How To Find A Quiet Apartment in the Neighborhood?

You should keep in mind many things when you’re searching for the apartment of your dreams. One of those things is making sure that your place is quiet and free from outside noise. Keep reading the guide on how to find a quiet apartment.

The question of how to find a quiet apartment pops up when a person no longer tolerates a noisy environment in their residence. A quiet apartment or condo is one of the best places to live because people can sleep and rest peacefully without their noisy neighbor disturbing their sleep in a noisy environment. When people seek peace, a quiet apartment is a necessity.

Human is diurnal person, which means they tend to active at day and sleeps at night. They need to sleep at night so that they can do their usual activity in the daytime. The noisy place could disturb their sleep schedule and could harm their health due to lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep problems could lead to stress and be very bad for physical health and mental health. People should seek and deserve a quiet and comfortable place to live. Less sleep means more stress, which would decrease productivity, which can take a toll on the workplace.

The reason is why people need a quiet and peaceful place to rest and make it their “true home” after work or business.

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The following section will thoroughly explain the source of problems in the noisy apartment and why everyone is willing to find a quiet apartment. Some of the issues’ origins might surprise or enlighten the reader since it uses physics aspects like sound and material.


Source of Problems

how to find a quiet apartment
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The primary source of why people seek the answer to “how to find a quiet apartment” is mainly in their neighborhood. Their neighbor could be singing, bashing, talking over the phone, stomping, footsteps, etc. Not to mention if they have pets and are being as noisy as their owner.

Most people complain to their landlord because their neighbor keeps being noisy in the daytime or night and even accuse them of lying when they claim their apartment is quiet. Because of that, they give up and terminate their lease in that apartment.

Besides neighbors, there are many more problems to find a quiet apartment such as external noise like a construction worker, road work, train tracks, nearby airport, hospital, fire stations, bars, pubs, etc. These external factors like nearby airports, hospitals, and fire stations usually can be avoided by some research on google maps.

In the internal aspects, apartment parts such as the ceiling, floors, walls, windows, external doors, and flooring play a vital role. For example, a concrete floor has a soundproof quality better than wood. But the problem is more expensive than hardwood which costs a lot for the landlord. Therefore, it is pretty rare to find a concrete floor apartment. Concrete walls also have a more soundproof property than drywall. A double-paned window does have soundproof quality than a single-paned one.

Finally, the last problem, which is also part of the internal aspects, is the management of the apartment. A good apartment should have a noise policy like a factory to their factory worker. The landlord should implement quiet hours policy in the apartment so that the inhabitant can live peacefully.

What Are the Characteristics/Traits of Quiet Apartment?

how to find a quiet apartment
(soundproofing a wall, source:

We need to know the characteristics or traits of a quiet apartment. According to many sources, here are qualities of a modest apartment.

  • Made of soundproof material

Material such as concrete and thick walls have better soundproof quality than hardwood. It would reduce noise dramatically, and the tenant can sleep in peace. Also, people can make the wall soundproof by filling it with fiberglass insulation.

  • Far from public places or highway

Public places such as clubs, stations, airports, swimming pools, and even highways are noise sources. A quiet apartment is far from a public place. People can consider an apartment near the office since their busy hours are in the daytime.

  • Good apartment’s management/rules regarding noises

People should consider an apartment with a noise policy and restricted hours guarded by security so that the tenant can sleep quietly. The noisy policy is not exclusive to the factory. An apartment should have one too!

Also, people must consider people can’t control a pet-free apartment since animal noise such as barking dogs!

Strategy Of How To Find A Quiet Apartment

We have identified the problem and characteristics of a quiet apartment. Let’s move to the strategy of how to find a modest apartment. Here it is!

  • Researching through google

Google is a solid tool for research. This approach includes seeking the answer of how to find a quiet apartment. People can analyze the surrounding of the condo for possible unavoidable noises.

Besides its location, people could search forums or review to score whether this apartment is a worthy place to live or not. The tricky part is the landlord can manipulate the review in google with a lot of fake reviews.

  • Direct visiting

If people are not satisfied with online research, they can do offline research by coming directly to the apartment. They can check whether the research on google is outdated, especially if people do it with google earth.

People can check the internal parts of the apartment, such as windows, doors, floors, and ceiling. Concrete has bulletproof quality more than wood. They can also check the noise policy of the apartment, such as restricted/quiet hours.

Well, one point of view is not good enough. A second opinion is helpful when it comes to researching. People can conduct an interview with inhabitant that live nearby or inside the apartment. The longer they live there, the better. If not by the inhabitant around or inside the apartment, people could directly interview the apartment’s landlord.

This part might be tricky. There is no way a landlord would badmouth his apartment. The only way to dig information is to ask the apartment’s weaknesses indirectly and note all of his answers. After the interview ends, people can compare whether the landlord is lying or not.

Pros and Cons of the Google Research Method

Here are the strengths or benefits of the research method of online-based.

  • Cheap

The strategy/method is cheap because you only pay for a quota to access the internet. Google doesn’t eat up mobile data as much as youtube.

  • You can do it anywhere except in remote places.

Nowadays, most places have signals so that everyone can access data connection to surf the internet—road, pedestrian, house, bars, hospital, etc. Anyone could do some research anywhere.

  • Many choices online

Not only google but also, you could do the research online with an application such as Zillow or

Well, if there are benefits, people should also count the risk or weaknesses. Here are the disadvantages:

  • Fabrication

Information on the Internet is hardly verified. People should check and recheck to prevent false information.

  • Outdated

Well, information in google such as google maps and google earth might be outdated, and people must conduct a field survey to make sure it is obsolete.

Pros and Cons by Direct Visiting

Here are the strengths or benefits of the research method by direct visiting.

  • More reliable than online

“People believes what they see than what they heard” might be an absolute truth statement. When people visit the apartment, they can check whether the information on the internet is true or false.

  • Healthier

If the apartment is near, people will walk or jog, which is a healthy habit. “Killing two birds with one stone,” making healthy habits and recheck facts.

  • Might find something new or exciting than online.

Some of the information in google might be outdated. If there are new options, it could lead to another opportunity!

  • Strengthen your argument/conclusion

The second opinion can strengthen and make sure whether the online or field surveying’s results are good enough or not.

  • Confirming bias

People can confirm and eliminate bias in their research by interviewing the tenants. The longer they live in the surroundings or inside the apartment. The better the quality of the data. People can interview the landlord too.

After benefits, here are the cons of field surveying.

  • Consumes energy and time more than online

Well, not everyone is doing sports and wants a relaxing method. The apartment’s agent can do the job.

  • Might be expensive

People must consider transportation costs to do field surveying if the apartment is far away from their current home/apartment.

  • Prone to manipulation

If people interview the landlord, they could be lying or doing some Hypnos-selling technique. There is no way a landlord would badmouth his apartment.

  • Not every tenant wants to be interrupted.

Well, not everyone wants to be interviewed and prefers to stay quiet.

Summary of The Strategy On How to Find a Quiet Apartment

After long enough, let’s conclude all the explanations!

  • Finding a quiet apartment is challenging, but it is not impossible.

How to find a quiet apartment is a real struggle if you are new in the area. But with the research method that explained, find a quiet apartment is just a breeze.

  • Every method has its pro and cons.

Research online or offline has its pro and cons. People need to find a suitable method for them. Don’t force offline analysis if it is not necessary!

  • Compare the result of research to make a decision.

If people happen can do online and offline research, they need to compare the result of the study to get the best answer to make decisions better.

If people can’t do field surveying, asking an apartment’s agent would be the best choice.


how to find a quiet apartment
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A quiet apartment is one of the most comfortable places to live. Good luck, and don’t give up on finding them!

How to find a quiet apartment is the best question to fulfill people’s dream home!

Next, you may need to check your apartments for ants and get rid of them for good!

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