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DIY: Melanie Martinez’s K12 Outfit – Step-by-Step Instructions

If you missed it, internet sensation and singer Melanie Martinez recently released her debut album, “Crybaby.” The record was inspired by the creepy-kid characters in her debut music video for the song “Soap” (you know, the one with the umbrella that drinks blood). The album follows the life of protagonist Cry Baby as she navigates school and unrequited love. It’s filled with dark lyrics and melodies that tell a story all its own. We think it’s safe to say that we are obsessed with every element of this album—from the hidden meanings within each track to the gothic aesthetic of her character. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, get ready to get crept on because we have everything you need to dress like Cry Baby yourself. Please keep reading to learn how you can replicate Melanie Martinez k12 outfits in 8 simple steps.


Black Cardigan

This one is a given, but if you want to nail the Cry Baby look, you need to start with the oversized black cardigan. The sweater is a staple in almost every outfit Cry Baby wears, appearing in nearly every music video. We suggest that you pick up a sizeable-sized cardigan. The oversized fit will make you look even more like Martinez.

Black Scrunchie

You can’t wear the Cry Baby cardigan without draping the iconic black scrunchie around the collar. Martinez is rarely seen not wearing a scrunchie in her hair, so this is one of the most critical pieces to the K12 look. We suggest you pick up a scrunchie about 1 inch in width and about 3 inches in length. The length is crucial because it needs to be long enough to wrap around the collar of your cardigan.

Gold Chain Choker

Gold Chain Choker
Gold Chain Choker

The gold chain choker is one of the most prominent pieces of Cry Baby’s outfit. The collar appears in almost every music video, and Cry Baby is rarely seen not wearing the accessory. We suggest you pick up a choker like the one that Martinez wears. The collar should be gold and have a small pendant hanging from the center. The charm should be circular and should have a purple hue to it.

Grey Boots

We can’t forget to mention the grey knee-high boots that Cry Baby wears in every music video. These boots give Cry Baby’s outfit an extra kick that makes it instantly recognizable. We suggest you pick up a pair of grey knee-high boots around knee-high. The shoes should fit you comfortably while still covering your knee.

Black Eyeliner

Next is the black eyeliner that Cry Baby wears in every music video. Martinez’s eyeliner starts on the top lid and goes down to her lower cap. We suggest you pick up black eyeliner and draw the design that Martinez wears.

Light Brown Foundation and Light Brown Eyeshadow to mimic Martinez’s skin tone

Cry Baby’s skin tone is lighter than the average person’s, but not white like you might think. Her skin tone is a light brown shade, almost like a porcelain color. We suggest you pick up a weak brown foundation and a light brown eyeshadow. We also recommend that you pick up a soft brown blush.

Dark Brown Shading for Martinez’s eyes and lips

Dark Brown Shading for Martinez's eyes and lips
Dark Brown Shading for Martinez’s eyes and lips

While we’re skin tones, let’s talk about Martinez’s lips and eyes. Martinez wears dark brown lips and eye shading throughout the entire album. We suggest you pick up a dark brown eyeshadow and a dark brown lip liner.

Black Lipstick

Finally, we get to the black lipstick that Cry Baby wears in almost every music video. The lipstick is a signature part of the Cry Baby look, and you must have it in your K12 outfit if you want to look like Cry Baby. We suggest that you pick up black lipstick and apply three coats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of K-12 Melanie Martinez?

We get asked this question a lot, so we thought we would answer it here. There are a few theories about what K-12 means, including K-12, which is the name of the first album by Melanie Martinez. K-12 is a reference to Melanie’s music school experience. K-12 is the name of Melanie’s school in the video for “Pity Party.” The last one is the most likely correct one. Melanie attended a school that she referred to as “K-12.” This suggests that it meant the school for all ages.

How much did Melanie Martinez spend on K-12?

There is no official word on how much Melanie Martinez spent on her K-12 outfit, but we can make some assumptions based on the prices of the pieces she wears. The scrunchie she wears in her look is usually about $3, the cardigan is usually about $26, the choker is usually about $12, the boots are generally about $60, and the eyeshadow and foundation are usually about $10 each.

If you want all the exact pieces she wears, the K-12 look will cost you about $147. If you follow in Cry Baby’s footsteps and dress like Melanie Martinez, the K-12 look is easy to replicate on a budget. These are all staple pieces that every woman should have in her closet, so there is no reason to splurge. Instead, save your money for the next album drop.

What is Melanie Martinez’s style?

If you want to dress like Melanie Martinez, her style is a bit gothic and edgy. She often wears all black and is not afraid of standing out with colors and prints that are bold and daring. And she is not afraid to be different, which we love. She is a true artist who does not conform to society’s standards or ideas of beauty. Melanie is not afraid to take risks and experiment with her style, which we also love.

She often wears tons of jewelry and has a very signature look that is hard to forget. We love her edgy style and her bold personality. If you want to dress like Melanie Martinez, we recommend taking risks and not being afraid to stand out in a crowd. Be true to yourself, and don’t be scared to experiment with your wardrobe.

How do I dress like Melanie Martinez?

To dress like Melanie Martinez, you must first be confident. No outfit will make you feel that way if you aren’t confident in yourself and your style. To dress like Melanie Martinez, we recommend taking risks with your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and colors. Don’t conform to society’s expectations of you or what you think you should wear. Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd. If you want to dress like Melanie Martinez, you must be yourself. There is no one way to dress like Melanie Martinez, and there is no one way to dress like anyone else. Be confident in your style, and don’t let others’ opinions of what you wear affect your decisions.


There you have it! If you follow these 8 steps, you’ll have the Melanie Martinez k12 outfits down pat. If you don’t have the money to drop on new clothes, you can also pick up inexpensive accessories like the scrunchie, choker, and lipstick to get the look. And if you want to go all out, you can purchase a replica of Martinez’s oversized black cardigan. Now all you need to do is listen to Martinez’s album and pretend you’re in the mind of a creepy kid.

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