Haircuts for Short Necks

It is common for someone to appear perfect, but most people have at least one flaw that can spoil their appearance. However, there is no need to fall into despair. For example, try some hairstyles with short necks to ensure you forget about them.

The long neck (or “swan”) has always been admired in most cultures. Women used to lengthen their necks with tricks like corsets or ruffs to attract attention. Few people know that the length is unnecessary; it’s all about the proportion of different body parts.

Short people tend to have short necks. When picking the best haircut for them, remember that your neck should look like ⅓ of your face. Consider that you might look shorter if you’re overweight or wearing things like scarves or large jewelry, which can make your neck look shorter.

However, if it’s still bothering you, try lengthening your neck with a proper hairstyle. What haircut is best for a short neck? Some recommendations are given in this article. Let’s check it out!

What Hair Length Is Best for Short Necks?

When choosing the best hairstyle for a short neck, you should increase the distance between your head and shoulders. Things that may help with this are to open up the back and let more light in. It’s advised to choose haircuts that provide extra space in these areas. A round face with a short neck is not the best shape for many hairstyles. You will want to find something that highlights your features rather than trying to customize yourself into something different.


Bob is suitable for a short neck as it’s the optimal length. We recommend trying a cut that shortens at the nape and considering side-swept bangs to create an appropriate balance with your face shape. This makes your short neck look longer. There are many variants to be considered when rocking the bob. One variant type is the undercut bob, ideal for shorter necks and rounder faces.

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Layers are an excellent option for people who want some volume in their hair. With shoulder-length or longer hair, your hairdresser should cut the layers below your chin. This will make your face and neck appear narrower – especially if you have a round face.

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What Hairstyles Are Best for the Short Neck?

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will improve your appearance, try having your hair high. It’s a great way to make your short neck look less prominent. You could pull it up into a ponytail, braid or bun on top of the head. The look will be up to you in the end, but the one thing you should avoid is experiments. It would help if you stuck with a simple, easy-to-style updo.

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If your neck is shorter than average, consider this hairdo or a bushy ponytail – this will draw attention to the top of your head and keep it there. A long ponytail can extend your neck up to an inch, so if you have a long face and a short neck, like me, there’s hope!

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Does Short Hair Make Neck Look Longer?

What about the perfect cut that can make us feel more confident and beautiful? Whether visually enhancing uncomparable features or lifting our spirits, finding a hairstyle right for us is essential.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which hairstyle to use to accentuate, mask, or balance your features. After reading this guide, you can make an informed decision.

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If you have a short neck and would like it to appear longer, you might want to consider a haircut that achieves this. A style in the back, such as cutting your hair shorter at the nape of your neck, will give the impression that your neck is longer. Anything at or below your chin till mid of the neck is preferred as it will make your neck look longer.

How Can I Make My Short Neck Look Longer?

Having a short neck can make you appear heavier than actual. It may be something you were born with and cannot change, but some clothing choices will make your neck appear longer. A longer neck is often mistaken for looking taller and slimmer. If this makes you feel insecure, a nice technique is to accentuate the length of your neck, which will lift your overall appearance and make you feel more confident.

The best way to reduce the appearance of a short neck is to fill space to create the illusion of length. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by using low or scoop necklines hanging on your neck. Meanwhile, it would help if you played up your face with lovely round earrings so that others would notice your short neck less. It would help if you also created the illusion of a longer neck by choosing long necklaces and wearing your hair in an updo. Don’t forget to accessorize with other items that make you feel confident!

A common mistake while wearing a plunging neckline is overdoing it. Another thing that can spook people is wearing a scarf or other long clothing items to cover up your neckline. However, we discussed how to avoid such fashion missteps in the guide itself and what to follow to make your neck look longer.

A Low Neckline

will lengthen your neck. This can make you look more trim without doing anything else to your neck. But this is for those who can wear deep necklines. If you want to lengthen your neck, then try incorporating vertical or diagonal lines around the collar, neck, and décolletage of your clothing.

One of the best ways to emphasize a slimmer neck is by wearing lower necklines like V-necks, sweetheart necklines, and U-necks.

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Necklaces and other accessories have the power to visually lengthen your neck, making it look slimmer in the process. Try designs that hang below the collarbone or something with dangles that hang vertically.

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Short Hair

It’s essential to think about how to frame a shorter neck with the hairstyle.

Your strategy should be to style your hair to move the focus away from your neck. A short length below chin level will allow you to stand tall confidently. To reap all the benefits of shorter hair, go for a length that falls above your neckline to make your look stand out.

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Hair Up

If you have long hair, wearing it up can help make your neck appear longer. This is because updo hairstyles bring some attention back to the top of your head and away from the length at the bottom. Updos are great for people with long hair because they give you much flexibility so that you can style it in whatever way best suits your tastes and, simultaneously, make your neck look longer.

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Closed, high necklines are a significant no-no for short necks. The main focus of a turtleneck is on the neck, where all the attention goes when you’re wearing it. Wearing one will make your neck look even shorter and more comprehensive than it is.

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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts usually have high necklines and collars, which highlight short necks. Instead, look for styles with open necklines or details that don’t emphasize the length of your neck by making it look shorter.

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What Haircut Makes Your Neck Look Thinner?

You should style your hair in a way that complements the shape of your neck and face, even if trends dictate otherwise. If your neck is short, you must have a hairstyle that you’re happy with, making it look more complimenting to the rest of your body.


If you have a short neck, layering a short haircut will make it easier for your hair to fall to the front and sides and create volume naturally. The layered hair will also stretch vertically instead of horizontally, making your neck appear narrower. To further highlight these natural textures, highlights will make them more noticeable, giving your neck and face a sleek and slimming appearance. The neck length will also increase, making you look more youthful.

Layers haircut


It is possible to elongate the neck by making simple changes to your hair and, for example, adding face-framing layers or updating your haircut. The best haircut for short necks is a bob and layered style or crop that prevents too much weight from falling at the back of your neck.

Furthermore, a good hairstyle is an excellent choice for many reasons. For example, it can be more natural and give a woman the ability to express herself appropriately. Every woman wants to look beautiful, but that’s easier said than done. For those with shorter necks, various stylish haircuts can flatter the neckline length and better balance their overall look. You can try the useful tricks mentioned in this blog post.

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