hot water tank breaker size

Hot Water Tank Breaker Size

Hot Water Tank Breaker Size is the topic of our today’s blog post.

An electric water heater usually utilizes a breaker that is 30amps, so something similar to the Q230 30 amp Double Pole Type QP Circuit Breaker will work perfectly.

4.500 Watts Hot Water Heater Breaker Dimension The proper breaker for the appliance, with 4500 watts of power at 244 volts, is the 25-amp or 30-amp. When the heater isn’t classified as a “continuous load,” it could be acceptable to use the full amount of the circuit breakers ratings.

Do you have an electrical water heater that constantly trips the circuit breaker? Did your heater overheat without warning? If you can answer these questions, you can tell that you’re experiencing issues connecting your appliance to its safety features.

What is the ideal breaker size needed for a water heater, you ask? The typical size for all heaters is 30 amps. But, this ampacity for breaker does not necessarily apply to all water heaters available.

There’s a formula to choosing the right size of breaker. However, there are many other crucial factors to consider in the next section.


What size breaker should a Hot Water Tank be on?

Understanding Your Water Heater

If you purchase the electric heater, one of the biggest errors made by homeowners is not checking the ampacity. The heater tanks may have labels for the voltage and watts required but not ampacity.

It is best to seek out the specifications of your tank at the store or manufacturer of the brand. The heater should be the base for determining the right size of the breaker. To ensure your safety, there are three aspects you must be aware of:

VoltageThe Voltage of your boiler plays an essential role in the health of your circuit. You can connect your average heater into either a two-volt outlet or even a 240 Volts one depending on the size of your tank as well as the wattage.

Wattage consider the required wattage of your heater when making your list. Knowing the wattage of your heater is a huge advantage if your heater usually draws an enormous amount of power due to its tank size and other functions. It can help you look for a suitable breaker to take care of the power.

Wire SizeLastly, it is crucial to determine which type of cable is compatible with your water heater’s breakers size. A non-compliant size or defective wires could cause more risk than benefit for the heater and breaker.

What Size Breaker Do I Need For A 40-Gallon Water Heater?

A 40-gallon tank for water heating must provide an average of 4500 Watt capacity and a 240 V emf. So the use of a breaker of 25-30A suffices for a breaker that can handle 40 gals. For your protection, we recommend buying the 30A breaker.

What Size Breaker Do I Need For A 50 Gallon Water Heater?

The norm for circuits for water heaters is #10, two conductors that have grounded (10/2) and a circuit breaker of 30 amps for water heaters. If you’re using cables anyway, simply run #10 and change the circuit breaker to make sure it’s working correctly, once and all. If you’re not installing commercial units, this is all you’ll ever require in a home environment.


Keep in mind that even though the electric heaters for hot water contain the two elements of heating (upper and lower), They are not working simultaneously. The upper thermostat is used to “ping-pong” to turn the heating elements to turn them off and on.

What Size Wire And Breaker Do I Need For A Hot Water Heater?

A standard hot water tank will require a wire size in the range of 12 gauge, AWG. The wire is designed to carry up to 20 amps in current.

The chart below will show the wire sizes of the most popular homes with water heaters. For tanks less than 38 US gallons. We suggest using the same size of wire of 12 gauge AWG. Be aware of the voltage of smaller tanks.

Certain of them could be 110 volts instead of two or more. If you connect them incorrectly, it could blow up the components. Make sure the tank is filled with water before turning it on. If you are unsure, be sure to speak with the local professional.

What wire do I use for an electric water heater?

The highest amperage will determine the length of wire for electrical service. we can use this wire of 12 gauge 20 amps or more, enough for most electric water heaters.

Be sure to have enough wire.

It could be tempting to choose smaller wires; however, this can cause more voltage and energy loss. A bigger wire size will also offer greater durability in heavy loads.

A brand new tank needs at minimum 10-gauge copper wiring, whereas an older tank needs eight gauges of copper or greater. You should consult your local building code or visit our blog post about wire requirements for residential wiring.

What wire do I use for a 220 water heater?

220-volt water heaters need an electrical wire that is 12 gauge in AWG. This wire is designed to handle a maximum of 16 amps.

It should be recorded on the nameplate information at the bottom of the tank.

It’s crucial to look at the voltage of your water heater before selecting wires that are too small or too big. If you choose a wire that isn’t compatible with the voltage of your heater could cause damages and could spark fire!

If you have other concerns regarding wiring your heater water, you can contact us!

What is the best size of wire I require for a four-500W water heater?

A water heater of 4500 watts requires a wire that is 10 gauge in AWG. This wire is capable of at least 30 amps.

Different tanks may not be identical in size or wattage.

How many wires does a heater require?

What wires do water heaters require? We are often asked this question, and the answer is that a 120-volt water heater requires two wires. 240-volt water heaters require 12/2 wire

Commercial water heaters that are three phases require 3 wires.

Each water heater comes with different wattages, gallon sizes, and lengths. In this regard, it is important to understand the following information before setting up your new tank:

The kind that is used to heat water (electric or natural gas)

The wattage or the gallons required to supply hot water

The length of the wire required to complete the installation

Can an electric hot water tank make use of either 110 or 220?

It is recommended to always check the label on one side of your tank. On it, you will find the voltage and wattage and the amp’s total. The wire size is of electric hot water. Do not connect a 110-volt tank to 240.

Final Verdict: Hot Water Tank Breaker Size

That’s all about the Hot Water Tank Breaker Size. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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