cost to bore and hone a block

How Much The Cost to Bore and Hone a Block

The Phase Two and Phase Three blocks are designated as a Chevy Bowtie. You could apply the ideas for this project to any block. However, specialized aluminum or aftermarket blocks do not require headwork and special machining.

With that being said, find out the details below!


How much it cost to bore and hone

The budget racer has little room for error. Before any work is done, it’s first necessary to inspect, clean, and then magnaflux the block. If the block is good, bolt up the main caps and align.

A deck on the block is found. The lengths on each block’s corners are measured to the center on all four sides. Next, with the square-shaped blocks, cylindrical holes are bored.

The cost of a new engine block will vary based on the type of engine it is. The cost to bore and hone a V8 block will be higher than to bore an engine block.

Here what you look for. The cost to bore and hone V8 engine block around $3,000 to $5,000. As for the cost to bore an engine block, it starts from $1,500 to $2,500.

Cost to bore and hone a block

For the boring process to be complete, we need to stop and perform some calculations. Hot tank, pressure testing, Magnaflux testing are about 105-130$, decking is about 180$.

With $1,000 in funding, we would do our second phase. This time around, we will use a hot tank, pressure test, and Magnaflux, just like in the first phase. We will also align-boring/hone the mains this time around with no hesitation.

To check for wear, stick your old top ring in the cylinder and use the piston to push it down a little bit. A manual will show the tolerances & wear limits.

Boring usually costs $50-$60 around here. Boring costs 20 dollars at a local bike shop here in musquash. The local guy at the small motorcycle shop (he’s got a z1 engine sitting out on display, and I’ve seen a few other KZ’s around there) said that he usually charges $50/hole, but since I didn’t buy the kit from him, it’ll be $80.

$40 a hole locally, includes boring, honing, and bead blasting.

Cost to bore and hone a V8

We bore and sleeve single cylinders in the cast iron v8 engine world. Pistons remain the same size. The issue will be balancing the motor. Replacing all 8 sleeves does not restore “virginity ” to the basic condition.

I would have no problem making one hole on a two-stroke, be it boring oversize or sleeving. The engine is not dynamically balanced anyway, so a little mass difference in pistons is not a big deal.

If the compression ratio is not the same in a four-stroke, it will have unequal mixture distribution between the holes at idle. Two strokes are like a stack of individual engines, and they don’t share intakes. And they are already going to lope at idle.

Since you are doing the work yourself and based on your expectations for this motor, that is the route I would go. I doubt you can get a warranty from any professional unless they go the sleeved and balanced road. Mechanics don’t want you to come back pissed off.

I’ve done it many times on my 6 cylinder Cummins. They still go 10,000 hours, even with the different-sized pistons. Then I thought about trying to hone it out, but the cylinder is more scuffed than scratched. Later, I will spend roughly $150 for the bore and new piston and rings.

How much does the cost of piston purchase?

I have read that some places are cheaper and some more expensive, depending on the area.

A machine shop usually charges like $20/hole (they get some Harleys) but said they don’t have anything that small but to try this guy.

I get $95.00 for all four with piston purchase $160 with yours. Then I give the guy that buys the pistons from us a $65.00 discount. $320 with pistons is twice as much as you guys charge with pistons, and that is what the guy is asking! It makes sense if it is an APE kit, but that’s just going on his markup on the kit being $120.

The local guy will order the pistons if you pay in advance for them. He is pretty well known nationwide for his Husky motorcycle work. LC100 Bore and hone with piston purchase $95.00 LC150 Bore and hone with customer’s pistons 160.00.

These days, you can customize pistons for any size engine. With some honing, the piston will glide easily over these valves. The piston rings are slightly larger, perfect for this block of cylinders. But pistons sized .001″, .002″, or .003″ greater than the original bore size are not recommended.

Mahle PowerPak (4032 alloys) pistons. It will probably run 99.75mm, but it depends on how the cylinder walls clean up. Block has been sitting in a garage, and the bores are rusted up.

I was aiming for .0015″ mains and.002″ rods. Piston to the wall will be set at.0025″.

Is there a cheap place to get a hole?

Where do you go to get cylinders bored for $30.00 a hole? The last time I had it done, it was $55.00 a spot. I haven’t been able to find a place in town that does cylinders specific for watercraft.

$30 a hole? Wow! Be careful where you get the service.

I have a guy I’ve used for years. He does great work and has drilled hundreds of holes for me. $55/hole, there are people on this site that will do it.

Last time, I took my cylinder to a machine shop that does auto and race cars, but he does any cylinders. Cost me $98 for 2 cyl. Bored and honed to pistons, I don’t need a bore anymore.

Other things you need to consider

The cylinders will be bored with the case halves torqued together, torque plate installed on the bores, and cylinder head torqued to the opposite side. You’ll aslo use Gaskets.

Make sure whoever is doing the align hone knows what they are doing. It’s not an easy job on a sub.

If you want a line bore, the cost of that plus boring/honing of cylinders isn’t cost-effective. Other than that, your target specs are great.

From the way I understand it (Team Scream or some other popular machinist/builders may correct me), Subaru mains aren’t the best, even on new case halves.

My ultimate concern is missing something important and causing the block to fail prematurely. I want to become a respected engine builder, and this first block will be a fantastic learning experience.

MM and ASF are the only shops I know that do line bore on the. MM is probably the closest shop and probably one of the best, so I’d go that route if he can fit you in. His prices seem very fair to me also.

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