How Do I Know My SM Dp+ Address?

Your SM DP+ address is the unique number assigned to you by the wireless carrier that identifies you and your device on a cellular network. If you’ve ever had a mobile device (either a smartphone or a tablet) before, chances are you already have an SM DP+ address assigned to you.

What Is SM Dp+ Mean?

SM-DP stands for Subscription Management Root-Discovery Service and is used to connect consumer eSIM devices to a mobile network selected by the user.

This address is used to fetch the network operator’s eSIM profile created for your particular line and device.

You’ll let your device know what settings you’d like it to download when ordering a new SIM card. Devices will also download the SM-DP address over the air if they can’t locate it manually.

Where Can I Find the SM Dp+ Address and Activation Code?

There are two main ways of finding your SM-DP address.

Use a QR code to activate the activation voucher-When a user applies for an eSIM; you will get a small activation voucher containing the vital information you need to get your SIM configured. This usually includes a QR code that can be scanned on smartphones to create an account explicitly linked to your needs.

Contact your operator-If you didn’t get one through your account or are having trouble setting it up, SM-DP could help. Just contact your carrier to resolve this issue.

Activate an E-sim Line on iPhone

There were many discussions about which iOS devices would be able to adopt the dual SIM configuration this year, but only the nano-SIM can be used on iPhones that are running iOS 12.1+. This is because Apple adopted eSIM and will likely use it more in the future.

Adding/Removing New Requirements for Activating Secondary Lines

An iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max, which can be used with eSIM, requires a dual-SIM card. Sometimes it can be challenging to update your iPhone’s settings if you’re not experienced configuring them. However, you can always download the latest version of iOS on your computer, and then your iPhone will sync all its settings with the new software.

The iPhone XS is available with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular, so you’ll most likely be able to use it on other carriers if your current carrier doesn’t support iPhone XS.

Although a limited number of companies in the United States currently accept Apple’s iPhone eSIM, T-Mobile plans to follow suit shortly. Sprint also plans on enabling their eSIM, but it hasn’t yet been announced when they will deploy it. Different phone providers have a few different options for people living outside the country. Carrier GigSky and Truphone have eSIMs available, so you’ll never have to be without your data again.

To activate two SIMs on one device, the second SIM needs to use a compatible network–Sprint or Verizon Wireless. Apple confirms this but says your first activated line will need to be the same type of service that you want for it to work with another CDMA account. If you order from Apple or Verizon, check the carrier compatibility before closing the purchase.

Multiple Esim Plans Are Supported

if desperately trying to reach someone) Making or receiving calls says you can only use one of your two cellular plans. Because of this, if you have another incoming call from another plan, the other incoming call will go straight to voicemail.

If you are using an eSIM, keep in mind that only one of your phone’s plans at a time will work. If it needs to switch, here’s what you can do.

Activate Another Line on the Esim

Adding a new cellular service to your iPhone is easy! You must scan your carrier’s QR code, use the carrier’s software, or manually enter the information.

Are You Activating Esim on an Android Device?

Using a Qr Code Scanner-To start scanning a QR code, open the app and choose the “QR Code” tab in the top menu.

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Select Network & Internet
  • Tap the Add or + icon on the left side of the screen
  • When prompted, “Don’t have a SIM card?” press the next button

Scan your QR code and enter the confirmation code

  • Install eSIM/Access Data
  • eSIM under Mobile Network
  • Allow Access to Mobile Data

Remember to turn your roaming onto/off when traveling out of the country. Turning your plan off will help you avoid fees.

To adjust network settings on your computer, you can visit Network and Internet, then go to the Mobile network tab at the bottom of the page. You can set your device up with an APN (access point name) to make it easier for your cellular service provider to find.

How Do I Manually Add Esim Details?

If you’re having trouble detecting the Barcode or scanning the QR code, try manually inputting your eSIM data.

Please read this instruction to add and configure your eSIM manually.

  • You can select the “Manual” tab at the top of your screen.
  • If you haven’t already, please enter your SM-DP+Address & Activation Code.
  • Select Network & Internet.
  • Add Network.
  • If you do not have a SIM card, please select Next for the upgrade process to continue.
  • Enter your SM-DP+Address and click “continue” to enter the code manually.
  • You can enable your eSIM under the Phone section. You need to turn on mobile data if it does not have data.
  • You’re currently located outside of your primary carrier’s service area, and roaming charges would apply. Please turn off your device for use overseas to avoid data roaming charges.
  • Contact your carrier if you have issues connecting to your phone’s data connection and don’t know how to find your APN (access point name).

How Do I Know My SM Dp+ Address?

If you’re unsure what your SM DP+ address is, don’t worry – there’s an easy way to check. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on “About phone” or “About device,” depending on your device’s words.
  3. Scroll down to the “Status” section and look for the “Serial number” entry – this is your SM DP+ address.

If you need to manually add new details to your SM DP+ address, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on “About phone” or “About device,” depending on your device’s words.
  3. Tap on the “Status” entry in the About phone menu.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the status screen and tap on the “Serial number” entry – this will allow you to edit your SM DP+ address.
  5. Make any changes, and tap on the “Done” button when you’re finished.

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