Ice Cream Truck Tracker: Build the App for Ice-Cream Demand


In search of a perfect nearest ice cream truck

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? But I also know that the supply of ice cream trucks in my area is limited, and when I get a craving for this delicious dessert, it can be hard to find one.

So, I thought about how we might be able to track ice cream trucks in our area. What if you could look on your phone and see where the closest truck is? And what if this app had a map so you can navigate there to get some ice cream ASAP? The world needs an app to track ice cream trucks for good.

Are ice cream trucks still a thing?

In the days before social media, ice cream trucks were still an American summertime treat. But now, people have Twitter, Facebook, and many other ways to connect with local businesses, and chocolate is available everywhere. But still, I remember craving ice cream every time I saw Billy Corgan driving an ice cream truck.

riding with the ice cream
Still from The Smashing Pumpkins – Today

So are ice cream trucks still a thing? Well, it depends on how you define “thing” – the trucks are still rolling around neighborhoods in cities across the country, and national brands like Eskimo Pie and Popsicle also have their fleet of self-branded mobile vehicles of ice cream truck.

It’s not always easy to track an ice cream truck with a GPS. The easiest way is to download the “Find my Beacon app” and use that. This app will allow you to see where all of the beacons for your seen beacons are on one map at-a-glance and pinpoint their exact locations so you can keep tabs on your favorite truck while they roam around town or check in with them from time to time.

The caveat is, of course, the ice cream truck need to provide the beacon signal. This is highly impractical, and you need to convince the vendor to install it in the ice cream truck.

You’ll need something that provides more details about each move, like when an ice cream truck will next appear at a specific location. Instead of waiting for the nearest ice cream truck locator, so why don’t you make an “Ice Cream Truck Tracker” mobile app yourself and make some profit.

Ice cream truck app description:

  • This app is designed for ice cream lovers, and it needs to be easy to use and track their movements in real-time. It uses your location data from phones or tablets to track down an ice cream truck that you can stop at on the way home from work
  • A helpful way to find out where your favorite ice cream truck will be and use GPS tracking technology to find the nearest ice cream.
  • Designed with children in mind and is meant to be a fun way to track the ice cream truck coming their way. It offers many of the same features as popular rideshare apps like Uber, including customer ratings, GPS location tracking, and rewards points.

Alternative: Ice Cream Truck Near Me App

People want something instant. When they’re on the go, they want to find right away what’s the attraction nearby In the neighborhood, including ice cream truck.

You can implement this feature using GPS tracking technology in the android mobile app or iOS to find the nearest ice cream truck with GPS tracking technology.

First, you need to gather all ice cream truck vendors in your area and give them a GPS tracking device to locate an ice cream vendor, similar to the picture below (although the easiest would be using mobile phone GPS). After that, you can register and offer them to turn on the device whenever they operate with an ice cream truck.

mini tracker
GPS locator to put in ice cream trucks

This ice cream truck locator will display where they are, and you can add an option like ice cream brand and flavor. Put also option to call the seller so they can prepare the ice cream.

Or maybe “Ice Cream Truck Finder”?

Similar to “ice cream truck near me”, this app works by identifying the last location of the ice cream truck’s beacon; if they’re inactive, it’s likely their physical store location or where you can find where they’re last parked.

You can use this app to find the ice cream truck vendor near your location. This is a good way for kids to get their favorite ice cream flavor or last-minute run-around and catch an ice-cream truck in time before it leaves! Parents should be happy, too, knowing they can locate an ice cream with ease for their kids with this ice cream truck finder.

Ice cream truck tracker
make it colorful, so appealing to children

Design it so user can request an ice cream truck.

The new app geared towards kids needs to be simple to use. Users simply tap on the desired ice-cream truck they want to find on their devices and swipe right for “I WANT IT” or left for “nope”. Drivers can also search the nearest trucks via a button in the app, including options such as hours of operation, type of sweets available, and other features, including “Ice Cream Truck Request”.

This is an excellent feature to be interactive with an ice cream truck businesses or seller. They will know the hot spot for them to come in the location, maybe like beaches or parties. This feature also allows ice cream truck drivers to sell more.

This feature will be helpful for the parents. They can find their kids’ favorite ice cream quickly now without too much effort or time looking around and having trouble locating it, right from their mobile app device.

How can you build an ice cream truck app for tracking?

Outsource to a mobile app developer is the easiest if you don’t know how to code. You can focus on the marketing and persuading part with the ice cream truck seller. This is similar to how the Uber app is first built. They’re attracting both riders and drivers simultaneously, in this case, parents and ice-cream sellers.

Spread the word about your app by hosting and sponsoring tech events and giving participants free ice cream with the app. One example of guerrilla marketing still exists today – offering a 50% discount on the first ice cream to new users.

This discount served as an incentive for people to become long-term ice cream enthusiasts. More and more people took to social media, speaking highly of the app they found on your marketing funnels. It was their combined word-of-mouth that will lead you to the success of your app.

The final verdict

This is your chance if you’re as obsessed as Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins with ice cream trucks. With a simple GPS tracking technology, kids and parents will wonder no more to find the nearest ice cream trucks in their location.

Even more, if they’re possible to locate their favorite ice cream in real-time by mobile devices and installed app tracker by neighborhood, with GPS technology, they will know what ice cream to order from the ice cream truck mobile app tracker you built.

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