How much does a Case 580 Backhoe Weigh?

A backhoe is excavating equipment. A backhoe is mounted on a tractor often has a single articulating arm. This type of backhoe can work on sloping ground and does not require leveling the machine before starting work.


Case 580 Backhoe

Case 580 is 3.9 m, 22 ft, 8 in long, and 2.28 m (7 ft) wide and stands 4.7 m (14 ft) tall. The wheelbase of Case 580 is 7 feet, and the ground clearance is 1.2 feet.

Backhoe Weight

It roughly weighs about 13,000 to 14,000. However, with 13,000 and extra equipment will leave you with some leeway. A 12-ton tag trailer with a tandem dump truck is not overrated for hauling a backhoe.

However, the pickups and stopping power are very important, as are trucks and trailers’ lives.

If 100% of the load plus the trailer is on the trailer axles, it is not loaded well. For example, you can haul 52,000 lbs of grain on a trailer with two 20,000 lb axles, and it’s perfectly loaded.

How much weight can a backhoe lift?

Backhoes can dig with a force of 15,200 pounds (67.6 kN) and reach up to 7.9 meters away. The loader in this model can lift loads to 8,760 pounds (3,970 kg) and can hold 1.75 cubic yards (1.3 cubic meters) of dirt in its standard bucket.

A regular backhoe weighs about 15,000 pounds which is about 5 times more than an average car weighs. The heavier the backhoe, the more weight it can handle.

The biggest backhoe-loader is at 19,000 lbs. and 108 hp, the 590 Super N in North America. The 580 Super N WT (a 20,000-pound wide-track scraper) is the newest and most competitive product in the 14-foot size class.

Weights of other backhoes

Owners manual for 580c list the weight at 11,555 for a standard hoe. In the Midwest, a 580c seems to run 7-9k for a running hoe.

Looking at models on each side of the 580K, a 580L series shows 13,200 to 15,750, then adds some options. A 580D series shows 10,500 to 12,000 then adds buckets. Depending on bucket options, those could add 3000 lb.(+/-). Weighing the machine has the advantage of guaranteeing an accurate weight reading since it is not subject to change over time.

Ritchie specs say the 2WD is 14,285 and max weight is 17,545-which I believe is their way of saying 4WD. Depending on bucket options, those could add 3000 lb.

TLB’s (Late 1970’s forward) is a lot heavier than they look or one would think. The Case 480E 2wd loader landscaper (loader and 6 way 6′ box blade with rippers on back) weighs 17,545 is loaded with all the “bells and whistles” cab with glass and A/C, all available factory-installed weights, largest available bucket options,4WD, etc.

The case of a 580 Super E weighs around 10660lbs.

580 Super M case weight with Series 2 Loader Backhoe operating is 14,250 to 18,031 lbs.

There are some extend-a-hoes that had to have front weights, bucket options change the weight, extra plumbing for other attachments.

Extendahoes have a longer reach but lose out on some lift capacity as the boom weighs at least 800lbs more. The newer ones have lift specs higher to take this problem out.


Below, I have listed the condition and market prices for some backhoes. You would get an idea as to what the costs usually are.

A Super E is sold for $11,500. It was a 2wd, no extendahoe, rops only with 5,000 hours. We compared our time and effort’s value to the cost of hiring someone else to do what we did. It turns out, E is a 1985 model with a 3.9 Cummins engine. It ran the tach about 1500-1700 when digging.

A sed backhoe of a Case 580 Super E extendahoe (1980 models) in good condition is sold for $12,500. It Has 6300 hours and has been used by a farmer for the last 11 years. Everything works well and only seems to have a few hydraulic leaks; some cylinders are leaking slightly.

A 590,000-mile 4-wheel drive truck with an extended cab and a fifth-wheel hitch can be bought for $13600.

A 580 super k 4 wd, extendahoe with all hoses good and no leaky cylinders with 5500hrs is sold for $15,000.

Another 580 super e, 4×4, is for $12,000. Its straight stick and reg loader bucket, the typical rusty, enclosed cab, and 4X4, unknown hours, have all maintenance done with recent oil and coolant changes. The tires are good and seem to run well. There is no excessive smoke or leaks, and it looks like all hydraulic tubing is recent, with no seal leaks. It was used for 10 years and stored inside in winter.

A 96 super L is to be sold for 21000. But it is rusty underneath and with unknown hours. It was tight when evaluated. It is worth only 15000 on the high side given the unknown history and rust issues.

Before buying a 580 used backhoe;

A 580 backhoe is worth finding to buy scrap and fix it. Those are good hoes that can make you money for years.

Check for the backhoe’s hydraulic system. A damaged system can result in these parts not fully working or operating at reduced efficiency.

A leak in the engine can lead to engine failure in a short amount of time.

Inspect the engine for loose belts out-of-date filters as well. The filter’s service status can be checked in the notes. The last service date is noted here.

Yes, the front axle has a drive shaft and differential. You should inspect your gutter for any signs of leakage. Once you spot one, call a contractor to come and do the repair work for you.

Keep in mind to check the backhoe’s loader bucket, bucket side panels, cutting edge, and teeth. Be sure to also check for re-welds, bends, or cracks in the loader arms.

Ask the dealer or the seller to demonstrate its abilities.

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