how to merge videos on iphone

Multiple Ways You Can Merge Videos on iPhone

We’ve all been there: you want to post a video on your Facebook page, but it’s too long. You have two options: either make the video shorter or split it up into separate videos. You may want to combine videos on iPhone or merge multiple video clips as well.

But the thing is, not everyone is a video editor. In this age, we can always find any app to cater to our needs and make life easier, including merging videos, combine multiple videos with a vast swath of video editing apps out there.

  • There are two primary ways to merge videos on your iPhone: using the trimming tool to shorten a video or splitting it up into smaller pieces. 
  • When I’ve been in situations where a Facebook post needed to be shorter, I use the trimming feature and choose something like “Keep Longer Version Intact” to keep the entire video.
  • The other option is to split up a merged video into shorter segments, which you can do by clicking on “Split Video” in your timeline and selecting the length you want for each piece.

In my experience, I would recommend using this method when posting videos on sites like Facebook because you’ll never know when you will be using other video clips. Armed with this knowledge, let’s go through combining videos on iPhone.


How to Merge Videos on iPhone Using iMovie

iMovie is available for free for iOS and Mac computers and can even edit professional-quality iPhone videos. You can use it to merge videos on your iPhone or Mac computers. Using the app, you can create a new project or combine videos. The resulting video file should have both videos combined. You can also add effects or transitions to your combined video file to make it easier to use in the video editing tool. Apple’s iMovie app allows users to edit videos on an iPhone or a Mac computer for free.

This app is available for iOS and Mac computers so that you can combine iPhone videos or either of these devices. So if you have a video that needs to be edited from your iPhone or MacBook Pro, iMovie is the perfect tool. You can create new projects with this application or merge two already existing files into one file.

Step 1:

Launch the app from its installed location.

Step 2:

how to merge videos on iphone
create project

To create a new project in the app, tap on the Projects tab at the top of your screen. This takes you to a new screen where you want to select Create Project. You’re one step closer to combine videos.

Step 3:

how to merge videos on iphone
choose movie

In iMovie, the first message prompts you for what kind of project you want to make. Tap “Movie” to merge multiple video clips.

Step 4:

To merge iPhone videos, first, open up the Photos app, then swipe from right to left until you see “Media” along with a list of recent uploads.

Step 5:

Tap “All” to see every video saved to your iPhone. Press “Video.”

Step 6:

To merge videos on iPhone, you need first to select all the videos you want to combine. Hit the checkbox when it pops up to add each video as part of your project. Repeat these steps until all selected videos have been added to your work.

Step 7:

To create a movie of all selected videos, tap the “Create Movie” button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 8:

Follow the following screen to add transitions, effects, and text to a video on an iPhone.

Step 9:

After you’ve finished editing your video, tap “Done” to save it to your iPhone.

Capture video with software such as Bandicam. Export, re-render and combine videos into one file using VidAmp Studio

How to Combine Videos Using other Softwares

For example, this excellent Bandicam app:

how to merge videos on iphone
Bandicam app

1) Capture the two videos using software like Bandicam to output MPEG 4 files with absolutely no compression applied in any way to the video being captured. 

2) Exporting: Click “File” -> “Export Video”, then click “Determine Video File Type”. 

3) Re-rendering: Select an export resolution that is best for you and your computer, making sure that there will be enough disk space available for the exported file (16GB if rendering 1920×1080). It might take quite some time, depending on what export resolution you have chosen.

 * The higher the resolution, the more extended rendering will take. Be sure to leave your computer on overnight if you are going for 1080p or 720p, and it is not a multi-core processor from Intel or AMD.

 ** We recommend using Bandicam as it supports high-quality video capture up to 480fps for gaming.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Camera Roll

First, you need to export multiple videos from your iPhone camera roll and combine the video clips with other programs.

1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, and open up iExplorer (if it’s not already running).

2. From the right-hand column of options, choose “Camera Roll.” 

3. The list will populate with all of the videos on your smartphone that are in chronological order, from newest to oldest — as well as other files like photos and contacts. If you only want to copy the videos, instead of fussing with emailing them back and forth between devices, go ahead and click on the video file you want to copy (the left window should now only show video files), then hit Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C for Mac OS X operating systems.

Android phones import videos from an iPhone by using a USB cable or connecting to a WiFi network.

The best way to combine videos is sound editing software, Final Cut Pro for Mac and Windows. 

  • On the program interface, click on file> New.
  • A timeline will appear on the screen to drag the video into sections that you want to merge into one more extended clip.
  • The clips are usually joined together automatically, but they need a few more adjustments before merging correctly. You can accomplish this process by placing both clips side by side in the same pane and then dragging them over top of each other or placing one clip above the other. Hence, they overlap and use the “combine” option in the accompanying toolbar.
  • Double click on one of the clips to zoom into it and make necessary adjustments, such as trimming off a few seconds or splitting segments so that each clip begins with its sound bite instead of them fading together automatically when played back.
  • After you have finished editing your project, save it by clicking the save icon.

How to combine video clips on iPhone using Filmorago? 

how to merge videos on iphone

Other options you may want to consider when looking for the best way to combine video clips include Filmorago, here’s how:

In the video editing app, tap Create New Video from its home screen, browse to your Camera Roll and select the video clips you’d like to merge. Once picked and dragged over a new timeline, drag them until they’re in the desired order. If you want another video added, swipe right until you see an option for “Add.” Do this until you have all your merged video files.

I need to mention also about Videoshop. Videoshop is a versatile iOS video editor. It can edit videos recorded on your camera, combine videos, convert photos to videos on iOS devices, and share on social networks. Add them all to the video editor from its home button to merge multiple video clips into one.

For other ways to multiple videos on an iPhone, you might want to try video editing apps like Videoshop, Quik, Video Merger, Media Monster, and Video Mixer. In some of those apps, you can add motion effects, background music, or other video effects to make the results look polished.

That’s all the guide on joining two videos or more. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and having fun with your video clips/merged videos.

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