them.

Gti uses her diesel car only for the school run, but recently it’s been used to get around town more. This transformation has been unbelievable; it drives like a little rocket.

I’ve been using supermarket fuel in my pickup when I noticed it’s been running like a tractor lately. It’s been giving me bad fuel mileage, not to mention it doesn’t go that far or take long enough to start up.

If your car is non PDF, get the stuff used. I wouldn’t recommend it in PDF cars, though, as the additives are oil-based.

To max the performance of my car, I changed from petrol to diesel, as diesel contains less sulphur and is fully refined. It gave me more miles per gallon and reduced the risk of clogging up my injectors. One way that I’m preserving the engine is by using additives like CleanMax.

My wife’s car injectors went for the second time after using supermarket/no-name fuel. The garage said that this was probably due, at least in part, to her using that type of fuel. Now she doesn’t use it often and puts petrol through a tank.

It seems to both run better and does do more good changes. PDF and management systems are designed with diesel in mind, not oil. Any additional oil isn’t taken into account with the life of a PDF. I second the supermarket fuel thing.

What diesel additive does GM recommend?

GM recommends that you use a fuel additive in your Duramax.

The GM dealers seem to frown on any additives with this new LP5 Duramax. There are a lot of creditable sources saying no additives should be used in your manual; GM is one of them.

Aftermarket diesel fuel additives are used, but it’s hard to say whether they benefit the engine. Synthetic tests don’t always work for this kind of thing.

Increasing fuel efficiency by adding an additive to your engine is possible.

GM recommends TopTier diesel, but it can be hard to find.

I should have made the Duramax burn standard fuel instead of this. In my opinion, it’s going to cost customers in the long.

The longer that fuel sits in their supply tanks, the more chance that it has condensation/water in it. The mom-and-pop roadside convenience store with one lone diesel pump may not move a lot of diesel fuel.

Is it okay to switch fuel additives?

How long do you need to go before switching fuel additives?

I don’t have scientific evidence, but I can tell you that Schaffers and Howes can be mixed safely in the winter (consult an electrician).

When my FPR was failing, I tried every brand I could get, and they barely did anything, if at all. But two-stroke oil at 500:1 helped quite a lot. Later, when my injectors failed, I again tried every brand under the sun.

Tom Magaw is the Schaeffer Oil Distributor for Idaho. He says the newer trucks don’t need any additives because they were built to run on the ULSD that comes from these pumps.

The OptiLube is a replacement for Standadyne. I mix those up all the time. 2 stroke and Schaffers is what I normally run. I would stick to commonly used additives. ATF and mom and pop additives can be bad.

Whenever I use any no-name fuel or noticeably cheaper fuel, my mileage and power suffer—Murphy, to be exact.

As far as winter additives, I’ve used the white bottle of power service in Proudhon Bay, Alaska and the Bakken in ND and never had an.

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