Cost To Paint A 40-Foot Motorhome

Cost To Paint A 40-Foot Motorhome

It’s no secret that a fresh paint job can breathe new life into any space. And when it comes to your motorhome, nothing but the best will do. But what does it cost to paint a 40-foot motorhome? Keep reading for a breakdown of the costs of painting your home on wheels!


How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Outside Of An RV?

The cost to paint an RV can vary quite a bit depending on the size of the vehicle, type of paint used, and the complexity of the paint job. For example, a simple two-color paint job on a small RV might cost as little as $5,000, while a more complex four-color job on a large RV could easily exceed $15,000.

These are just rough estimates; the cost will depend on several factors specific to your situation. Nevertheless, if you are planning to paint your RV, it is important to know the potential costs involved.

How Much Does Full Body Paint Cost On An RV?

Like any paint job, the cost of full body paint on an RV will depend on the quality of the work and the type of paint used. However, because RVs are larger and more complex than most cars, the price can range anywhere from $10. to $10,000. For a basic paint job using lower-quality materials, you can expect to pay around $10. However, if you want a high-quality job using premium paints and finishes, the cost can easily reach $10,000. In addition, if your RV has special features or intricate designs, the final price will be higher. Ultimately, the cost of a full body paint job on an RV will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A 40ft Motorhome?

When protecting your investment, a few things are as important as a quality wrap for your motorhome. Wrapping your RV not only protects it from the elements, but also provides a layer of protection against scratches. What is the cost of wrapping a 40ft motorhome? The answer depends on the type of wrap you choose.

A half wrap typically costs between $3200 and $4800, while a full wrap can run between $4800 and $6400. The final cost depends on the size and complexity of your motorhome. But whether you choose a half or a full wrap, you can be confident that you are making a sound investment in the future of your RV.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A 36 Ft Motorhome?

When wrapping a 36 ft motorhome, there are two main options: a half wrap and a full wrap. A half wrap covers the sides and front of the vehicle, while a full wrap covers the entire vehicle, including the roof. The price of a wrap depends on several factors, including the size of the vehicle, the design’s complexity, and the material’s quality.

A half wrap for a 36 ft motorhome generally costs between $2900 and $5800, while a full wrap can cost up to twice as much. However, wraps are an investment that can pay off in the long run by protecting your vehicle from weather damage and increasing its resale value.

Is Full Body Paint On An RV Worth It?

Many RVers choose to full-body paint their recreational vehicle for several reasons. Not only does a professionally painted RV have a sleek, eye-catching look, but it also offers numerous benefits in terms of durability and resale value. In terms of durability, a full-body paint job will protect the underlying surface from UV rays, wind, and other elements, which will hold up better over time.

And when it comes time to sell, a full-body paint job can significantly increase the resale value of an RV. So if you are considering whether or not to paint your RV full-body, weigh the pros and cons carefully – you may find that it’s worth the investment.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Motorhome?

Few things are there to consider when choosing the right paint for your motorhome. The first is the material of the camper’s exterior surface. Acrylic or latex paints will typically work well if it is made of aluminum. For fiberglass camper siding, use acrylic latex paint.

It is also significant to ensure that the paint is applied properly to promote adhesion to the camper’s exterior surface.

RV full body paint — a look beneath the surface of today's RVs.

Can You Paint An RV Yourself?

Latex or oil-based paints. If you manage to get hands on an RV that’s made of steel, you can use a primer that’s designed for that specific surface. Just follow all the can’s directions so you don’t damage your vehicle.

You’ll want to clean off the dirt and grime built on your RV’s exterior. A pressure washer will make this job much easier, but a hose will do in a pinch if you don’t have one handy. Once the RV is clean, you’ll need to sand down any rusty or chipped areas. It will help the paint to stick properly and create a smooth finish.

Once you’ve prepped the surface, it’s time to start painting! Begin with a light coat and then move on to a thicker layer once that has dried. Giving each layer much time to dry before adding another, rushing this step will only result in a sloppy paint job.

With a less time and effort, you can paint your RV and save yourself some money! Just be patient, take time, and do not be afraid to experiment until you find a method that works best for you.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a new motorhome, you’ll be happy to know that painting it doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on the coating you choose and how much prep work is needed, you can expect to spend anywhere from $30,000 to $35,000 on a fresh paint job. We hope this article has helped give you a better idea of what goes into painting a motorhome and what kind of costs you can expect.

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