cat peeing near water bowl

Cat Peeing Near Water Bowl, Why and What to Do

When your cat is suddenly peeing everywhere, you must be frantic. Especially if you already trained your cat to go to the toilet and provided a litter box. You might be asking questions why your cat did so and what you should do.

We’ll talk more about this sudden behaviour of cats, why they do so, and what you should do to overcome it. Let’s check the details below!


The Case of Cat Peeing Everywhere

The behaviour of your cat suddenly peeing everywhere can be categorized as a case. You might see your cat peeing near a water bowl, or even inside the bowl. At other times, your cat may be peeing on the floor. Next time, you may catch your cat peeing outside the litter box that you already provided.

The behaviour itself must be irritating and infuriating for you, as you must clean up the mess. The smell will spread throughout the house if you leave it for a while, so you need to clean it as soon as possible. Moreover if your cat is peeing on the fabric material things, such as sofa or bed. You can imagine the extra work you need to do, right?

Aside from irritation, you might be worried as well. Your cat was doing well before and can go to the toilet by themselves, but why is there a sudden change? You already trained them for toilet matter, but why are they suddenly peeing everywhere? As a cat parent for your beloved pet, no wonder if you got worried whether there’s something wrong with them.

Why Cat Peeing Everywhere

When your cat is doing a sudden behavior that was not there before, you can suspect there’s something wrong. Suddenly peeing everywhere is also included. Here are some reasons that might cause your cat peeing everywhere.

Problem with the litter box

If your cat usually uses the litter box for peeing and suddenly didn’t use it, then maybe there is something wrong with the litter box. Or it might be the litter itself. You need to regularly check the litter box for your cat and see if there’s a problem with it.

Your cat won’t like the dirty litter box, so make sure to change the litter and clean the box from time to time. You might as well check whether you change the type of litter or not, as that can be a cause for your cat to avoid it. Try to place the litter box in the same location so your cat won’t get confused and can find it easily.

Stress or anxiety

If you’re asking, “Why is my cat all the sudden peeing on the floor?”; it might be caused by stress or anxiety. Your cat is more sensitive than you think, so you need to take this matter into consideration. A cat who is stressed or anxious may behave differently than usual, such as peeing everywhere.

Getting a new pet may lead your cat to get anxious or even stressed. Your cat might think that your care is divided because there’s a new pet beside them. Changing routine can also lead to cat’s stress, such as a new work schedule, home visitor, or moving to another house.

Separation anxiety

Aside from general anxiety, separation anxiety can also be a factor that causes your cat peeing everywhere. Especially if your cat is peeing on your pillows, bed, or clothes when you’re gone. This behavior might be a symptom that shows your cat is undergoing separation anxiety.

Medical condition

The last but not least reason why your cat pees everywhere is medical condition. Peeing in an unusual place may be a sign that your cat has some serious problem in kidneys, bladder, and other organs. Some causes that might affect your cat’s peeing behavior is urinary tract infection, diabetes, bladder infection, etc.

But don’t be panic. Go to the vet and let them examine your beloved cat. They’ll check the exact problem and make a proper handling for it.

When to Go to The Vet

Aside from the litter box problem, you need to go to the vet for other reasons. If you don’t exactly know what happens with your cat, take a look at the litter box first. When you’re sure that the litter box is not the cause, then take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

For medical conditions, the vet will likely give some medications and dietary changes for your cat. That’s the same case for stress, general anxiety, and separation anxiety. Once the problem is handled well, your cat’s behavior will return to normal. You don’t need to worry about spotting your cat peeing everywhere again.

How to Prevent The Same Case

You surely don’t want the same case to happen again. You want to say goodbye to the sudden peeing behavior of your cat, right? If so, you need to do some things that can prevent it from occurring again. Here they are:

Always clean the litter box

Just like what we mentioned above, the litter box can be a cause for your cat peeing outside it. Always clean the litter box and change the litter inside it. Make it so your cat is comfortable with it and won’t go anywhere else when peeing. If your cat is uncomfortable with the litter box, the behavior of peeing everywhere can be happening again.

Keep certain routines

Pets generally are sensitive to change, especially the change in surroundings and people around them. You need to keep certain routines for your cat so they won’t get stress easily. If you entrust your cat into someone else while you’re away, make sure they do the same routines. 

Toilet training

Toilet training is an ideal solution if you want to avoid your cat peeing everywhere. This might need some extra work, but it’s worth the effort. You might even don’t need to use the litter box again, because your cat can go to the toilet by themselves. You can say goodbye to the funky and strange smell inside the house!


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