Does Advance Auto Parts Replace Headlights?

Headlights provide light and visibility in the darkness. Headlights are one of the most important parts of your car regarding visibility and safety. But, when your headlights are malfunctioning, you might not be able to see as far or in as well as you should. Depending on the problem, several things may need to be done.

If the bulb does not work, the issue could be a burned-out headlight, an issue in the ignitor module, a fault in a corroded bulb socket, or a wiring harness. Replacement headlights can be expensive, but sometimes they may be cheaper than buying a new car. Replacing broken headlights can also help protect yourself from more severe consequences such as getting into an accident. If you’re having problems with your headlights, you should look at this guide to replace headlights.


Which headlight should I choose?

The tripod headlights are a great-looking accessory for your car, but they are poor when it comes to driving at night. Driving at night can be very hard without headlights, and you will need to change them before nighttime. So which headlight would be the best?

Most tripod headlights come with P700 lamps. If your PL 700 lights are “poor” at night, most likely, they are fakes.

The original P700s are of good quality for the technology at the time and for night driving.

These headlights are rare and very valuable, especially those that come with Jaguar E-type.

Any dual filament 7″ light will fit if you plan to replace the headlights. But make sure to take the inner ring with you to determine whether the protruded glass on the front of the headlights fits into the slots.

There are inexpensive halogen headlights at most of the local auto parts stores. The ones sold at MOSS are pretty expensive.

Determining Original Lucas PL700 Headlights


The Lucas adhesive marks on the lenses and backs of the originals make them easy to identify, while the repro’s will only have flattened fluting or a matte finish.

Some originals have olive drab painted backs with a Lucas adhesive sticker for identification. The lenses also have sharper, crisp fluting than the repro’s being passed off as “replicas.”

Outside of the army green color and sharp fluting for the lens, the sure-fire method to ascertain that you have an original set.

The original also has a far better-focused beam versus a diffused beam on the reproductions. In the upper right corner, one letter per vertical flute. Only the original ones come with this letter.

You can also check the rear clip, which is of better construction than the repros. To me, buying a set of repro. PL700s makes your car look fantastic.

Other brands and wattage?

From an auto parts store or discount department store, buy a 7″ halogen headlight bulb for replacement. You will be able to choose between Sylvania or General Electric brands. Try model 6014 or H6014 from Halogen on the box of 60/50 bulbs, 60 watts on high beam, and 50 watts on low beam. It will cost under $10 each.

There are some other variants of this series of halogen replacement sealed beam bulbs. They are Sylvania:6014 – 60/50 for 200/320 hours (general standard), Sylvania 6015 – 60/50 for 200/500 hours (longer life), H6024 – 60/40 for 200/320 hrs (lesser low beam), H6024 CB – 55/45 -for 100/200 hours, H6024 ST – 50/45 for 50/150 hours, H6024 XV – 65/55 for 200/850 hours.This last one, the H6024 XV, is long life and claims to have more light output but has a lower CP rating. 

How much does headlights replacement cost?

The LED headlights, on all models, are not serviceable or replaceable. LEDs are rated at 30,000 hours which should be suitable for ten years. If by any chance, one headlight fails, you have to replace the entire headlamp. For most vehicles, your only source for spare parts is the dealership.

A Lariat model will cost around $1,000 while XL and XLT models cost $1,200 to $1,400. The cost is with the part cost only and does not include installation.

There will be many replacement options in the future. The 2021 Ranger headlights are available for 500 for a pair now. With the Mavs they will produce, the price won’t be 1000.00 for a replacement unless you order from the parts department at a dealership.

Do dealers replace headlights?

The ’18 and newer Highlander SE comes with LED Low beam and Fog lights. So when I went to the service, I asked if there was any way they could change the lights. They said they could and would charge $160.99 for the low beam and another $98 for the fog. Is this a reasonable price? Let’s find out.

One suggestion is not to put LED low beams in the headlights. If you want to upgrade the stock bulbs and get whiter and brighter, installing an aftermarket HID kit is better. The headlight housing isn’t designed for LED lights and doesn’t concentrate the light, and you’ll have worse light output than the stock halogen.

You can also replace your headlights with LED headlights, but buy them online and supply the bulbs to the dealer. They will install the lights with a warranty and no issues. The SX LED headlights are costly. Even used ones are going for $300-$500 for one light.

Will AutoZone Replace headlight bulbs?

Once, I went to Autozone to replace the lightbulb on my car’s headlight, the person there said they could not do it. So. let’s see how to do the replacement by ourselves.

You do not have to take apart the lamp housing. Look at the backside of the headlight that’s burned out. You may find the battery or the air cleaner in the way of a clear view. Unplug the wire, then release the bulb by twisting about 1/4-turn. Make sure not to the glass of the new bulb, or else the oil from your fingers will make it burn out real soon.

You can buy Sylvania DS2 for xenon lights. It’s on the outboard of both sides. Xenon bulbs lose effectiveness over time. So new bulbs will make a huge difference. You can order online and save some money. Amazon has excellent deals.

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