How to Stop Birds from Chirping Outside My Window

People are wondering how to stop birds from chirping outside their windows, once for all. People can be oblivious about birds and find their singing annoyed for no good reason. The truth is, birds sing for various reasons. 

So, deal with them by their nature. That way, you find yourself at peace and somehow can enjoy their beautiful sound promptly.  


What are the reasons for chirping birds?

Birds have a variety of chirps that they use to communicate different messages. They use these noises to warn others of danger or to say something sweet. One type of sound is a contact call, used when looking for a mate, defending their territory, or scolding other birds.

In most cases, male birds sing during mating to attract a mate and then seek them out in their territory afterward. Chirping birds can be a blessing, especially when it doesn’t happen a lot. But a constant chirp can be frustrating. Here is some reason why and the best solution to deal with it. 

Young birds are asking to be fed.  

In most cases, birds in modern times can make your home part of their flock. They are warm most of the time and a great place to nest. Check around chimneys, in those places usually where they make their nest. Before long, those baby birds will scream and chirp when they are hungry, tired. You name it. They will make noise to get their parent’s attention. 

The solution:

  1. Use Bird Deterrents 

how to stop birds from chirping outside my window

To deter birds from nesting in your house, so they can move somewhere else, place a high-quality bird deterrent near the window. If there is another resting spot nearer the window, they can move themselves to that spot. This is a long-term solution that will prevent these wild animals from making their home only in your house.

  1. Window Insulation

The goal is to reduce noise from inside. You can add a thick curtain also to add layers of sound blocker. That way, you may still hear the chirping, just in lower volume that you can tolerate. 

  1. Try to move the nest. 

Of course, this is a risky option, but they don’t need to be so close to the chimney. You can try to move it somewhere nearby when the mother is not around. 

Birds are trying to mate.

Birds are social creatures. They have to interact with each other, so they have developed a way of communicating. One way they do this is by their chirping. Birds will attract the opposite sex by their voice. Other birds will compete and exhibit their chirping too. That would mean loads of birds chirping from all directions by the time day breaks!

  •  Earplugs 

They will only be there temporary, so if you can, try to enjoy their presence and try to forget they are even there. Excellent earplugs will do the trick sometimes. 

  • Bird Bath 

You can try to get one of those birdbaths that looks like a miniature pond. They would love drinking and bathing, especially if they only stopping by to mate.  The best way to make a birdbath is to place a large basin on a low table or use a potted plant. You can also use an old dishpan or heavy-duty plastic tub.

Birds are Asking For Food 

If you often feed birds, they will think there is food in your house all the time. So, they will demand food by chirping, probably day and night.

Birds are always looking for food, and if you give them some, they will expect it all the time. If you start feeding birds, you’ll need to make sure not to leave any food out, or they’ll begin to chirping whenever they see your house.

  1. Stop the Habit 

It is a long-term influence if you stop feeding them. You don’t want them to rule your house and come and chirp whenever they pleased. 

  1. Leave food somewhere else.

If food is what drives them in, then it is what drives them to put. You can try to find a secure location but not too far from your house. That way, they are drawn to it and left your window. 

Birds are chirping at night to mark their territory

This is a significant problem because your house has been claimed. The noise at night is also an important issue that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Arrange your window sill

how to stop birds from chirping outside my window

Try to arrange your window sill before the birds make a permanent home and make a nest there. Some of the options are plants, flowers, and decorations. So the birds don’t have a place there to put a nest. 

  1. Put a picture of a birds’ predator.
how to stop birds from chirping outside my window

You can print out a picture of cats and owls and put them on the window, facing out. You may need to do this intensively to see if it works. Also, you can try to put predator’s eyes, a form of bird deterrent.

  1. Cat decoys 

You can just put three or four cats decoys facing outside. This is an easy and great way to decorate. From inside the house, this also looks good. Or, if you don’t like cats, try owls.

  1. Try Bird Spikes 

Spikes give extra protection to the home from birds. It is a security reason to make sure birds don’t invade your home. 


  1. How do I stop a bird from chirping in the morning?

You cant. Some birds do it because of the season. The best way is to enjoy it.

  1. What does it mean when a bird chirping outside the window?

It means they feel safe around your safe or just communicating or mating with other birds.

  1. Why won’t birds stop chirping?

Birds are social creatures. Their chirp can mean various things, calling formatting or young bird asking for food. Chirping is their way to do many things and get a message across. 

Bird issues can affect your daily life. If you are losing sleep, unable to concentrate, you are in a bad mood. Birds’ sounds can make you have a temper. Seek proper help to regain back your health.

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