Best Replacement Insoles for Sperry

When you have uncomfortable shoes, it cannot be easy to work long days on your feet. Anything from too-big heels to new loafers for the office, change your shoe game with a pair of insoles. Shoe insoles are a great way to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your shoes. They cushion, support, and provide the perfect fit for your feet. This blog is about Sperry’s insoles and other insoles as good as Sperry’s.


What are insoles?

Insoles, sometimes referred to as footbeds or inner soles, are pieces of material placed inside your shoes or boots for extra comfort, warmth, and a better fit. Adding insoles don’t change the physical properties of a shoe. They fill out the space between your feet and the inside of your shoes. They can help with foot pain and other issues as well.

They come in many varieties and can be made from various materials such as foam, cotton, rubber, gel, etc. Insoles are very thick and soft to the foot and make the shoes comfortable to wear.

Insoles keep shoes fresh and can be taken out and easily cleaned. They can also be used together with toe inserts for additional support when the shoes are too big.

Types of insoles

Insoles can be categorized depending on the material they are made

Foam insoles are the cheapest and most used material for insoles. This material is shock-absorbing and rigid but wears down quickly.

Memory foam insoles are long-lasting and comfortable to wear because they are molded to the shape of your foot.

If you have big heels, go for gel insoles as they increase the grip and also help to reduce pain in the balls of the feet.

Air-cushioned insoles are well cushioned that contain pressurized air bubbles inside a foam sole.

Leather insoles use cowhide leather, giving it tough and strong support.

Some insoles are specially designed for athletics, kids, heavy-duty, and different weather conditions. If you are not satisfied with your height, use insoles to add them to your size.

Insoles at Sperrys

Sperry uses two different insoles for their shoes. One is a simple leather-made insole, and the other is leather and memory foam (ASV insole).

However, Sperry does replace insoles for their shoes. So here are some recommendations for you to replace your Sperry insoles.

Other brands for insoles

We recommend Pedag Leather Insoles as a replacement insole for Sperrys simple leather insole.

Sperrys’ ASV insoles sometimes need to be replaced every 3-6 months. The best replacement option is the Powerstep ComfortLast Cushioning Insole.

Dr. Scolls gel active work insoles are about £9-10 on Amazon. You can put them under the supplied insoles. 

Sorbothane insoles like Cush N Step, Double Strike, and Sorbo Pro are thick and very comfortable, but wearing them for a long time may get your feet hot, and standing around all day on hard ground can be worse than walking.

Use can try either Svatrz Anatomic Lites or Sidas insoles. The Svartz Absorber provides plenty of cushioning.

Aldo sells full terry cloth insoles, and they are washable as well.

Why do I need insoles?

Did you know that wearing insoles all day changes can benefit your foot? When the foot posture improves, it affects the overall body positively and benefits in the long term.

Insoles are the cheapest and easiest solution to support foot arches compared with costly surgeries. Your flat arches can be managed early on by wearing insoles. Insoles save you from your frequent visits to the doctor to treat foot conditions.

Some signs might point to a foot posture problem being the cause of your back or knees pain. For example, a change in the walking pattern or pulling on the back to walk up steps. There is a correlation between feet and hips that includes the lower back. This may not seem obvious at first, but certain things start to change when you have flat feet for a long time. How your joints work, how your muscles and spine are positioned, and even how your toes bend can be affected.

Insoles will help raise the arches through movement for people with flat feet. Flat feet become painful from the movement because the foot has no arches. However, the foot is no longer flattened while walking by using insoles. It enhances the strength of your arches and helps to absorb shock forces and walk properly. If you are an athlete, you will experience fewer collapses in the foot arch when running or jumping by using insoles.

Unhealthy foot movements can develop foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. When the foot arch flattens completely, the plantar fascia ligament is being subjected to strain that it has little capacity to handle. The plantar fascia is a supportive tissue on the bottom of the foot that is attached to the heel bone. When you put weight on this area, it can inflate and cause pain in other areas such as the heel or arch. However, when you wear insoles, the plantar fascía won’t have to stretch and gives it a chance to heal and recover.

People with flat feet often have trouble balancing and are more prone to inward curving or rolling. Your lower body tries to correct for the irregularity caused by your feet. This twisting movement can cause ill effects such as shin or thigh fractures. By reinforcing your feet’s natural movement patterns, these insoles will work out all of the kinks in your walk. Not only will this be comfier for you, but it’ll also mean you’re practicing good habits.

How to choose the right insole

It is necessary to go for a pair of insoles that suits you best to experience the benefits of a good pair of insoles. First of all, select the correct insole size for your feet. Then check the arch of the insole. Always go with a strong arch. Finally, try using the insole and see whether it is comfortable and feels good to your foot. If so, buy that pair of insoles.

Here are some tips for choosing the right insole depending on the fit problem you face.

Are your heels slipping or rubbing? A gel heel grip may be the solution. If this is not enough, you may want to try a half-insole. These are specifically designed to support the heel but do not offer support for the front of the foot.

If your shoes feel too big or too small, you may want to try adding cushioning insole inserts. This will provide better support and help reduce the pain with cramped toes or a hard arch.

Ball of foot cushion is great for reducing pressure on the metatarsal bones and giving you some extra comfort if your feet start to feel a bit uncomfortable after wearing high heels for a long period. These heel pads are a fraction of the size of a regular insole, so they easily fit into slimmer-sized shoes. They can also be used to relieve discomfort for your feet.

For too big heels, use toe inserters to provide support at the front of the shoe.

Taking care of insoles

Proper care of insoles can expand the life of your insole as well as your shoe.

If you use insoles every day, remove them from your shoes to dry the moisture and sweat trapped in them at the end of the day.

Once in a while, wash the insoles with a sports detergent or a mild detergent. Let the insoles fully dry before using them again.

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