do pine sol attract roaches

Does Pine-Sol Attract Roaches or Keep The Bugs Away

TIn this article, we’ll talk about using Pine-Sol to deal with roaches and other bugs, along with other methods that you might want to try.

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Does Pine-Sol attract roaches?

Well, no. On the contrary, it will keep the bugs away from your home.

Pest control expert: Roaches love to hide in tight spaces, so try to keep clear of crevices and corners, if possible. But if you can’t find them they will come running to wherever you do find them. An easy way out of the problem is making your bait with water and sugar or lemon juice or mouths with peanut butter topped with boric acid.

When we moved into our old apartment, there were pretty bad roaches. I used a cleaning product called ammonia because it also kills other bugs. The cockroaches would hang out on unsealed surfaces, so I sprayed these areas every time I cleaned to keep killing them off.

It was gross. I tried everything under the sun. First, I bought these different sprays to stop them from coming back, but it never worked! They just kept coming back over & over no matter how many times I killed them. When I finally got to my place, I decided to buy outside paste because it was so annoying having them.

Pine-Sol has a pleasant scent and does a good cleaning job. Bay leaf is also known to keep away roaches.

The next day, we went to the dollar store and bought some lemon-scented Pine-Sol, bleach, and white vinegar. I sprayed and cleaned the countertops with the bleach solution first, then mixed up the Pine-Sol and vinegar to clean them.

Once they caught a whiff of the spray, those nasty bugs started running. It looked like they were running right at me, but I took care of it with one quick burst.

If we spray the area before we go to bed, we’ll undoubtedly be able to get all of the little ones that come out and crawl around.

Pine-Sol to keep bugs away

I have used bleach, Pine-Sol, and ammonia to kill the bugs I found in my kitchen. Then I put some glue traps in the area behind our refrigerator, which should stop them from coming back.

I previously avoided using anything with chemicals for my kids’ safety, but this is a lot safer than the spray fumes.

There are too many cockroaches in our house. When they appear in groups, you can find them out late at night or early in the morning. They are terrifying!

We had a roach infestation, and we used a mixture of Pine-Sol and water in a spray bottle. The roaches slowed down and toppled over soon after spraying.

Of the many I knew about, they all seemed to like hiding in the kitchen closet. It gave me plenty of opportunities to take out my spray bottle when they were asleep or otherwise occupied with something else. Ptarmigan was one of them; he ceased his nightly visits following an incident with my spray bottle.

Use Pinesol with caution if you have cats, as it is toxic. To save money, you could also buy the generic version.

Vinegar and lemon Pine-Sol combination

It’s easy to become infested with roaches, says the writer. It is also true that you would say this.

There was an episode of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in which a couple with young children moves into an apartment, but they cannot get rid of all the cockroaches.

I used the lemon Pinesol and vinegar to kill the roaches, but I’ve also read that ammonia is more effective. To get an enormous container, I need to order it first.

I put some roach powder into a spray bottle and shook the bottle. Then I sprinkle it where roaches are located. Afterward, before bedtime, when it’s dark, and the lights have been off for a while, I wake up, turn on the lights, and spray every place I can see running roaches.

We sprinkled some diatomaceous earth down along the inside of the kitchen closet door, where I noticed that they were hiding out. 

A lot of people use Pine-Sol because is easier to use. Most consumers don’t enjoy the harshness of aerosol sprays currently in use – but luckily, there are options out there like Pine-Sol, which tackle the problem more gently.

What smell do house roaches hate?

The cockroach bait contains a slow-acting poison that lets you deal with an infestation without resorting to dangerous insecticides. With just one application, the affected roaches will die in days.

Place your bait where cockroaches are most frequent. The cockroaches will eat the bait and carry it to the nest or other roaches, exposing them to the poison.

Although it’s rare, some bugs will cause problems that require ant killer chemicals. For instance, Cypermethrin can be a valuable solution for heavy roach infestations.

A lot of cockroach prevention or repellent methods can contain harmful chemicals. These are some natural home remedies if you’re interested.

Cockroach bait and trap

Aside from Pine-Sol and other liquids, you can try to use bait or trap to deal with the cockroach. For the bait, you might want to try Boric Acid Bait.

This bait is easy to make. Mix one part white flour, one part sugar, and one part boric acid, then shape into balls. Please place them in hidden areas around the home.

Other delicious baits you can make instead are 1 part of boric acid, two parts of cocoa & 3 parts of white flour.

One popular method for trapping cockroaches is the petroleum-jelly trap. It’s effortless to set up, just in time for spring cleaning. Find a jar or bottle with a wide mouth and smear in some vaseline or other petroleum jelly in the bottom, so it coats any surface area when you turn it upside down.

You can also trap roaches with fruit peels. It sounds weird, but it works. Put some fruit such as apple, banana, or mango as peels inside the bottle and keep it overnight without closing it. 

The smell will attract roaches to this otherwise empty jar, and they get trapped due to petroleum jelly on the rim. Then, pour all the cockroaches into the bucket with soapy water the following day.

As a final solution, roaches can be easily trapped using water. Fill up a jar halfway with water and place it near the wall. It should only catch adult roaches and not eggs or larvae – this is because eggs & larvae float while adults sink.

You will need to treat your home for cockroaches a little more aggressively to ensure they don’t come back. Buying a natural remedy can be a great way of keeping them at bay.

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    Lemon scented anything is not the same as without the lemon scent, so because they weren’t attracted to the lemon scent does not mean they are not attracted to the regular pine-sol. For a roach free home take the yolk of a hard boiled egg and mix it with about the same amount of Diatomaceous Earth then bit-by-bit mix in sugar until it gets doughy, roll into little balls and place in out of the way spots. They look kind of like lemon drops, but don’t worry if kids or pets find them and try to eat them, they are non toxic. Within 2-3 months the worst infestations are solved.

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