kenmore washer lid switch bypass

Kenmore Washer Lid Switch Bypass

Want to know about Kenmore Washer Lid Switch Bypass?

The act of reaching into your washer is risky, and this is the reason why your washing machine comes with a lid lock. The lid lock of your washer is particularly harmful to families with children since they could attempt to get something out while the machine is in use and hurt themselves. In addition, if you get around the lid lock, the washer can have confusion when it comes to finishing cycles.


How do you bypass the Kenmore Lid Switch?

The lid lock bypass on the reverse side lets you safely open the lid while the washer is in use and add more clothes. Below is a step-by-step guideline for hacking the lid lock feature.

Tools Required

  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver
  • A jumper
  • Pliers


  1. The first step to take when dealing with electrical appliances is to unplug these appliances from the socket on your wall to stop the flowing current to ensure your safety and the safety of your household members. Therefore, you should unplug the Kenmore washer to the socket on your wall.
  2. The control panel near the upper part of this Kenmore washer is secured with two screws, which you must take off using the help of a screwdriver. The screw is located on the lower part of the caps on the ends.
  3. The next step is that you’ll need to rotate the washer into a service position. To do this, you must then lift your control panel’s front then move it to the back wall.
  4. On the inside of the upper panel, you’ll find the wiring harness. Securely grasp the wiring harness connector and gently remove it from the plug on the lid switch.
  5. Take the wire strippers out and take 1/4-inch insulation off the wires at the end of these jumper wires.
  6. You can then connect either end to the plugs outside the wiring harness. Be careful, but be sure not to place either end into the center hole of the plug.
  7. Before you close it before closing it up, you’ll be able to check whether it works. Kenmore washer is functioning. Connect it back to the wall, and turn it on. If it does work, you’ll be required to secure the items to their correct position.
  8. Then, you will take your electrical tape and then cover the plug connections with it, with the slots.
  9. The above bypass for the lid lock is for the Kenmore washer is suitable for long-term use; however, it is not advised.
  10. After you have completed the process and are confident that we can use the washer with the lid opened After that, you can take everything out of the control panel and return it to its place.

Keep in mind that the lid lock bypass for the Kenmore washer is only employed on the three wiring connections (70 series ), and other configurations may require the use of a different method.

Procedure 2.

Tools required

  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Pliers
  • Wire nut

The second method is as easy, and once you’ve gained access to the panel for control, you will find an electrical plug that connects to the top portion of the washer. It includes black, green as well as gray wiring.

The plug will be removed and then cut the black and gray wires, but don’t be sure to touch the wire in green. Then you’ll remove the uppers and sides of the gray and black wires you’ve cut and connect them clockwise. With the help of a wire nut, you can cover the wires that have been stripped; the plug will now have only the green wire and then plug into the original position.

This process has gotten rid of the lock that locks the lid on the lid lock of your Kenmore washer. You are now able to place the control panel in its proper place. Install the screws in their proper places, and check to determine if the washer can run with the lid closed, which is what it ought to.

How do you test a Lid Switch on a Kenmore Washer?

It’s such a small switch, yet it has an enormous impact. The lid switch of your washer is an emergency safety device. It lets the washer start when the lid is shut and is accountable for shutting down the appliance if the lid is opened abruptly. This switch prevents the water from splashing all over or hurting any limbs by closing the washer after the lid is closed. But, it’s an element that is susceptible to failure, and if it fails, it could cause the washer not to be able to start even if you try.

If the switch for lids of your washer is listed on the list of items that you need to check, you’ll have to determine how to test it. An important item like this and how to access it isn’t always obvious.

The steps are generally outlined and may differ based on the model and the brand of the washer.

Similar to many repairs, your first step is to disconnect the washer. This switch for the lid is situated in the middle of your washer to the front, so you don’t require moving the washer out to reach it.

If you place a knife on the top edge of the cabinet in the front inside the washing machine, you’ll be required to pull the springs of the clip on either side. This will let you raise to the top part of the washer. The lid switch is placed on the top of the hood that has been lifted.

It is necessary to take the two-wire harnesses attached to the lid switch. Lastly, you can remove the lid switch; you’ll have to test it using the aid of a multimeter. Set your multimeter at the lowest resistance of ohms, and then test your lid switch. If it doesn’t show any continuity, the lid switch is, in fact, defective. You’ll need to take it off the switch and then replace it. With the lid opened and the wires removed, most of this work has been completed for you.

A Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to bypass the Lid Locks On Kenmore Washer?

The lid switch in the lid of your Kenmore washer is the final step in the electric circuit once the lid is shut. If you don’t own the volt-ohm gauge, You can disable the switch on your lid with the jumper wire to mimic connecting to the washer’s wiring harness.

Does the washer work without a Lid Lock?

NO. The lid is locked to protect people who are near the washer because if the lid is not closed, the washing machine, from the turn, will spin when the lid is open. When you lift the lid, you will be able to see the switch on the lid and the wires connected to it.

What Do I Know if My Washer Lid Switch is Good?

If the controller fails to recognize the switch activated, the washer won’t move or spin once you shut the lid. The washer could or might not be filled with water if you have a damaged lid switch, based on your model.

Final Verdict

Kenmore washers are available in various varieties and series. Before performing any technological processes on them, ensure that the procedure you’re planning to use will work with your appliance. Any disruption to the normal operation of your washer can invalidate the warranty of your washer, so it is recommended that you complete the processes mentioned above once the warranty period has ended.

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