how much does a custom cat back exhaust cost

How Much Does a Custom Cat-back Exhaust Cost These Days

Custom exhausts are a great way to get your car sounding the way you want it. You can get them from a company specializing in custom exhaust, or you can do it yourself. The cost will depend on what kind of exhaust system you want and what materials you use.

Let’s find out the details below!


How much does a custom cat-back exhaust cost

If you want a high-quality custom exhaust, expect to pay a higher price. The materials are more expensive, and the installation process is more complex. For example, if you want a stainless steel system with an HKS muffler, then expect to pay around $500 for the whole thing.

I was going to my local exhaust shop to get an estimate. Then I got mine done for around 400-500. It will be cheaper if you go under the suspension than going over it like stock.

Yes, I was also wondering how many custom exhausts were costing everyone. If I ever get my HKS axel back from the urban soul scam, I plan on getting 2.5 from the header back.

At the other time, mine was a little over $500. That was 3″ with a 4″ Magnaflow muffler.

I don’t think it was noticeable with the 3″ system. Generally, the more freely exhaust flows, the faster spool up. ECS has them for $79 right now. Says ETA Nov 23.

How much does a custom exhaust cost?

If you have a tight budget and all you need is something simple like an axle-back or side exit exhaust, then prices will be lower. A side exit system with an HKS muffler will cost around.

I have 14816s as well. Great mufflers. It had the whole system made cat-back. It’s almost pointless (for performance) to do cat back. The downpipe and cat are the two most restrictive parts of our exhaust.

I got it from a classifieds listing on this website, and it was new and unused. I would’ve only saved $8 with ECS.

I recently got my exhaust tips from my local guy. He just charged me less than 100 for the pair, too. Many exhausts on eBay are only about 100 as well, but they’re just for show.

Please don’t buy an expensive brand name exhaust. Go to a shop and have them run a turbo-back system. These can come in the same shade of paint as ECS unless you buy it second-hand.

S4 owners have reported that a downpipe back exhaust system will set you back about 2,500 – 3,000 dollars. I recently covered mine in Rust-Oleum with a finish of Flat Black and liked the result.

It sounds like the Rustoleum would be a better option for your needs. It sounds like it may be easier for you to maintain, which is an essential factor, especially if you have valances covered in paint.

Is a cat-back exhaust worth it?

After reading many reviews, I decided against the cost of HP. The savings with Magnaflow mufflers was worth it. It sounds good at this time with the stock exhaust still on.

A cat-back by itself will not be a good thing. Minimal horsepower gains will occur. I will do the Perrin Uppipe/Downpipe combo, third cat eliminator, then decide what muffler I want to get.

One of the Perrin Downpipe benefits is that it eliminates both post-turbo cats. An off-the-shelf exhaust will help you find out how it’ll sound without needing any experience in customizing an exhaust to your needs exactly.

I think I typically go to a mechanic or an automotive store to get these parts. I’ve read that there are benefits to the ease of purchase and peace of mind. Shipping adds up quickly, so it can be worth it.

You could only expect to gain 5-10 hp from a complete exhaust system on these cars. It’s just as much about shedding weight and getting the most out of your engine.

Is custom exhaust cheaper?

If you’re worried about money, do it custom. It would be $7-800 rather than $12-1400. I wish I had gone 3″ instead of 2-1/2 piping.

If you have enough money or can save money, then do them all simultaneously so the installation can be done on everything at once. I didn’t do that because I have hard time-saving money -so much tearing down and re-installing.

Exactly what I did. My exhaust is fine, but I wanted it to sound more profound, so I got Magnaflow mufflers with 3″ tips, so they also look better.

Based on experience, stainless steel pipe is not as cheap as its reputation would make it seem because a good Magnaflow muffler will set you back around $100 or more. Mandrel bending machines are very expensive.

You can get a bent MIG welded, unfinished muffler for less. And labor rates do vary depending on where you’re located.

It’s not uncommon to see how expensive steel exhaust pipes are online, but thankfully they’re not too expensive when you shop around. A 4-foot section can cost anywhere between $55 – $100. Any muffler shop that welds pipe will have this service – for example, Midas Muffler can cut and weld your pipe for just under $200.

You can also tune a custom exhaust pipe to maximize engine performance in specific ranges. Broader or thinner pipe diameter can create more power at top speeds for high RPM.

Flow master muffler

No one carries Magnaflow mufflers around here for some odd reason. I may buy an Apexi Ws2 universal muffler.

From the header back, it cost me $235. But that’s with 2.25. There is a big difference in cost between 2.25″ and 3″ piping. My piping changed twice, so that raised the price. I think I paid over $550 after everything.

I need a header to the axel back. HKS axel back. I would be delighted to swing 2.5 from the header to the axel back section for $250 or less. Also, any stabs at what resonators usually cost to put in? I’ll let you know this weekend. I am thinking about replacing my cat with a resonator.

If I do the Catback first, It won’t be a problem if I do the up pipe and downpipe later. I am getting a reasonable price on the back anyway.

The cost of muffler and welding

Spending $1k on a muffler alone is pretty insane when you can get custom ones for a couple of hundred bucks, let alone off-the-shelf ones welded on for less. Not sure about these cars, but you’d be surprised how muffler placement, single vs. dual piping, x pipes, number, and type of resonators can make a difference.

TIG welding isn’t that bad, but it’s nice to watch somebody else in person first, as youtube videos are pretty hard to follow. Welding stainless is pretty easy, and you can go back and clean up your welds.

There’s something to knowing what you’re getting beforehand, buying it, installing it, and calling it a day. Spend that extra time on the patio grilling and having a beer.

$100 including bends? Good luck with that. I think you’re at least 3:1 on material costs. Hangers are not free. They’re not that significant, but all those small items like flanges, hangers, tips, etc., add up fast. It’s not ok to be ignorant.

I was quoted $350 (if I remember correctly) to do a custom quad-style exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler. The pros with custom are you can pick out your muffler/tips/size/etc. The cons are that the welds aren’t usually as lovely as an off-the-shelf back.

The higher-end brands fit great. If you cant install yourself, you are still paying an exhausting place a couple of hundred bucks.

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