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Is Your Bosch Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening? Try These Solutions

Dishwashers may be an appliance, but they’re also secondary computers capable of performing various tasks. The Bosch dishwasher is one such machine with multiple functions, including the ability to dispense detergent at the touch of a button. However, even the most reliable appliances will sometimes display unexpected behavior. This article looks at potential solutions for your Bosch dishwasher soap dispenser opening problem.


Why does my Bosch dishwasher detergent dispenser not open?

The first step to diagnosing any appliance problem is determining its cause. 

In this case, you should look for a sign that the dispenser is not opening. If the dispenser is not opening, the first action is to ensure the machine can dispense soap. 

You may help the dispenser, but the latch inside the device is not allowing the dispenser to open. 

It’s also possible the latch is broken and needs replacing, or a glitch in the machine’s programming prevents it from opening. You must consult the manual to look at the control panel and ensure you’re enabling the correct item. 

If the dispenser is allowed and the latch appears in working order, one of the following issues may be at fault.

Reasons and Solutions to make your Bosch dishwasher soap dispenser open

Check to make sure the dispenser is enabled

Ensuring the dispenser is enabled is essential. If you’re trying to open the soap dispenser and it’s not working, you should check the panel to ensure it’s enabled. 

There’s a good chance the board is set to another function, and you’re just pressing the soap dispenser button out of habit. If you’re unsure which buttons to press, it’s a good idea to consult the manual.

The latch may be broken

If the dispenser is enabled, but the latch is preventing it from opening, then you may need to replace the latch. 

The latch is a small plastic inside the machine that opens and closes the dispenser. If the latch is broken, it may prevent the soap dispenser from opening. Sometimes, a broken latch will not cause issues until the machine is ancient. 

If you’re experiencing a problem with the soap dispenser on a relatively new device, then there’s a possibility that the latch is broken. If you determine that the latch is broken, it will need to be replaced. To replace the latch, you must turn off the power to your dishwasher. 

Once the power is off, you can remove the door from the machine and access the dispenser latch. You can then remove the latch and install a new one.

You’re using the wrong detergent

Many people don’t realize that the detergent you use can impact your soap dispenser’s work. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure you’re using the recommended type of detergent. 

If you’re using a detergent not recommended for your dishwasher, it may clog the dispenser hose. This can prevent the soap from being dispensed and lead to other problems. Some detergents may damage the dispenser, causing it to break down sooner. 

If you’re using the wrong detergent in your dishwasher, replacing it with the right stuff is a good idea. You can also try using vinegar to clean your dishwasher if you are using the wrong detergent.

The dispenser hose may be clogged

The dispenser hose may be clogged
The dispenser hose may be clogged

The dispenser hose may be clogged if nothing you’ve tried has worked. The house is a small plastic tube inside the dispenser that moves the soap from the reservoir to the outside of the machine. 

If the soap is not flowing freely in the hose, it can lead to clogs that prevent the soap from being dispensed. To fix the problem, remove the machine’s dispenser and clean the hose. 

This job requires a little knowledge, but it’s something most home handypersons can do with relative ease.

Check Your Water Pressure

If your Bosch dishwasher detergent dispenser is not opening, and everything else has been checked, check your water pressure. If your home’s water pressure is too low, the machine will not be able to operate correctly. 

To prevent your water pressure, turn off the main water supply, and then turn off the water supply to your dishwasher. Determine the water pressure by placing a hose connected to a faucet at the end of a long piece of wood. 

The water pressure should be sufficient to spin the wooden board. If the water pressure is too low, you can install a water pressure booster to increase the pressure.

The Button Might Be Stuck

If your Bosch dishwasher detergent dispenser is receiving water but not opening, the button inside the dispenser may be stuck. 

To resolve this issue, remove the dispenser, remove the button, and clean it with a brush. If the switch is still stuck, you can replace the dispenser.

Your dishwasher needs service

Before you jump to conclusions, it’s a good idea to rule out any other potential causes. 

If you have tried everything mentioned above and the problem persists, it may be time to call a technician. You should be aware that some issues with the soap dispenser can sometimes be traced back to the programming inside the machine. 

If you have tried everything listed above, and the problem is not fixed, it may be time to call a technician.


The soap dispenser is one of the essential functions of a dishwasher. If you have tried everything mentioned above and your Bosch dishwasher soap dispenser, not the opening problem, is not fixed, then it’s possible that your machine needs servicing. 

If you need service for your dishwasher, we can help. We can send a technician to your home to diagnose the problem with your dishwasher. They will then let you know how much the repair will cost so you can make an informed decision.


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