how much does a metal flake paint job cost

How Much Does a Metal Flake Paint Job Cost for Car and Motorbike

A paint job with metal flakes is more expensive than a standard one. The price of a metallic paint job can vary, depending on the type of car and the number of needed coats.

You should contact your local auto body store to determine how much it costs for a paint job with flakes.

There are so many things to consider. What size tank and fenders. Are they raw steel or pre-prepped? Has the tank been pressure tested? Solid color? What size flake? How long is a stick?

Let’s check the details here!


How much does a metal flake paint job cost?

Custom shop prices range from $150 to $400.

When I painted my bike, both fenders split tank I bought 300 bucks worth of supplies, not including guns, etc. Good metal flak on a tank… 600 to 1000.

I painted my Sporty last summer with a heavy metal flake and some candy apples: just the tank and rear fender. I have at least $300 in supplies, and god knows how many hours of labor.

10-13K is a reasonable price for a mid-range paint job with decent, but not excellent, prep work. You could easily spend $2500 on supplies and materials alone, but a good paint job takes a long time. At $70/hour, that only gets you about 143 hours.

My brother is fixing a car, he’s set it all, and it’s great. However, when it came to painting it, my brother said he had the car painted, and he needed 250 Pound for the paint. Not the labor, just the color.

Won’t come out looking like crap & won’t be $300. The paint alone will run you more than that for good color. I use DuPont Hot H.

You can get as cheap as £50 for 5L. But then spies hecker is about £200 a liter. Plus, then you got the cost of the basecoat thinner and thinner for Lacquer.

Does color affect the cost?

I typically much prefer non-metallic paint. It seems crazy there isn’t at least a choice of non-metallic blue, green, and orange to join black, red, yellow, and white. More colors to choose from are the same with more expensive to pay.

And the majority of buyers take black, silver, or white anyway. I suppose it is because metallic paints project more “depth” to the paint job.

I enjoy “seeing” certain colors in non-metallic metals, and the three colors included in this kit are appropriate. I want to see more color choices in green, both metallic and non-metallic. 

Most buyers don’t choose colors outside of white, silver, black, and Porsche will go with what sells. I remember when metallic was special, but now it’s rather common.

Metallic vs. non-metallic

Metallic white is a pain in the butt to color match, so easy to touch up or repaint non-metallic colors. I’d love to see more choices of flat colors.

If you have the money for it along with the time, go ahead and pick whichever color you like best. Sapphire Blue, Carmine Red, Carrera White, and Volcano Grey are good choices.

I’ve seen 4 or 5 PTS Macan S models. Some were in Signal Green, 1 was in Mexico Blue, and one was in Lava Orange. As much as I like the different colors of the PTS lineup, I wouldn’t spend $6K on a paint color for any car. I prefer to spend more on other parts of my build, like the electric system.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the latest PTS pricing for the GT3, but it’s at least $13K and has half the coverage area.

From my perspective, if you’re looking to keep this car for a while and the $6K depreciation over that time is enough for you, then it’s worth it. One of the main downsides is just how much time it’ll take, though, more so now than ever.

I wouldn’t do it on any car – I’d only do it on a car that I loved, preferably one with a color I liked. But I can say many times that my decision to get rid of my car was because it had an unattractive color.

Does metallic paint more expensive?

Aside from the superficial differences, are there any other factors that make metal paints better than acrylics?

No, there isn’t any different. Both use the same paint – a tint, balancer/binder, and reducer. The metallic part is just a tint sprayed on to look shiny and reflective.

Metallic could cost that much, depending on what paints are used, but obviously can be done with cheaper colors.

You can buy Lacquer in smaller tins etc., is the painting itself or taking it to a garage? If you’re doing an insurance job, you want the most expensive paint and new materials.

Silver was quite surprisingly a very rare color to spot on the MB 300SL. It would be hard to find a paint that matched in the old days, and getting it repainted could be expensive. Today, half of the MB 300SL on the road are silver!

Manufacturing can be costly, especially when it comes to bigger projects. The cost is mainly in the materials and equipment used. Most producers lose a little money on each standard vehicle they sell. Around 1-2% do not offer any options for customization at all.

It all varies on what makes you get as to price. The last time I bought some spies hecker solvent basecoat, it was about 40odd a liter. Waterbased was.

How much does it cost to flake a roof?

I’m toying with a few paint scheme ideas for my 60 Impala.

One option is to dye or paint the factory color but take an angle grinder to the roof. $600-800, depending on your area. It will get you a leaky roof.

I did it myself on a 55 Cad, white with white flake. Cost me about $15 for the fragment $130 for a good gun.

I have talked to guys at shows and said ide do flames/roofs etc., for x$$$ to have their say, “I want it done right by a pro,” and pay my boss 3 to 4 times as much for ME to do it anyway. My son did his 64 Caddy this spring.

He priced doing a top like his to a guy last weekend. For prep, materials, labor, sanded, buffed, you are finished out the door, at 2G. You get what you pay.

Make sure a reputable shop feels the bodywork underneath is good enough to ‘shoot.

If the ride were prepped and ready to go -it would be $1000-1500 as it takes two coats of clear (extra drying time). I would charge between $1500-2000.

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