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How Much to Paint a Front Fender?

A fender is made up of metal, and it frames the wheels of your car. It extends between the front bumper and front door housing the vehicle’s front wheels and vice-versa for back wheels. The importance of a fender is to keep rocks, road debris, and mud from being thrown everywhere by the tires.

The fender keeps the road debris contained. That is why vehicles with oversized tires are required to have fender flares. Additionally, fenders absorb impact during minor collisions. By doing this, they act as an extended part of the bumper.


How much does it cost to paint the front fender?

The price of painting the front fender varies from one mechanic shop to another. The average price of painting a front fender is $300 to $ 350. The following prices are estimates and give an insight into what you should expect to pay for painting a front fender. You will need to go to a mechanic shop to determine the exact pricing.

Certain factors influence the pricing of painting the fender they include;

    • Condition of the fender
    • The cost of paints
    • The method of painting

a.) condition of the fender

The condition of the fender will determine the cost of painting. A new fender will be much cheaper to paint than an old one. An old fender has a lot of work, such as removing rust before painting it, which will take some time. It will also mean that you will have to pay more because of the additional labor.

b.) The cost of paints

Some paints are cheaper than others, and the one you like will determine how much you will pay. If the paint is expensive, then the overall cost of painting will be high, and if it is cheap, the overall cost will be less.

c.) The method of painting

If a piece of spraying equipment is being used to paint your front fender, you will need more paint. Because during spraying, some of the paint will inevitably go to the surrounding. Moreover, the advantage of this method is that it will give your front fender the desired look. However, you will have to go deeper into your pockets for extra paint.

How to replace a front fender

Maybe you have a fender-bender that has brought the need to replace your car’s front fender. The fenders installed on modern cars are more integrated with the rest of the body, but it is still possible to replace them. Below is the process of replacing your car front fender:

    • Remove all the retainers that attach to the front fender to the bumper. These can be the clips, screws, or anything similar.
    • Lower the car’s bumper a few inches to get it out of the way
    • Then, remove anything mounted near the fender, including the lights.
    • If you are replacing your front fender, remove all the bolts under the hood holding the fender in place.
    • Remove your fender.
    • You will now install your new fender if you do the reverse process.

How to fix a Dented Fender

If your fender is only dented, there is no need to replace the entire fender since fixing the dented part is economical. Below are the methods to improve your dented fender:

    • Suction

If it is just a reasonably small dent, a little bit of suction will work out. You can use such online for a simple automotive dent puller to quickly remove more minor marks from your fender.

    • Hot Water

If your vehicle uses a plastic fender, hot water is another ideal solution. Just boil some water and then pour it over the dented area to soften your fender. Push out the dent from behind. Although this method will not make your fender look like before, the pattern will still be repaired.

Difference Between a Fender and a Bumper

If you are not well-equipped with knowledge about automotive terminologies, you might be stuck about the difference between a bumper and a fender. This information will clear up any confusion:

A bumper is situated on the front and rear of your vehicle. Its purpose is to absorb any impact resulting from minor collisions. In the ancient times of automotive, bumpers were specifically distinct components that were noticeably separate from the other parts of the vehicle. However, with advanced technology, bumpers are more integrated with the main body of your car. The purpose of the modern bumpers is still the same as the ancient ones, but nowadays, they are less visually noticeable.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, fenders are just housing for the wheels to prevent road debris from being thrown up by the rotating wheels. Fenders also absorb the impacts resulting from minor collisions. Therefore, we can say that fenders also act as extensions of bumpers when absorbing energy from a crash.


1. How long does it take to paint a front fender?

When painting your front fender, the mechanic should prepare such as stripping off the car, sand, and preparing the area for paint in one day. Two days for the color to be applied and then a day to allow the paint to dry. Another one day for this paint to be installed. Precisely, this process can take you about three days.

2. How much does it cost to paint a bumper and a fender?

If you hire a professional, the labor cost will range from $46 to $216 per hour on average. The process of painting your bumper can take between 9 to 30 hours. You will also need additional money to purchase materials and the colors you want.

3. How much does it cost to replace a fender?

The average passenger car fender will cost you anywhere between $100 to $100, with painting and installation costs ranging between$200 to$600.


With the above information, you are better positioned to know how much you will be charged to paint your front fender. The article has also given you a guideline on painting your vehicle yourself if you feel the cost is not pocket-friendly.

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