How Are Cheerios Made

In 1941, Cheerios became the first cereal marketed as “good for your heart.” Today, the little “o” shaped cereal is enjoyed by people of all ages and is one of General Mills’ most popular breakfast cereals.

Most people have probably eaten Cheerios at some point in their lives – but how are these little oat-based cereal rings made? In this article, we’ll look at the history of Cheerios and how they’re made, from start to finish.


What Are Cheerios?

Cheerios are a type of breakfast cereal made by General Mills. They are made from whole grain oats and have a variety of flavors, including original, apple cinnamon, honey nut, and multi-grain. Cheerios are a healthy option for breakfast or snacks and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
What are the health benefits of Cheerios?


Cheerios contain vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy diet and a healthy source of fiber. It is a good choice for people trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight as these have low calories and fat.
Some of the specific health benefits of Cheerios include:

  • Helping to lower cholesterol levels
  • Aiding in digestion
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Providing a good source of antioxidants
  • Boosting energy levels

How Are Cheerios Made Step by Step?

Cheerios are amongst the most popular breakfast cereals in the world, and they’ve been around for a long time – over 75 years!

We all know and love Cheerios, but have you ever wondered how they’re made? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how those little O’s are created:

  1. The process begins with whole grain oats milled into oat flour. The oat flour is then combined with water to form a dough cut into small pieces called “groats.”
    But, Once wheat arrives at the General Mills facility, it is cleaned and tempered before being milled into flour.
  2. The flour is blended with oat bran, sugar, salt, and other natural ingredients.
  3. Next, the mixture is sent through a machine that shapes it into small pellets.
  4. The pellets are toasted to create the signature Cheerios flavor before being coated in honey or sugar (for the Honey Nut and Cinnamon varieties).
  5. Finally, the Cheerios are packaged and sent out to be enjoyed by cereal lovers everywhere!
    Now you know how those delicious Cheerios are made!

The whole grain oats used to make Cheerios are a good source of fiber and other vital nutrients. And because they’re made without any artificial colors or flavors, Cheerios are a healthy choice for breakfast or snack time.

How Are the Holes in Cheerios Made?

The holes in Cheerios are made by the doughnut-shaped cutters that are used in the manufacturing process. The cutters work like cookie cutters but have a small hole in the center. This allows the cereal to cook evenly and creates the signature hole in each Cheerio.
The Cheerio was first introduced in 1941 and was initially made with oats. The current recipe for Cheerios uses whole wheat and corn flour.

Holes in cheerios

What Are Cheerios Made Of?

We all know and love Cheerios, but have you ever wondered what they’re made of? The answer may surprise you!

Cheerios are made from whole grain oats, first milled into oat flour. Then, the oats are mixed with water and cooked until they form a thick porridge. Next, the porridge is flattened and cut into small pieces called “O’s.”

After the “O’s” are formed, they are dried and toasted to give them their signature flavor and crunch. Finally, they are coated with a light layer of sugar to help keep them fresh.

So there you have it! The next time you enjoy a bowl of Cheerios, you’ll know exactly what went into making them!

Why Are Cheerios Shaped Liked an “O”?

If you’ve ever wondered why Cheerios are shaped like an “O”, wonder no more! The answer is pretty simple.

Cheerios were first created in 1941, and at that time, the technology for creating perfectly round cereal pieces didn’t exist. So, the Cheerios we know and love today was created by cutting the dough into little o’s.

Over time, the Cheerio has become synonymous with its unique shape. And while the manufacturing process has changed a bit since 1941 (we now use a drop of dough instead of cutting it), the form remains the same.

So next time you’re enjoying a bowl of Cheerios, take a moment to appreciate their one-of-a-kind shape!

Cheerios shaped like an “O”

Does Cheerios Use Real Honey?

If you’re a Cheerios fan, you might wonder if the honey used in the cereal is real. After all, honey is a natural sweetener that many people love.

The answer is yes! Cheerios uses natural honey in its cereal. The company even sources its honey from bees that live in North America.

So, if you’re searching for a breakfast cereal that uses natural honey, Cheerios is a great option.

Why Do Cheerios Stick Together in Milk?

If you’ve ever wondered why Cheerios stick together in milk, wonder no more! It all has to do with the cereal’s unique shape and composition.

Cheerios are made from whole grain oats that are steamed and rolled flat. This process creates a ridged surface on the cereal pieces, which helps them absorb milk better and gives them their characteristic shape.

The oats used in Cheerios are also treated with a unique process called “toasting,” which helps to release their natural flavor and sweetness. Toasting also makes the Cheerios crisper, so they maintain their shape and don’t get soggy when milk is added.

Cheerios in milk

So there you have it – the secret to why Cheerios stick together in milk is all in the cereal’s unique shape and composition. Now you can enjoy your favorite breakfast cereal knowing just how it gets its delicious flavor and texture!

Some Interesting Cheerio Facts

Did you know that Cheerios were first introduced in 1941? Or that they’re one of the most popular breakfast cereals in the United States? Here are some other fun facts about Cheerios:

  • Cheerios are made from whole grain oats.
  • They’re naturally low in fat and cholesterol-free.
  • There are five flavors of Cheerios: original, honey nut, multi-grain, apple cinnamon, and frosted.
  • Over 1 billion boxes of Cheerios are sold every year!

These were some fun facts about Cheerios. Now you can enjoy your breakfast cereal, even more, knowing a little bit more about how it’s made and what makes it unique.


It’s pretty amazing how something as simple as a grain of wheat can be transformed into the breakfast staple we all know and love: Cheerios. The process is fascinating, and it’s interesting to see how such a simple food can be made with such care. We hope you enjoyed learning about the process of making Cheerios and maybe even found it inspiring.

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