Guard Yourself from the Latest Ploy, Fake Ultrasound for April Fools

April fools day is held every year on the first day of April as you know it. Many people participate in the legalized prank festival to have the most prominent trust issue of the year. They are getting creative regarding the April fool’s day prank, and one could be deviously involving pregnancy announcements.

Sure there are many ways to prank in April fool’s day, such as through a phone call, insect lamps, an infinite loop of shopping carts to trap a car, fake snakes, etc. Getting out of the box is the key to have a fresh prank of the year.

However, fake ultrasound for April fools takes it to another level, especially for your close knits, and with a few dad jokes vibe in it.

fake ultrasound for april fools

(fake ultrasound, source:

If you and your wife want to prank many people and laugh a lot, this creative idea may interest you!


What is ultrasound?

fake ultrasound for april fools

(real ultrasound, source:

Ultrasound in Oxford languages means sounds or other vibrations having an ultrasonic frequency, mainly as used in medical imaging. To put it simply, it is an ultrasound scan.

Ultrasound is popular in the medical world. Diagnostic ultrasound, or in other words, sonography, is an imaging method that uses high frequency or ultrasound (more than 20000 Hz) to create an image of your body.

Likewise, this method looks like to X-ray. While sonography uses sound waves, X-ray uses high-energy electromagnetic waves.

There are two types of ultrasound: pregnancy ultrasound and diagnostic ultrasound. In comparison, people use pregnancy ultrasound to look at an unborn baby in the womb so a parent can look at their future kid’s image. On the other hand, we use diagnostic ultrasound to view or get information about many organs in the body, such as the kidney, bladder, heart, blood vessels, etc.

Why April Fools Prank?

Tell me again why it is a good idea? Oh, yeah, below to get you convinced.

You have a large audience to prank.

You can prank your family, friend, colleague, and even acquaintances from a large demographic to help your prank deliver its noble message.

Surprising news

A pregnancy announcement is a quite surprising news to everyone. Not only to adults but also to kids. Whether you are married or not, pregnancy will always be surprising news to people.

Just like the real thing

An ultrasound image or sonogram is hard to look at if it is fake or not. Especially, it is a popular method to confirm pregnancy.


You can order a fake ultrasound image in with only 9,95 $ at, or you can browse a vast array of other people’s ultrasounds and bring it to the print shop. It’s almost free.


Nowadays, the service and information are all over the internet. Search away is your best friend.

Stay at home/lockdown policy.

During the pandemic, many countries enforcing lockdown policies or limit the citizen’s movement. Husbands need to be near wives because of the policy, creating a higher chance of getting pregnant! Well, according to data, birth rate and pregnancy rate are increasing during the pandemic. Consequently, more people will think it’s a normal thing.

How to Prank?

Now that you have the reason to prank everyone, you will learn how to do it in this section for gag gift purposes.

  • Visit

This site gives you a service to create a fake ultrasound at a low price. Additionally, they have a generator to make a fake sonogram for a realistic touch.

  • Plan way before the day.

You don’t want your prank to fail, do you? April fool’s day happens only once a year! Order it between January to March.

  • Place an order

You need to press the purchase button, don’t forget to choose express delivery or not based on your budget. Especially if you aren’t patient to wait for weeks, express delivery is suitable for you!

  • Profit!

You can post the fake on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Or, if you prefer offline, send it via postal mail after you print it in a photo center or by using a home printer. According to a user in a forum, he testifies many of his friends fall into the trap!

There are more tips:

  • Don’t burst your laugh at first!

If you happen to give the sonogram offline, hold your laugh, or it will give away the trick.

  • There are free routes. Check on google.

Google and Pinterest have believable fake pictures all over them. If image attribution is allowed, you can use them for free.

How to Tell If It Is a Fake Ultrasound

fake ultrasound for april fools

(real or fake sonogram? Source:

“Beware of the taste of your own medicine” is a term that you must be aware of. If you are going to prank, get ready for people to prank you back. But there’s hope. Here is the way to tell whether it is fake or not.

  • Take a good look at the fetus.

An actual sonogram finished image will look glossy—photograph paper when you print it. Also, the fetus won’t look human to you if the baby is only a few weeks old.

  • Reverse google image search

There are tons of pictures of the sonograms on google or social media when you cannot tell them apart, the higher chance that someone pranked you.

  • Ask the sender

You can ask a few questions to the one who sends you the picture, like the hospital or doctor’s name. It will undoubtedly lead to a checkmate.

  • Consult a professional

If you have a friend who is a doctor, radiologist, physicist, or nurse., then you are in luck! A prankster might trick ordinary people, but a professional? No chance, buddy!

  • Unverified data

The sonograph is fake if the underlying data like hospital, date, doctor, and name cannot be verified or aligned. I will need close attention to detail to spot this, like a fake clinic name.

  • Low-quality printing

Ultrasound paper uses thermal paper for printing. It will have a shinier rather than a printed paper that uses ink sourced from a jpeg image. It’s a real physical item. Based on this, you can tell whether it is fake or not.

The Cons of the Prank

In conclusion, this prank may be easy and cheap. However, if there are pros, then there are cons.

  • No singles allowed

Suppose you happen to be currently single. No one will believe when you are suddenly having a baby.

  • It is not free

Even though it’s cheap, it still cost some money if you buy it online. There are many pranks to do without having to pull your wallet.

  • You might hurt someone.

Even though this prank is just for fun, not everyone will get this. Many couples are struggling to get pregnant and having a real baby, starting a family. So use this cautiously.

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