The Coolest Anime Outfits: The Killua Chimera Ant Arc

The world of anime is filled with fabulous outfits, and we mean that in every sense. Some characters are so cool that they even have other people thinking they’re cool, which is impressive. But when you consider how many characters there are in this universe, it’s incredible how much variety there is. That being said, not every outfit can be regarded as astonishing – especially when you look at some of the companies featured in the early seasons of Hunter x Hunter. Thankfully, as the show continued to grow and mature so did its fashion sense. Check out the coolest anime outfits of the Killua Chimera Ant arc, plus pictures of each character’s outfit.


Gon’s White T-Shirt and Blue Shorts Outfit

The first outfit on our list is one from Gon, one of the main characters of Hunter x Hunter. These are the clothes he wears when he, Killua, and Kurapika journey to find the source of the killer butterflies that terrorize their hometown. These outfits are simple yet elegant, making them an excellent fit for the show’s overall aesthetic.

The blue shorts are a perfect, vibrant color that stands out from the white outfit. This can be attributed to Gon’s love of nature, which shines through his choice of clothing. We also love the high-waisted shorts, giving them a retro feel that adds a nice touch to the outfit.

Killua’s Black Leather Outfit

Killua's Black Leather Outfit
Killua’s Black Leather Outfit

Next on our list is Killua’s leather outfit, featuring a black and yellow leather jacket, black leather gloves, and a pair of black leather pants. The company has a somewhat gothic vibe, which is generally associated with dark and destructive emotions. At the same time, the yellow accents on the jacket and the buckles on the gloves add a splash of brightness to the outfit.

These two contrasting elements give the company a cool and edgy look. We especially love the yellow decoration on the back of the jacket, which makes it look like it’s burning. This adds a nice effect and makes the coat look like it has a life of its own.

The Chimera Ant Exoskeleton Outfit

The Exoskeleton Outfit is the outfit that Gon, Killua, and Kurapika wear to infiltrate the Chimera Ant colony and rescue their friend, Palm. The company is a close-fitting suit that covers their entire bodies and even has a special breathing apparatus that allows the three of them to survive underground. The claim is a dark shade of purple with a black cowl that goes over the wearer’s head and covers their eyes. A black belt also goes around the wearer’s waist and holds the suit together. This is one of the most fabulous outfits in the anime.

Meruem’s Royal Robes Outfit

Next up, we have Meruem’s royal robes, which are covered in gold and red embroidery. The robes are long and flowy, giving them a regal feel. The gold coloring is eye-catching and brings the outfit together. We love how the red color of the robes matches the red paint on Meruem’s face and hands, making it clear that these are his official robes. Meruem wears these robes throughout the Chimera Ant arc, and even after, he transforms into a human being at the end of the hook. Even though he is now a human, these robes stay with him, showing that they are a part of him.

Menthulu’s Wolf-Like Outfit

We’re now moving on to Menthulu’s wolf-like outfit. This is the outfit that Menthulu wears when he transforms into his Chimera Ant form. It consists of a long black coat with grey-colored fur and a dark bluish-grey coloring inside. Menthol wears the skin without pants or shoes, giving him a wild and ferocious look. The coat is long enough to drag on the ground, making it easy to see where Menthulu is walking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What clothes does Killua wear?

Before Killua transforms into an Ant, he wears a black turtleneck, jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. His choice of clothing is simple and relaxed, which goes hand in hand with his laid-back personality. After he transforms, Killua’s outfit changes to a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. He also wears a black jacket with red accents over his t-shirt. Killua’s new outfit is casual and relaxed in the same way as his first outfit.

Is Killua in Chimera Ant arc?

Killua is in the Chimera Ant arc
Killua is in the Chimera Ant arc

Killua is in the Chimera Ant arc. While he does not appear until episodes 25 and 26 of the turn (episodes 81 and 82 in the show’s total episode count), the arc begins with Gon, Kurapika, and a group of other friends fighting ants and being taken to the colony.

What is the point of the Chimera Ant arc?

The Chimera Ant arc is a story of a group of Ants who have formed a colony underground. They have lived in peace until one day, a group of humans come to their territory and are taken to the Ant King. The King orders one of the ants to eat the humans, but one of the ants refuses. The King then demands that the ant be fed to the humans. The group of humans form a bond with the ant and promise to save it. The humans are then given cocoons to transform into Ants as well.

Is Chimera Ant the last arc?

The Chimera Ant arc is the last in Hunter X Hunter. However, it does not mean that the story ends after the turn. There are still many things left unaddressed, such as the source of the characters’ supernatural abilities, the relationship between humans and the other species, and the reason for the existence of the powers.


The Chimera Ant arc is one of the most extraordinary in Hunter X Hunter. Not only does it feature some of the most fantastic outfits in the series, but it also introduces some of the most intriguing characters. We recommend that all fans of the series take a look at the Chimera Ant arc. Now that you know all about the different outfits used in the Chimera Ant arc, you can enjoy this arc even more. You should definitely check out this arc whether you love the fashion or the characters.

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