phone plays music instead of ringing

Phone Plays Music Instead of Ringing: Why and How to Set It Right

The essential thing to mind when you think of a phone is its ringing sound. But what if the phone plays music instead of ringing?

In this article, we’ll discuss the topic and other related things that you need to know. Let’s check this out!


Phone Plays Music Instead of Ringing

A phone can play music instead of ringing. It is done by connecting a set of speakers to the phone and then turning on the speaker mode in the settings.

Many people have become accustomed to their phones ringing and are annoyed when the phone plays music instead of ringing. It is because they don’t hear the song from the phone, but rather it’s playing music in a different room.

It doesn’t happen with all phones, just certain ones with a feature that allows you to play music instead of ringing.

You can turn on the speaker mode by going to Settings > Sound > Speaker Mode. From there, you can choose between Normal, Vibrate, or Silent.

If you switch it to Speaker Mode, it will automatically play music from that point forward when someone calls you.

Why Does My Phone Play Music When Someone Calls?

You might already know that mobile phones are a significant part of our lives today. They are used for various purposes, and one of the most common is making and receiving phone calls. When someone calls, the phone will ring and play a sound that alerts you to answer the call. However, why does it play music too?

Your phone plays music when someone calls to alert you that you have an incoming call. It signals you to answer the call and talk to the person on the other side of the line.

The sound or music is also a way for people in your contact list to know that they are being called, so they can pick up their phones and answer them.

The sound on your mobile phone is called ringtone or ring tone. It’s an audio file or song played when someone calls you so that you know they’re calling. It plays music when someone calls because some people find it more pleasant than just hearing a beep or a noise when they have an incoming call.

The default ringtone for a phone is set to play when the user receives a call. Not only that, but you can also select a different ringtone for specific contacts. After choosing it, the system will play that ringtone when they call.

Some phones offer vibrations or visual displays of an incoming call.

How Do I Turn Off My Ringback Tone?

You might be wondering about the same question. But don’t worry. This part will help you understand how to turn off your ringback tone.

Ringback tones are a popular way of customizing the sound someone hears when they call your phone and you don’t answer it. The ringback tone is usually played as an audio file, but it can also be a video or animation.

Ringback tones are a legacy feature from the pre-cellphone era. They were created to help people identify the callers, but now they are more of an annoyance than anything.

You can disable or turn off your ringback tone in just a few steps.

The first step is to open up your phone’s settings and go to the “Sound and Notification” tab.

You will see an option for “Ringtone & vibration.” Tap on the menu; then you can change the option. Before changing it, you will see a list of all the ringtones on your phone.

Then, you can change from “Normal” or “Silent” to something like “None.” It will disable your ringback tone, so you won’t have it anymore.

Why Can’t I Hear My Phone Ring When I Make a Call?

The cell phone industry has been changing rapidly over the past few decades. One of these changes was to make it so that you can’t hear your phone ring when you’re on a call. It may seem like an odd change, but it’s actually for the better.

It is because the phone is on mute by default. You must press the volume up button to turn it off before hearing your phone ring.

It’s possible that the phone is on silent mode, or it might be in a pocket or bag where the sound is muffled. The person you’re calling may also have their phone on silent mode.

Some phones are designed to vibrate rather than ring when they receive a call. If this is your case, check your phone’s settings to ensure it isn’t set to silence calls and notifications.

So you might be asking, why can’t I hear my phone ring when I make a call?

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. It is a common problem on many phones, usually caused by a setting in your phone’s menu.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to find the setting for “Ring Volume” and then adjust the volume to at least half its maximum. You may also want to turn on “Vibrate” if your phone doesn’t have a vibration mode.

How Do I Turn Off My Ringback Tone Telstra?

Telstra is one of Australia’s most popular telecommunications companies and has over 2 million customers. They provide services to mobile and fixed-line customers through their landlines, mobiles, internet, television, and voice calls.

If you are a Telstra customer and your ringback tone is too loud, you can’t hear the person on the other line.

Telstra has a feature that allows you to turn off your ringback tone after the first call. If you are using a Telstra device, you can turn off your ringback tone by doing the following:

  • Dial *#06#
  • Press the call button until you see ‘Call Disconnected’ on your screen.
  • Release the call button and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Dial *86*7000# to turn off your ringback tone.

When Does Someone Call Me, Can They Hear the Music iPhone?

It is a problem that many iPhone users have asked themselves. However, the answer is not so straightforward. The answer depends on what kind of phone you own and how it’s set up.

Here are some examples of when someone might hear your iPhone music:

  • When someone calls you and your iPhone is in the same room as you, they might hear the music playing through the speakers on your phone.
  • If someone calls you and your iPhone is in your pocket or purse, they’ll hear the music playing through speakers on your phone’s internal speaker.
  • If someone calls you while walking with headphones on, they will only be able to hear their voice through headphones, but not anything else playing from your phone.

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