Not Sure If I Scratched A Car, What to Do?

Accidents happen, and when they do, it is essential to be prepared. The situation when you are not sure if you scratched a car or not can be tricky.


Several Situation When You Accidently Scratch A Car

You can collide with a parked car, damages another door, swipes a side mirror, or you think you scratched something, but not sure. Those are some situations that need to decide what to do. 

There is a temptation to drive away. For a split second, you also want to be a responsible person and do the right thing. You should be able to handle it well and prevent dealing with the law. 

Hitting A Car In The Parking Lot 

There is none around, and you accidentally scratch another car in the parking area. Either you are in a hurry or not, here are some things you need to do. 

You collide with a parked car.

not sure if i scratched a car


In this case, it is best to check the other driver’s car for any damage. If you find any, apologize and ask them to get in touch with their insurance company.

Damages another door

If you have accidentally hit a parked car and caused some damages, you may be liable for repairs. This will usually depend on the type of vehicle and how severe the damage is to the other car. If there was a scratch on a parked vehicle but did not cause any significant damages or harm, then you are probably not liable for repairs.

Swipes a side mirror

In this case, it is hard to determine who should pay for repairs without knowing how much damage was

Steps to Do

  • Don’t flee 
  • Look around at signs of the owner
  • If no one appears, speak to customer service and give information
  • Write a note an apology, with your name and phone number
  • Stick the note somewhere secure
  • Before you leave, take pictures of the damage
  • Wait for a contact

Not Sure If I Scratched A Car or Not

You might think there is no way someone did not realize when they hit other cars. There are many situations when you doubt it. The most important thing is what to do next. 

What to Do Next 

  • Go back to the place of the accident 
  • Ask around or try to seek for security camera 
  • Consult with the nearby security
  • React according to the situation. If there is no proof of the incident, you can leave.
  • You can leave a phone number for any future possibilities

It’s regrettable that someone hit your car and left a note.

You found a dent and a note, consider you are lucky, car repair is not cheap. If you have insurance, it is even better. Even if that is the case, here are things to do. 

What is the best thing to do 

  • Review the note
  • Call the number 
  • Gather evidence
  • Take photos of the damage and note
  • You can contact an insurance company
  • Seek possible witnesses 
  • File a report after calling the police
  • Gather pictures, police reports, and contact info. 

Not sure if I did the scratch

not sure if i scratched a car

You had tried to be careful when parking and didn’t feel like hitting anything. But when you get back to your car. Someone claims you left a ding in their vehicle.

It’s not uncommon to leave without checking your car for any scratches. But you never expect someone to hit your vehicle before you even get back into it. You had tried to be careful when parking and didn’t feel like hitting anything. So, the first thing you do afterward is to check your car for any scratches.

You usually do this by looking at all four sides of the vehicle and under the wheel arches. But did you know that one of the most common areas where people forget to look is on your bumpers? Yes, drivers often overlook them, but they are also an easy place for someone else to park their bike or scooter. This can result in a small scratch, if not worse, damage that can be very costly!

What to do:

  • Don’t panic
  • Seek for witness or camera 
  • Check the damage, is it old or new
  • Does it have your car’s color or not 
  • Follow the process

What if someone is injured?

Whether it is you who are injured or the other person, don’t panic. You can handle the situation with calm. 

What to do

  • Call an ambulance to get medical assistance
  • Call the police to assist the situation 
  • If you are injured, concentrate on getting better
  • If you are not, try to help the best way that you can

Frequent Question And Answer 

How can you tell a scratch is old or new?

The new scratch has a sharper feel that feels fresh with a tint of a different color. Old scratch will have a soft feel, fade away, and build up rust around it. 

How big is a scratched to leave a note?

It doesn’t matter if it is a dig, a scratch, or a big dent. You can be charged for leaving the scene of the crime. That can have problematic issues with the law. 

What if I feel I have been missed accused?

Try to find proof and witness. Get professional help to diagnose the car. You can even call a lawyer if it comes to that.

What should I do If the car that scratches me flee?

Check for CCTV and securities. Take photos of the ding or dent with a witness and file a police report. 

Some scenarios can backlash if you don’t handle the situation involving other people’s cars. You can get into trouble even in the case of not sure if I scratched a car or not. You need to make contact, provide evidence and stay calm.  

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