Cal King Bed Frames: IKEA and Other Stores

Many people are not aware of the options for Cal King bed frames available at IKEA or the difference between Cal King and King bed frames.


Cal King bed

California King beds, bed frames, box springs, sheets, and other bedding are often more expensive than a standard king-size bed. As the largest size mattress size available, Cal king mattresses are harder to find and more expensive than their smaller counterparts. With the increase in popularity of oversized mattresses, there are fewer options for Cal King-sized pillows, sheets, comforters, and other accessories.

A California King mattress is 4 inches longer than King one, making it the longest mattress. Many athletics and celebrities often go with this option than going for a custom-made bed. One of the famous references about Cal King’s bed is in Rihanna’s song California King Bed.

A California King mattress is not a good choice for rooms with little space. This is specifically made for tall people with bigger bedrooms. It is believed that the first Cal King was made at a special request of a celebrity in the 1900s, which opened a huge market to this bed.


Cal King vs. King

The most noteworthy difference between the two beds is that the dimensions are different in length and width.

The California king mattress is generally 72 inches wide while making the 76 inches wide king mattress the widest. On the other hand, California King is the longest bed with a length of 84 inches, while the King mattress is only 80 inches long.

However, when we calculate the total surface area, the King mattress takes the lead. King has 6,080 square inches of surface area, and Cal King has only 6,048 square inches.

If you’re really tall, go for the California King, so your legs don’t hang over the bottom edge. If you’re not that tall, having a wider bed is better.

Regular king unless you are taller than 6’3″ -6’4″. Even at 6’1″, I went for Cal King. 

Please go and check the prices and availability of both mattresses.

Does IKEA have Cal King bed frames?

IKEA does not have king-size mattresses available for purchase in-store. However, their website features three different sizes of mattresses, including a California King.

The bed frames sold at IKEA are made for an Eastern-King or Standard King size mattress. This means that the frame will have a length of 76 inches and a width of 40 inches, which will accommodate most standard mattress sizes.

Ikea bed frames come in four different sizes, including 180×200.

Can you put a Cal King mattress on a King bed frame?

I had a Cal King Posturepedic, and it served us well. When we put the new mattress into our bed frame, it measures 85 inches from end to end. Our old cal-king fit perfectly. No gap at the top, none left at the bottom once the comforter was tucked.

Our new mattress, which is Beautyrest Recharge Cal-King) has left a little over 3 inches at the top before the headboard. The mattress measures about 81inches, not 84 (width is correct, however). The tag on the mattress shows 72×83.5, but we’re not even hitting 83.5.

There is an unusually large gap in the bed frame now. I can stick my arms down the gap, which was never the case before. In Beautyrest, their Cal King standard sizing would be 83″ long +/-1/2″.

If you have measured it correctly (and not just by the size of the gap between the mattress and your headboard) and your mattress is less than 82.5″ long, then based on their standard specifications, your mattress would be out of spec.

Which one should I buy?

Many people are weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of buying a California King mattress or a King mattress. I’m here to assist with your choice. The answer depends on what you need.

Go for the California king if you’re tall so your legs don’t hang over the bottom edge. If you’re not that tall, having a wider bed is better for some fun.

Regular king mattresses are unless taller than 6’3 “-6’4”. Even if you are 6’1″, go for Cal King. However, if you are 6’4″, there aren’t many issues with the length if you are not sleeping straight.

The California King is four inches longer than a King and four inches narrower. Unless someone taller than about 6’4″ is going to be sleeping in it, the Cal King is pointless.

If you don’t need the length, buy a Regular king unless you need the length. There are more bedding options and the bed frame itself too.

We went doubles in our guest & kids’ rooms rather than the queen because sheets for double beds are significantly cheaper.

This is a question that is worth considering carefully, as it will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home.

California King sheets are special order if you want them to match. Do not get a split king of either size.


Other places that sell bed frames

Before buying a bed frame, check what it is made of. Is it hardwood, veneer over pressed wood? Have a close look at the floor model, its condition, gaps over the slats, how the mattress looks with it, etc. Based on that, you can decide how the frame will stand up with time.

I found a good hardwood frame from night and day at a local futon shop. They are in other mattress stores as well. Their costs were reasonable, and it seems to be a good product which has a 10-year warranty.

There are California King mattresses and frames at Pottery Barn. Also, check Silent Night. They are cheap.

You can also buy Cal King Bed Frames and Mattresses at Macy’s too.

Pan Emirates Furniture has larger beds, but you cannot buy the bed separately. It comes with side drawers and a large dresser with a mirror.

Q Furniture has one large bed, but it is very expensive. However, if Q Decor does not have the size you need, you can place a custom order. They can arrange to have it made for any size you need.

For Cal King, Latex mattress bed frames go with Sleepez.

Look at the DIY threads. People have purchased the cheap wood frame from Amazon and added some additional wood for a sturdy frame. I had a reasonable metal frame and box thing, which I later replaced, and now it is very solid.

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