how much does it cost to change car interior color

Change Car Interior Color: How Much The Cost and Will It Change The Value

Choosing the right colors can be difficult, which is why it’s crucial to get a professional touch. If you want to paint your car’s interior, there are plenty of specialist garage companies across the country who specialize in this field. It is because changing the color of the upholstery or carpeting can be difficult. You will need to remove all the upholstery and carpeting from your car and vacuum it thoroughly before painting it with the desired color.

This process can be costly and time-consuming, but if you are interested in doing this yourself, we recommend going for spray paint cans and masking tape.

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Change car interior color

My car is a SS and is currently at a body shop getting a 2-tone paint job I always wanted. I did ask for a quality 100% paint job of the entire car, and yes, it’s higher than 6K or more.

It’s all up to you but make sure you get something you want. If you get a car color you don’t wish to, you will not enjoy it.

Depending on your patience level, you can always do like I did and order one from the factory. I got it exactly what I wanted but at a higher cost.

Well, so far, three effective hours to strip out the interior, 2 hours to clean what’s going to be dyed. And the rest 6 hours for the carpets and 3 for the interior back in place.

Dynamix recommends airbrushing it on with 20% dilution. Painting always looks like you painted it if you decide to use the foam applicator. Thin down the dye with water.

Airbrushing is the way to go, at least with the seats. When the color first came on, it looked weird, but it looked a lot better as soon as the drying started.

How much does it cost to color the interior car?

It’s around $5000 – $7000 generally. But it may differ depending on color and other materials that you’ll use to paint.

The Lemans Sunset is quite the eye-catcher. If you want to repaint it, get some miles on your car. The paint alone cost me 2000 with materials. The engine bay left the stock color.

I know a guy who will put a great-looking paint job on a car for about $4k, but to do a color change and do it right is hell.

In So Cal, the cost starts at $6000 for a good paint job. Expect to pay $4000-$12,000 depending on paint and work.

You could put the down payment on a new car in a color you like. With the amount of money this would cost you. You could put the down payment on a new car in the color you want. It is a statement of individuality and a personal message.

I did the entire car. The car was originally blue, and I decided to have it repainted orange after the dumb cats ruined my paint. ST Motorsports sent me to a shop off Grant and Gladstone in Springfield, Mo, and they did a great job.

It’s pretty pointless to paint it another factory color IMO I’d be patient and get what you want. Luckily I wanted Daytona Blue and found the perfect one.

Can you change the interior color of a car?

It’s your car! I say so do what you want to make it what you want. You bought the car for you and not the next owner.

My only complaint about my 98 Ford F150 is that the interior is beige. I’ve been thinking of changing my 71 Cutlass from a dark color to black.

I’m halfway done with painting my car. I’ve painted the passenger door and all the plastic trim pieces. Then I’ll be putting them back in.

I am satisfied with this purchase. I didn’t sand it at all – I just wiped it down well with some soap and then dried it well. Then I taped everything off and went to town.

There are a few spots where the paint is not as glossy as the rest. I think I’ll go back and do a quick touch-up, so it’s more reflective.

So far, I’ve used two different types of paint for walls that I’ve used on my house. The first can I bought was ten bucks, but I think it will last forever.

The only parts I had trouble getting to were under the ashtray and on my dashboard. I would have had to spray myself directly to get to them, which is pretty hard.

A car interior might not be the best place for paint. It sounds like a good idea, but you should consider it before investing in a challenging project. 

The color scheme will change completely, so it’s better to go to the junkyard and find an older truck with black seating options.

There are certain body shops and those ding clinics that can dye the interior. They stain the plastic, and it holds up well. A place here quoted me $350 to do all my panels except the dash.

Will interior change impact the value of a car?

Realistically if it’s a reversible change, it shouldn’t affect value. I am just saying.

I changed mine to black because the old light linen looked old and worn. I’ll never sell this car, so who cares about resale value.

The combination of white outside black inside is brilliant. I have zero qualms with a color change but have rarely seen seats reupholstered that looked right.

I’m also changing from cashmere to black on my C2 coupe. Most of the cost is in labor, so I’m not doing it myself. I am planning to preserve all the interiors in boxes in my attic.

My project is done after buying used parts, GAHH leather seat covers, and vinyl parcel shelf cover. It is a midnight blue exterior, maybe a little less dull?

I have a black cab with a linen interior which I am changing to black. Linen is just a pain to keep clean, and it gets out of sync.

How expensive is it to replace interior trim?

As I mentioned, the BMW 340i comes standard with pretty much everything I want. The only thing is that it has this awful high gloss fake brown wood interior trim. However, I found out that you can make it pretty quickly with parts from the original manufacturer for a cost of £750 in the UK.

It’s essential to look at the bigger picture: $3,000 for 2 square feet of carbon fiber is a pretty good price. Although I can’t say much about individual pieces, I can’t deny that this product offers good value for what you pay. Compared to other similar products this site offers, it also has desirable features.

No, the price is reasonable. Maybe too good as the description suggests it is 3 M’d on to your existing trim. Some people might be happy with it, but I would not be personally.

I had a custom G20, and the dealer didn’t use the wood trim I had wanted. I got them to swap it out for what I ordered, but that was quite costly. To get it done right, I’d say you’re looking at ~$6.

Because a custom paint job is personal, the car will lose value. Heavy cosmetic mods are not an investment.

I haven’t decided on what I plan for my 1er, but if it gets to the point of custom paint, it won’t ever be sold, though I might give it to someone I trust. and the reason I want to custom paint is that BMW won’t let me order a custom color.

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