Does Walmart Blow Up Latex Balloons

Does Walmart Blow Up Latex Balloons

Does Walmart Blow Up Latex Balloons? If you need to buy you child a balloon for their party or event, why not get it blown up at Safeway or Kroger?

There are quite a few Walmart stores that offer this service, but they only apply to Latex and Mylar balloons. This is to make sure that the energy used over the party is safe. Some Walmart stores will allow you to test your own less powerful latex or mylar balloon so you can show them what colors are available.

Does Walmart Blow Up Latex Balloons


Can You Get Balloons Filled At Dollar Tree?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about whether Dollar Tree can fill a balloon with helium. People either believe you cannot get this service from the store, only Birthday Express locations (the banner name for Dollar Tree’s party supply brand) can offer these services, or that it’s some sort of scam to get more money out of people.

Who Will Blow Up Balloons?

Getting helium-filled balloons ready for your big day can be a very tiring task. Where can you go to get helium balloons filled? I personally have done a lot of research on this, so here are my Top 8 places for getting helium-filled balloons.

  1. Party City.
  2. Dollar Tree.
  3. Dollar General.
  4. Meijer

Does Dollar General Fill Balloons With Helium?

Thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to answer your question. The answer is yes and no.

Yes, Dollar General will fill specific balloons with helium upon purchase. However, they will not fill individual balloons from multipacks.

Dollar General does sell small helium tanks. However, Dollar General does not offer a helium tank rental service.

Will Dollar Tree Fill Up My Own Balloons?

Yes, you can get balloons filled with helium at Dollar Tree. When you purchase balloons at Dollar Tree, they will fill up your balloons with helium for free.

This service is available in-store only and cannot be performed by a member of the store’s staff if there are already other customers standing in line waiting to check out. However, if there isn’t a line when you go to the register, the cashier can pump air into your balloons while they are ringing up your purchase.

Will Walgreens Blow Up Balloons?

Does Walgreens blow up helium balloons?

Well, let’s just say this: it’s not a service offered by any of the company’s stores.

Walgreens does offer quite a few convenience services and products, though. You can fill prescriptions, get a flu shot at their walk-in clinic, pick up some snacks for the road, or buy yourself a new razor. But for whatever reason, blowing up balloons is not in their repertoire.

Is your local Walmart blowing up balloons?

If you’re looking for a nearby store that offers balloon-blowing services, your best bet is to check with Walmart. As of 2022, Walmart offered this service at a small portion of its stores, charging around $0.25 per balloon.

Additionally, Walmart sold helium tanks that could be purchased in-store for DIY balloon filling. However, it’s important to note that Walmart only blows up balloons purchased from Walmart locations. So if you’re looking to have your balloons blown up on the cheap, Walmart is worth checking out!

How Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Walmart stores offer various services to their customers, one of which is the inflation of Latex and Mylar balloons. These balloons can come in all shapes and sizes, and customers can purchase them from Walmart stores. It is important to note that the store will only blow up balloons purchased from Walmart.

This service is available to customers at no additional cost, and it is a convenient way to get your balloons inflated. Whether you need a balloon for a birthday party or a special event, Walmart is a great place to shop for all your balloon needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Blow Up Balloons From Walmart?

Assuming you would like to know the cost of having a Walmart store blow up a balloon for you, the price is $0.25 per balloon. The price per balloon can increase based on the size of the balloon as well as the type. For instance, if you want a mylar balloon, it will be more expensive than a latex one. This is because mylar balloons require more helium to be blown up.

Similarly, if you want a large balloon, such as an oversized beach ball, it will cost more than a regular-sized latex balloon. This is because giant balloons take even more helium to be blown up to their full size. Therefore, the price per balloon can range from $0.25 for a small latex one to around $3.00 or more for a large mylar one.

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons Purchase From Other Stores?

If you’re looking to get your balloons blown up at a Walmart store, you may wonder if they will only blow up balloons purchased from the same store.

However, there is no official policy on this matter, so it is best to contact the Walmart stores near you and inquire about their policy on balloon blowing. Some stores may be willing to accommodate your request, while others may not. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

What Can You Do If Your Nearby Walmart Does Not Blow Up Balloons?

If the Walmart stores near you do not blow up balloons, you can purchase a Balloon Time Helium tank in-store or through the Walmart website. The balloons can be quickly inflated with these, and they are easy to use. The cost of helium tanks varies from $23.88 to $54.99 based on the quantity of helium you need and a number of balloons you want to inflate.

Some Helium tanks come with a set of balloons, whereas some do not. An average Walmart helium tank is 14.9 cubic feet, which can easily inflate fifty 9″ and 27 11″ latex balloons.

Does Sam’s Club Blow Up Balloons?

As of 2022, Sam’s Club does not offer a balloon inflation service at any of its locations. However, the store does sell Balloon Time helium tanks, which can be used to fill up balloons at home.

The tank comes with a regulator and hose and can be used to fill up to 50 9-inch latex balloons. Overall, the Balloon Time tank is a convenient option for those who need to fill up helium balloons for an event or party.

Where Else Can You Get Balloons Blown Up?

Suppose the nearby Walmart stores do not offer the service of blowing up balloons. In that case, you can head over to any of the following alternatives: Kroger grocery stores in the floral department, Meijer in the floral department, Dollar Tree stores, and 99 Cents Only stores.

You do not have to buy balloons from these stores to have them blown up, although fees range from $1-$8 depending on the store and type of balloon. Cheap alternatives for getting your balloons blown up are therefore readily available.

Kroger: You can have your balloons blown up at any Kroger grocery store in the floral department. You do not have to buy balloons from Kroger to have them blown up and will have to pay around $1 for each latex and between $2-$8 for each Mylar balloon (depending on size)

Meijer: Head over to the floral department to get your balloons blown up. As with Kroger stores, Meijer does not require balloons to be bought from its stores and charges $1 for latex and $3-$8 for Mylar balloons.

Cheap alternatives include Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only stores. These are great places to check out if you want to get your balloons blown up without spending an arm and a leg!

The Last Words On Does Walmart Blow Up Latex Balloons

Yes! Walmart can fill up your latex balloons.

If you need to get some balloons filled, you can go to just about any grocery store and have them blown up with helium. Most stores will only charge you a dollar or two per balloon to inflate them for you, and some places may even let you fill them up for free. In addition to grocery stores, many florists and party supply shops will also help you out if you need balloons filled because they know that it’s in their best interest to do so (and because they’re nice people!).

The most popular stores to get balloons filled at are Walmart, Target, Costco, Party City, and Dollar Tree. You can also try any grocery store like Safeway or Publix. If none of these places work out for whatever reason then just go online and search “where can I get my balloons filled near me?”

I hope this helps!

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