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Melanie Martinez’s Detention Outfit: What She Wore and What It Means

When you think of school detention, what comes to mind? Like most people, you probably picture a student being forced to write lines while sitting in an empty classroom. But what if we told you that was all WRONG? This is why we love Melanie Martinez and her weirdo version of the world! The singer recently posted an Instagram photo and video of herself in a unique outfit. She looks like she’s just come from school, but instead of wearing the typical uniform, she has on what looks like it could be an outfit for high school detention! But that’s not all. Not only does the company have some seriously creepy undertones, but each piece has its own meaning too. Please keep reading to discover everything there is to know about Melanie Martinez detention outfit and what it means…

What Melanie Martinez Wore During Her Detention

It has a lot of different keys on it, so we can assume that she's attached all of her keys to it
It has a lot of different keys on it, so we can assume that she’s attached all of her keys to it

First off, let’s discuss what Melanie wore during her detention. We can’t say we’ve ever seen a student wearing this outfit before! Melanie’s business consisted of a long, black skirt, a pair of black gloves, a long-sleeve button-up shirt, and a unique piece of jewelry. The particular item she’s wearing is a key ring.

It has a lot of different keys on it, so we can assume that she’s attached all of her keys to it. Why? Well, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to lose them! Melanie’s also wearing a hoodie, but it’s not entirely zipped up. She’s also wearing a pair of weirdly leopard-printed tights. What a strange combination of items!

Why Melanie Wore This Detention Outfit

Why did Melanie Martinez choose to wear this weird detention outfit? Well, it’s probably because it’s her version of a uniform! A uniform is a set of clothing worn by students at a specific type of school, like a high school, or employees to a particular kind of workplace, like a restaurant. It’s usually the same for everyone who works or goes to that type of school, and it helps people identify what sort of person you are based on what you’re wearing. You might not realize it, but uniforms are a big part of Melanie Martinez’s brand.

She’s even posted photos of herself wearing a school uniform, and she’s explained that wearing uniforms whenever possible helps her feel less like an individual and more like part of a group. This detention outfit is another example of Melanie Martinez’s love for uniforms!

The Key Ring

It's a key ring, but it has a special message attached to it too
It’s a key ring, but it has a special message attached to it too

Now, let’s talk about the key ring hanging off Melanie’s belt loop! It’s a key ring, but it has a special message attached to it too. The keyring is a newer addition to Melanie’s outfits, and so far, she has been using it to spread the message of “No Human is Illegal”. This political movement started in 2000 in response to the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s proposed changes to immigration policy. The idea behind this movement is that no person should be considered illegal. That’s why Melanie is wearing a key ring with this message attached. She’s trying to spread her political beliefs!

The Hoodie & Leopard Print Tights

There’s also a hoodie and leopard-printed tights in Melanie Martinez’s detention outfit. We’ve already discussed the hoodie, but let’s talk about the leopard-printed socks now! Melanie’s Instagram caption says she’s wearing “leopard print tights with a hoodie”. Well, this makes sense when you consider the fact that leopard print is more than just a pattern. It’s a type of pattern! The leopard print tights Melanie is wearing are a type of pattern. They’re not just regular tights with a leopard print printed on them. It’s the material itself that is printed with a leopard pattern.

Short Shorts

Next, let’s talk about Melanie Martinez’s short shorts! The shorts she’s wearing probably aren’t what you’d expect to see at school (or in detention!). She’s usually wearing these shorts with a matching t-shirt, and both pieces have the word “LOVE” printed on them in large, brightly colored letters. The t-shirt is a white shirt with bright colored letters, and the shorts are blue with red hearts. The message on both pieces of clothing is “love.” And possibly, it’s a reference to her song, “Dollhouse,” where she sings about loving someone enough to “break them like a dollhouse.”

The Dark Red Lipstick

Melanie Martinez’s lipstick choice is also exciting! The lipstick she’s wearing is a dark red color, and it’s something she’s rocked before in a few of her music videos, including “Pity Party” and “Bad Baby”. This lipstick color is called “Bad Baby,” Melanie has even created a lipstick line with the same name. On the packaging of her lipstick, she’s written the message “Desperately Seeking Confidence.” This is a very fitting message for lipstick!

The Sneakers

Finally, let’s talk about the sneakers Melanie is wearing! The sneakers are an essential part of her detention outfit and a necessary part of Melanie’s brand. She’s been wearing sneakers in her outfits for a long time now, and they’re often bright, colorful shoes with lots of patterns on them.

Melanie’s sneakers have important messages printed on them. Sometimes, they’re just messages related to her music and her lyrics, like “Love is deaf,” which is on the back of one of her sneakers. Other times, they’re political messages like “No Human is Illegal.” Sometimes, the statements are about her personal life and experiences, like “Please don’t pity me” and “Hopeless Romantic.”


In conclusion, Melanie Martinez’s detention outfit is a fascinating look! We’ve talked about the different pieces of clothing she’s wearing in this outfit, and we’ve also analyzed the messages each piece of clothing has. We’ve also discussed why Melanie chose this detention outfit and how it fits into her brand. Now that you know everything there is to know about Melanie Martinez’s detention outfit, you’ll be able to spot it in a crowd. You’ll also understand why she wears these outfits and what they mean to her.

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