cost to fix dent in rear quarter panel

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Dent in Rear Quarter Panel

The cost of fixing a dent in a quarter panel can vary depending on the size of the mark, the location, and the type of repair. It is crucial to get an estimate from a professional before proceeding with any repairs.

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Fix dent in the rear quarter panel

I’d recommend PDR – I think it will be a successful way of getting the message out. 

Pounding it out yourself will be a disaster. If there’s no stretch, it can probably be popped out pretty cleanly yourself. Tough to tell from that photo, though. You’d be amazed what a good PDR guy can do.

Getting a PDR estimate is your first step. Don’t try to fix it yourself; PDR is an art, not a science.

I agree that PDR won’t completely fix it, but a skilled artisan can probably get it to 95% for less than half what conventional bodywork costs.

Aluminum? Nope. That’s steel. Only the hood is aluminum. Figure less than $1,300 to get it done and back on the road.

Hammer and dolly are probably not going to work. Best have a good body shop, pull it out, then finish it yourself. Hammer and dolly work is needed for the parts you can reach as metal is stretched. Weld-on studs and a stud gun, along with the proper slide hammer, will also be required.

If it were a front fender, I would imagine it could be a little cheaper as it is just bold on. What is your deductible? You might want to go through your insurance.

I would ask to see the estimate, but body shops always overestimate, so it is usually best to go through your insurance.

How much does it cost to repair a rear dent?

They are pretty reasonable; it’s around $150. That’s a hammer as much out as possible, a skim of body filler dent. Replacing that panel at a shop is pretty much instant total.

I had an E30 similar, and they popped it out with no noticeable ripple. If the crease isn’t a deep one, it may work.

It varies, but mine was $75 for 2mins of work. But it was well.

When I originally bought a brand new car, there were two slight (minor) dents on the rear hatch opposite the wiper. They had a paintless dent guy come out and fix it. This guy did more harm than good, and I was pissed.

Fine Line Paintless Dent Removal provides expert services that will make your car brand new. It offers a wide range of auto body services, including collision repair, car painting, bodywork.

Rear bumper dent repair

The nearest BMW Bodyshop I know is Brisbane Bodyshop in Windsor, and people around me seem to be happy with them. For $500, they can: Strip and clean your car: Change oil & filters.

Over here, that would be a 1,500 euro repair. Some places might do what’s called a “smart repair.” It means they don’t replace the bumper entirely but instead leave the old one on and use some glue on it. The same goes with any paint or Bondo work that needed to be done. They save on labor hours, so it ends up.

It sounds like your insurance covers this claim under “comprehensive,” so you might want to check with your insurer ASAP.

The people at the Brisbane BMW Bodyshop will want to do bumper work, paint, and diffs. It might take them at least two days in the shop and cost you about $2500. They might also recommend changing out the diffuser for a small fee.

BMW may want to look into getting the rear bumper repainted. There are plenty of reputable businesses that don’t charge an arm and a leg for fixes, and they many times won’t force you to purchase parts you don’t need.

Touch-up specialists don’t need to do any repair work, and they touch up the paint. They quoted me $150 for this topcoat but nothing on the dents. 

He said he would give re-heating a go first but believed the best way forward for repair would be to sand back, fill then respray from corner to corner.

How to repair dents in rear quarter panels

My friend says he can fix the quarter panel for around $800 to $1,000. He needs to work on it for about 21 hours in total. Most insurance agencies would declare the car totaled instead of having it repaired in my case.

If a dent is not pushed in the right way, over time, it will shrink and fall out from the heat and cold, from bumps, depending on how bad it is. Most people say “just pull it out” with body tools.

I went out and saw the pictures of the dents even though it was nighttime. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but I still think they’re a decent representation.

You can call some of the junkyards in your area and see if they’ve got a PT with needed panels. To find out more about fixing a PT, check out the Haynes PT Repair Manual. Those panels are not fixed. Replacing those panels will involve cutting and welding some parts of your roof.

Cost to replace quarter panels

The 69 mustang coupe was sent to a local body shop to be replaced. They quoted me $2500 per side without any other issues.

Commercial shops have a lot of overhead to cover, which drives up the cost of repairs. You will get a better price and maybe a better job if you find somebody moonlighting.

If you believe you should NOT do the job, then don’t. I think 5K is a lot for two quarters. Then you have to figure. And if you have a shop do the work, you better get a committal time and hidden.

Since you have the new panels, you know where to cut and can remove the old ones before you shop for a price. If you remove the old boards, be sure NOT to remove too much metal so that a shop can then finish the removal.

Cutting the quarters off shouldn’t take more than a day with the right. Please understand, in no way was I trying to bust your chops. Based on your prior posts, I did think you were able but just asked to help understand why you might shop the job.

You might want to ask around about other shops or good Autobody people who do this work. A new rocker panel for your 2002 Chevy truck is about $1,000 per side. You might also consider getting $500 labor insurance for your vehicle.

The shop that quoted you $2500 per side is competent (and experienced) in leaving the final bill open if they run into additional work. Most high-end shops will not give a flat rate price to do a job like that.

While waiting at the signal recently, my Figo got rear-ended by an ST bus. I have consulted a few recommended local garages by TBHPIans, and the best quote I got is for 3.5 K.

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