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Your Mrs. White Clue Costume Inspiration: What To Wear & How To Do Your Makeup

Are you searching for inspiration on how to dress up as the famous Mrs. White from “Stranger Things”? Look no further! We have all the costume ideas, makeup tips, and outfit suggestions you need to create a fantastic Mrs. White Halloween outfit this year. This character has left a lasting impression on every viewer with her creepy performance and unusual looks, but what makes her so mysterious? The answer is hidden in her name…Mrs. White – obviously not her real name! No one knows who she really is or why she’s there, but we know she’s the wickedest woman of all time. Read on to find out everything you need to know about dressing up as her this Halloween…


White’s iconic 80’s outfits 

The first thing you need to know about Mrs. White‘s costume is that it was not made for comfort – but that’s what makes it so unique! We’re talking about an old-school, oversized sweater and a high-waist pleated skirt. A long necklace with a cross pendant and high-heeled sandals completed her outfit.

Surprisingly, these are relatively easy to achieve with the proper styling. If you want to look like Mrs. White but don’t want to wear a long skirt, many short Mrs. White costumes are available online. You can even find Mrs. White Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers so the whole family can dress up as characters from the show this year!

Who is Mrs. White?

Nothing is known about Mrs. White – not her real name, background, intentions, or whereabouts. She’s not even sure why she’s in Hawkins. She claims that she was drawn there for a reason, but we’re pretty sure it’s because she’s a witch. Mrs. White is a very mysterious and unstable character that we’re still trying to figure out. Every detail makes her unique and memorable, from her outfit to her hair and makeup.

Mrs. White is the main antagonist in the Netflix original Stranger Things. She first appears in the second season when the main characters have trapped her upside-down. She’s a mysterious woman who works for the organization behind the bad things happening in Hawkins.

White costume ideas for women and men

If you're looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive Halloween costume, then Mrs. White is perfect
If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive Halloween costume, then Mrs. White is perfect

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive Halloween costume, then Mrs. White is perfect! The great thing about this costume is that you can easily find the pieces from your local thrift store or even online. Here are some ideas for Mrs. White’s Halloween costumes:

  • Sweatshirt – Mrs. White’s outfit is all about the oversized sweater. You can find one at your local thrift store, or you can even make one yourself. A simple oversized sweater is all you need to look like a wicked woman.
  • Long necklace with a cross pendant – This is another iconic item that Mrs. White always wears. The only exception is when the Demogorgon kills her – but that’s a different story!
  • High-waist pleated skirt – A skirt with a high waist is a great way to achieve that 80s vibe for your Mrs. White Halloween costume.
  • Long nails – Nothing is creepier than long, sharp nails. You can use false nails or wear long, red, and acrylic nails if you have the time to apply them.

White makeup: How to achieve that creepy look

You must start with the right makeup to get the perfect Mrs. White look. The best thing about her makeup is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve it. Here are some ideas for Mrs. White’s makeup:

  • White face – The first step to achieving a natural Mrs. White look is transforming your face into a white color. You can use white makeup or white face paint to achieve this look.
  • Long false lashes – Next, you can apply long false lashes to make your eyes look bigger and creepier. Her eyelashes are the longest ones on TV!
  • Red lips – The last detail you need to apply is red lipstick. You can apply red lipstick or use lip balm and red lip liner. The combination of red lips and a white face makes Mrs. White unique.

White Makeup & Hair Inspiration

White Makeup & Hair Inspiration
White Makeup & Hair Inspiration

Now that you know how to achieve Mrs. White’s makeup look, it’s time to find the perfect hairstyle. Mrs. White has a very particular hairstyle – long, dark hair with bangs parted on one side. Here are some of Mrs. White’s hairstyle ideas:

  • Long black hair – The easiest way to achieve Mrs. White’s look is to let your hair grow longer. If you have short hair now, you can use extensions to make it look longer.
  • Long bangs – You can also use bangs if you have long hair. Just make sure they’re parted on one side like Mrs. White’s.
  • Dark hair – The best thing about Mrs. White’s hair is that you don’t have to dye it black; you can use black hair dye to achieve the same look!

White Props & Accessories

Props and accessories are a fun way to create a complete costume and make it more accurate. Here are some suggestions for Mrs. White’s Halloween props:

  • Long cigarette holder – Mrs. White’s favorite thing to do is smoke cigarettes. A long cigarette holder is the best accessory for this.
  • Long, dark coat – A long, dark coat is integral to Mrs. White’s look. Make sure it has a high collar to cover your lips and lashes. –
  • High-heeled sandals – A pair of high-heeled sandals are a must for every Mrs. White costume. Make sure they’re the same ones she’s wearing in the show.

Summing it up

Mrs. White from “Stranger Things” is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a new and exciting costume idea. Her outfit and makeup are simple and easy to achieve with the proper styling. Many interesting details about this character make her memorable and mysterious, making her the perfect symbol for Halloween! If you want to stand out among all the other costumes, Mrs. White is the ideal choice!

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