How Much is Rear Quarter Panel Rust Repair Cost?

Are you wondering about the cost to repair your rust rear quarter panels? This guide shows you all you need to know to figure out the average cost of a rust repair. The rear quarter panel rust repair cost may vary depending on several factors. Some of those factors include the year, make, and model of your vehicle.


What is a quarter panel?

The quarter panel is the lowest part of the car. It attaches to the body like a hood. If it is rusty or damaged, it can cost you big bucks to repair it. The cost for a rust repair varies according to different aspects. Those aspects include the year and model of your car and the type of rust present on your quarter panel. It is essential to understand the basic components of the rear quarter panel to calculate the total cost.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the things you need to know about the rear quarter panel rust repair cost. Those things include:

How much does it cost to paint a car fender?

The average cost of painting a car fender ranges between $300-$900 depending on the paint used and other factors. You need to know these details because they will help you figure out how much the rust repair cost. Also, you need to factor in materials and labor when calculating the cost of the rust repair. The parts and materials you need include primer, paint, brushes, and rollers to paint the car fender. Labor includes painting time materials and shop fees.

Rear Quarter Panel Rust Repair Cost

What are the materials used in a quarter panel rust repair?

Positively there is no set standard. You may even find that some rust repairs require some additional parts or components like sealants.

How much does it cost to paint match fenders?

Painting match fenders cost between $300 to $400 and take about 3 hours. That is because paint matching fenders have multiple layers of paint on the body. The parts used for this job include primer, paint, brushes, and rollers.

How do you remove the old paint and prepare for the new paint?

The first step in preparing the old paint for the new paint is cleaning it. That involves scraping and sanding to ensure no remnants of old paint. The next step involves stripping.
Stripling is removing the old paint with chemicals or using a power washer.

How much does it cost to replace a fender and paint it?

Replacing a fender and paint costs between $100 to $1000, while painting the same will cost you $200 to $600. The cost may vary from one location to another depending on how difficult the job is. For example, a flat spot would cost more than a curved spot. In addition to the materials needed, some labor and shop fees may also be required.

How much does it cost to paint a bumper and fender?

Painting a bumper requires about 3 hours and costs between $150-250, depending on the type of paint used. In most places, painting a number and a fender are charged $47 to $215 per hour.

Some of the material you need to do this job include

Bumper Paint

That is usually applied as an exterior primer coat followed by a topcoat. You may need to mix your paint or use a paint store that will mix it for you.

Bumper Filler

After being painted, you will need this to fill any gaps in your bumper. You will need a bumper premier if you don’t want a top coat to get on the bumper since most paints do not stick well to primer alone.

Step by step guide to repairing a rusty rear quarter panel

Step 1. Clean and cut the affected area

This step is necessary to ensure the rust doesn’t spread in your car. Before cutting the rusty part, make sure to wash your car with soap and water and then rinse it with some more water. After that, it is time to remove the rust from your quarter panel. To do this, use a metal scraper and start at the corner of the panel. Scrape away the rust until you see a shiny new spot. Then, use a knife or wire brush and carefully cut the damaged section of your quarter panel.

Step 2. Use paper or sheet to draw a repair template of the affected area

Once you have removed the rust from your rusty quarter panel, it is time to draw the repair outline on paper. You can use anything to trace the repair lines, including chalk, tape, or even your car keys. The easiest way to draw a template is to use the paper that you have used to remove the rust. You will have a better idea if the lines are accurate. Make sure that the paper does not get wet when tracing the lines since that will affect the accuracy of your repair. It is also essential to have a smooth surface to draw the lines since this will affect the quality of the repair.

Step 3. Measure the parts needed for the quarter panel repair

After drawing the lines on the paper, you will need to cut the parts to repair your quarter panel. Remember, do not cut too close to the lines since it could affect the quality of the repair. Also, do not cut more than half an inch from the original area.

Rear Quarter Panel Rust Repair Cost

Step 4. Cut the repair sheet accurately

Now that you have measured and drawn the lines, it is time to cut them. Use a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut out all the lines marked on the template.

Step 5. Repair the affected area

Before you start repairing your quarter panel, you should first ensure that the part you are replacing has the same thickness as the area you are repairing. After that, insert the prepared template in its correct position and smoothen the area. If your quarter panel is already painted, you should remove the existing paint first using your scraper. Then, mix your filler to match the color of the panel.

Rear Quarter Panel Rust Repair Cost

Step 6. Blend and smooth the repair area

Once you have cut away the damaged part, use your paper template to clean up the edges of the repaired area. Then, take a small amount of your filler and blend the patch.


Rust is one of the most common problems for automobile body repair. Many people throw away their rusty panels since they think it would be impossible to repair them. Since you now know the rear quarter panel rust repair cost, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for a repair. With a little bit of time and effort, you will be able to get a brand new quarter panel with no rust.

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