how much to sharpen chainsaw chain

How Much to Sharpen Chainsaw Chain And When to Do

One common problem that you might face while using a chainsaw is the chains are getting dull. A dull chainsaw chain needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Using a dull chainsaw could hinder your work progress and mess the cutting result.

With that being said, we’ll talk about sharpening chainsaw chain. From the choice to sharpen or replace, when to do, and how much to sharpen chainsaw chain. Let’s check it out!


Sharpen or Replace The Chainsaw Chain?

When your chainsaw gets dull, you might be asking this: should I sharpen or replace my chainsaw chain? Both options have their own pros and cons, which you can choose depending on your needs and situation. Here are the details

Sharpen the chainsaw chain

Money-wise, sharpening the chainsaw chain has the upper hand than replacing them. Replacing a brand new chain will cost you more money than sharpening a dull chainsaw. Then, you might be asking: how much to sharpen chainsaw chains?

It varies in each shop, but generally you’ll be charged around $5 to $16. When you visit the service shop to sharpen the chain, you might as well get a full service for your chainsaw. You may already know when you use a chainsaw often, it is bound to get damaged here and there.

The professional in the service shop can take a closer look at your chainsaw, scanning other problems that you might be facing. This way, your chainsaw can be maintained well as you’re taking care of it properly.

Replace the chainsaw chain

Like sharpening the chainsaw chain, the price of replacing them also varies. It depends on the type and brand of the chain that you use. You might need to prepare around $25 to $ 165 to replace your chainsaw chain.

Well, that’s quite a lot, right? But the thing is, you might not need to replace your chainsaw chain at all. If it still can be sharpened, you can just choose to do so. Then when it’s the time to replace and you can’t sharpen them anymore, you can buy a brand new chainsaw chain. A chainsaw chain can last for more than 5 years, so you have plenty of time.

Is It Worth Sharpening Chainsaw Chain?

Long story short: yes. It’s worth sharpening the chainsaw chain.

You need to keep your chainsaw sharp in order to cut things well. Especially if things you’re cutting are charcoal, timber, sand, nails, and rocks. Using a dull chainsaw will overheat the chain and bar because of the increased friction. When it happens, the chains will stretch prematurely and it’ll damage them eventually.

This seems more serious than you think, right? Cutting things with a dull chainsaw not only makes the cut results untidy, but can also damage the chainsaw itself. It might be a danger for you too if there’s a sudden malfunction in your chainsaw. 

So, it’s better safe than sorry. Sharpening your chainsaw chain gives you more pros rather than the cons. The only cons you might be facing is just that it needs more work that may bother you. You need to bring it to the service shop, sharpen the chains periodically, and take care of them well.

But that’s actually what you need to do when you have tools such as chainsaws. They need to be maintained properly or they’ll get damaged in a flash. Especially if you use them often, or even if it’s becoming a part of your daily work. You want to use them in the best condition possible, right?

When to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain?

After reading the explanation above, now you might be asking: Then how often do I need to sharpen my chainsaw chain? How long should a chainsaw chain last before sharpening?

The answer for those questions is it depends on the usage of your chainsaw. How often do you use your chainsaw? What are you cutting with your chainsaw? Get those questions back to you to get your answer.

The more often you use your chainsaw, the more sharpening you might need. The formula is simple, the chain will get dull along with the frequency of usage. When you notice that your chainsaw is not as sharp as before, it may be time to sharpen it.

Aside from that, things you’re cutting with also become a factor. Just what we’re mentioned above, charcoal, timber, sand, nails, and rocks might get your chainsaw dull faster. Those materials are harder than wood so your chainsaw generates more effort to cut them.

But that doesn’t mean if you’re just cutting wood, your chainsaw won’t ever be dull. Your chainsaw chain will eventually get dull, even if you’re cutting wood. You just need to keep an eye on your chainsaw so you can notice when it gets dull. That way, you can get it sharpened and maintained as well as possible.

Sharpening by Yourself or Going to Professional?

This may be your last dilemma when talking about sharpening the chainsaw chain. As you know how much to sharpen chainsaw chains, you might think to sharpen it by yourself. It doesn’t cost you a fortune to bring them to shop, but still take your money. Especially if you need to sharpen the chains more often than you think.

For the first time, it’s better for you to get the chains sharpened in the service shop. You don’t know how to do it yet, but the professionals do know. And along with your visit to the shop, you can ask and learn how to do it. They might be more friendly than you think, as they’ll gladly teach you a few things about the chainsaw.

When you’re already mastered how to sharpen it, you can do it by yourself. Buy the tools you need, such as a grinder and other equipment. If you have the tools, you can sharpen your chainsaw whenever you need. You can also give your personal touch as a form of taking care of your chainsaw.

This is an ideal option for you who use chainsaws often, or even daily. You can’t depend on professionals in the service shop every time your chainsaw needs to be sharpened. You might need to spend money to buy the tools, but you can think of them as assets.

Well then, good luck!

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