Is Bat Guano Used In Mascara

Is Bat Guano Used In Mascara

The mascara aisle of your favorite drugstore can be a daunting place. How do you know which one is right for you with so many brands and types of mascara to choose from? One option is to go with a natural brand. But even among natural brands, there are several different types of mascaras to choose from. So what is bat guano used for in a mascara? And is it a good or bad ingredient?

Are you ready for this? Yes, bat poop is used in mascara. But before you start to worry, let me assure you that there are no live bats in the mascara factory. The bat guano is used as an emulsifier, which helps keep the mascara’s oil and water components evenly mixed. The mascara would quickly separate into two layers (gross). So, next time you’re applying your mascara, rest assured that you’re not putting bat poop on your eyelashes.

Is Bat Guano Used In Mascara


Does Mascara Have Guano?

Bat guano is not used in mascara. However, other ingredients are used in various mascaras that may not be the most desirable. For example, coal tar is sometimes used as a pigment in black mascaras. Coal tar is a by-product of the coal industry and is known to be carcinogenic. While it is not present in all mascaras, it’s important to know what ingredients are in your mascara and does your research before purchasing.

What Is The Main Ingredient In Mascara?

The main ingredient in mascara is usually carbon black. However, this ingredient has variations, such as iron oxide and titanium dioxide. While the FDA approves these pigments, they can also cause eye irritation. This is why it’s important to do a patch test before using a new mascara. Some brands also use guano as an ingredient in their mascaras. Guano is a substance made from bat droppings, and it’s often used as a fertilizer due to its high nitrogen and phosphorus content. So far, it hasn’t been proven that guano can cause adverse effects on the eyes, but it’s still an ingredient to be aware of.

Does Mascara Ruin Your Lashes?

There’s a lot of mixed information about whether mascara is bad for your lashes in the long run. Some people say that using mascara every day will eventually lead to lashes falling out, while others maintain that it’s an essential part of any beauty routine. As with most things, the truth is that it depends on how you use them. Applying too much mascara or using a low-quality formula can cause damage over time. However, used sparingly and with a good quality product, mascara can benefit your lashes.

What Can I Use Instead Of Mascara?

Bat guano is the main ingredient in some mascaras, but you don’t have to use that as an excuse not to wear mascara. You can easily find natural or organic mascaras that don’t contain bat guano or harsh chemicals. Plus, there are plenty of incredible products that will give your lashes the length and volume you desire. If you’re looking for an all-natural solution, consider trying out our 2-in-1 Organic Mascara and Eyeliner. It lengthens and strengthens your lashes while also shading and defining your eyes. It’s a great everyday product that will make you look and feel your best.


So, does mascara have bat guano in it? The answer is not really. While guano might be an ingredient in some mascaras, it’s not a common one – and it’s not the primary ingredient. Most mascaras are made with various waxes, oils, and pigments, which give them their defining characteristics. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to mascara, we’ve got you covered. Check out our selection of lengthening and volumizing mascaras, which will give you a lash look you desire without any of the Bat Guano.

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