How To Level Blackstone Griddle

How To Level Blackstone Griddle

If you’re like most people, your Blackstone Griddle is one of your favorite kitchen tools. It’s perfect for making delicious grilled foods and pancakes! But if it’s not level, your food might not cook evenly. Here’s how to Level Blackstone Griddle, so your food cooks perfectly every time.


How To Level Blackstone Griddle

Anyone who has cooked on a Blackstone griddle knows that they can be a bit unruly when it comes to temperature. Hot spots can form, making it difficult to get an even cook. One way to help level out the heat is to add a few layers of cardboard to the bottom of the skillet.

This will help insulate the griddle and distribute the heat more evenly. Just be sure to use thin sheets of cardboard, so they don’t absorb too much heat and become a fire hazard. With a little effort, you can have a perfectly level griddle that will make your cooking life much easier.

One way to level a Blackstone griddle is to use thin cardboard sheets. Place the griddle on a level surface and add one layer of cardboard at a time to the bottom of the griddle until the surface is more level. You may need to experiment with different thicknesses of cardboard to find the right amount to level the griddle.

Once you have the right thickness, trim the edges of the cardboard so that they are even with the edge of the grill. If necessary, you can also use a few pieces of tape to secure the cardboard. Now your grill should be level and ready for use.

Should The Blackstone Griddle Be Level?

When you first unbox your Blackstone Griddle, it’s important to take a few minutes to level it out. This can be easily done by using a simple kitchen spatula. You’ll want to place the spatula in the middle of the grill and then rotate it around until you find the highest spot.

Once you’ve found that spot, gently press down on the spatula until the grill is level. You were doing this before cooking is important, as an uneven surface can lead to accidents. You can also use a level if you’re uncomfortable with using a kitchen spatula. Place the level on the grill and adjust it until the bubble is in the center. This will ensure that your Blackstone Griddle is level and ready for safe cooking.

How Do I Level My Blackstone Grill?

It would help if you gathered a few sheets of thin cardboard to level your Blackstone Grill. Once you have the cardboard, you will need to add them one layer at a time to the bottom of the grill until the surface is more level.

Depending on how uneven the surface of your grill is, you may need to add more or less cardboard. Once you added the adequate amount of cardboard, you can begin cooking on your grill. The whole process is simple and it only takes a few minutes to complete. By following these steps, you can ensure that your food will cook evenly and taste great.

How Do You Fix A Warped Griddle Top?

If you’ve ever used a warped griddle top, you know how frustrating it can be to cook on an uneven surface. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to fix a warped griddle top.

  • First, heat your flat-top grill to medium-high for 20-25 minutes.
  • Next, remove the grill from the heat and place it on a heat-resistant surface with the warped side facing up.
  • Then, take a piece of wood and place it across the warped area; hit continually with a mallet until it flattens out.
  • Finally, stop when the grill cools.

How Do I Fix Blackstone Griddle Uneven Seasoning?

When cooking on a Blackstone grill, one of the most important things is to ensure that it is properly seasoned. It will help you to ensure that your food does not stick and has a nice even sear. However, sometimes the seasoning can become uneven, causing parts of the griddle to be overcooked or undercooked.

If this happens, few things are there that you can do to fix it. First, try heating the griddle, and then use a paper towel to redistribute the seasoning evenly. Alternatively, you can use a metal spatula to scrape off any excess seasoning and then reapply it to the grill. Either way, with a little bit of effort, you should be able to fix an uneven seasoning on your Blackstone griddle.

Can you season a Blackstone wrong?

When seasoning your Blackstone, you’ll want to be careful about what oil you use. By Using wrong type of oil can lead to problems like sticking food and burning. The best oils to use are those with high smoke points, like grape seed oil and avocado oil.

These oils has abilility to withstand high temperatures without smoking or burning. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid using oils with a low smoke point, like olive oil. These oils are more likely to smoke and burn at high temperatures, which can ruin your food. So, choose your oil carefully when seasoning your Blackstone grill.

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What should my Blackstone griddle look like after seasoning?

Seasoning your griddle is important in maintaining its nonstick properties and preventing rust. After the initial seasoning, your griddle should have a dark, even coating that helps to protect the surface from moisture and wear. If you notice any bare spots or streaks, season the griddle again. Seasoning is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

First, preheat the griddle on medium-high heat. Then, spread a thin layer of oil over the entire surface using a paper towel or brush. Next, turn the heat up to high and allow the oil to smoke for 1-2 minutes. Finally, turn off the heat and let the griddle cool completely before wiping away any excess oil. With proper care, your Blackstone griddle will provide years of trouble-free use.


It is a simple way to level your Blackstone griddle without purchasing or renting any additional equipment. If you follow these steps and find that the surface is still not completely level, add another layer of cardboard until it is. Have fun cooking your favorite breakfast foods on your new, perfectly level griddle!

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