pt cruiser timing belt replacement interval

PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Interval

Want to know about the PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Interval?

As part of routine maintenance, belts for timing are changed, generally every 60,000-100,000 miles. Timing belts could fail before this interval is attained, but most automobiles will not have problems with this component.

Chrysler produced its PT Cruiser for 10 years from 2000 between 2000 and 2010. The car was a major draw when it first appeared on the roads due to its distinctive design, which some motorists loved, and others thought it was visually uninteresting. Whatever the car’s design, however, it did make quite a splash in its time on the roads. In the PT, Cruisers production run, there were more than 1.35 million vehicles on the road.


PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Interval

There were several problems regarding this PT Cruiser over the car’s life, mainly about safety concerns. For instance, it was the sole small car manufactured at the time that did not have electronic stability control. It also received very poor crash test scores from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration within the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Regarding what it was able to perform and how the PT Cruiser performed under the hood, there were a few problems regarding the timing belt on the car that you need to be aware of if shopping for a used model. According to Chrysler, the belt that drives the PT Cruiser should be changed after 100,000 miles. Many owners have had issues much earlier than the car. It’s important to note that many other popular car models suggest that the timing belt is replaced earlier than 100,000 miles.

pt cruiser timing belt replacement interval

2007 PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Cost

In 2007, we reported severe issues regarding the timing belt on the PT Cruiser for some drivers. One driver had reported that the belt broke, damaging the valves after 82,000 miles. Repairs for these valves ended up costing about $3000.

PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Cost

A new timing belt for a PT Cruiser is anywhere between $800 to $1,000on on average. The bulk of that cost is labor since repairing the timing belt is among the more difficult tasks you’ll have to do in your automobile. The timing belt isn’t so easy to access and can require some effort to reach into.

The cost of an idler belt to fit the PT Cruiser in its entirety is about $150-$200 on average. The biggest issue is that it could be difficult to locate parts for the PT Cruiser since the vehicle hasn’t been manufactured for more than a decade to this point. Thus, finding the correct dimensions of the parts could be a challenge at times. There are part replacements for PT Cruiser on a site such as

Signs of a Bad Timing Belt

If your timing belt is going wrong, there are several possible signs of being watched to let her know there are problems.

Engine misfires

One of the major issues that a timing belt can cause when it goes bad is that it may cause the engine to fail to start. This happens because the precise time it was designed to regulate isn’t operating in the manner it is supposed to. It may disrupt the combustion process in your engine, causing it to occur too early or too late, or even completely. If that occurs, you’ll experience an engine fire. If you have an engine fire within one of the engines in the vehicle, it will be proportionally identical to the overall performance. In a four-cylinder PT Cruiser, you’re losing 25 percent of your power due to the misfire.

Rough Idling

The teeth inside your belt, start to wear away, breaking, the belt may become stuck within the gears, causing vibrations and shaking, even if your vehicle is sitting while the engine is running. This is known as rough Idling. It can cause more severe issues down the line, including engine stoppages.


The sounds your engine produces are crucial to be aware of to recognize the signs that something is out of alignment. If your timing belt has broken, you’ll hear the sound of your engine, which is odd. It’s typically fast-paced, similar to the noise that a roulette wheel produces when it spins. If you hear the sound, then you know there’s something wrong in your email’s time that needs to be verified.

The Engine Smoke

When the engine’s timing is not working because of a problem in the belt that is causing it to spin, then the method by which air and exhaust flow through the valves in your engine could be affected. It could cause smoke to rise and be released via a notice. It will generally be white smoke that may be difficult to spot when it’s cold as it might appear like steam. If you’re seeing white or light gray smoke more often than normal during the warmer months, then you’re likely to find that your timing belt has problems.

Low Oil Pressure

If the teeth on your timing belt have snapped off, they won’t drop to the ground, but they may get stuck in the pan of oil beneath your vehicle. Inside the oil pan, they could block your oil flow and be blocked from moving around your vehicle. If this occurs, you’re at risk of issues with your engine, such as overheating as well as low pressure of the oil.

How Long Does A Timing Belt Last On A PT Cruiser?

Timing belts are an important element of how your engine operates by sinking the movement of the crankshaft through the camshaft. The crankshaft allows pistons to lift and lower while the camshaft controls the valves and the pistons. Everything must move at a precise time, or you could cause serious damage to the engine.

If the timing belt fails, particularly when it is broken, the camshaft will stop turning, but the crankshaft will rotate. This could cause injuries to cam heads, pistons, and the other parts of your engine. That’s why ensuring that the timing belt is in good working order is an essential task.

What Happens When The Timing Belt Breaks On A PT Cruiser?

The PT Cruiser’s engine is an interfering type. As the valves fail to hit the pistons, they may strike each other if the timing belt fails or slips when it is at high speeds.

At What Mileage Should A Timing Belt Be Replaced?

Timing belt replacement is typically recommended every between 60,000 and 100,000 miles by the vehicle manufacturer. Consult ChiltonDIY’s maintenance plans as well as the manual of the proprietor to find out the appropriate maintenance interval for your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Timing Belt On A 2006 PT Cruiser?

Chrysler PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement Cost Estimate. The labor cost is estimated to be between 556 to $701, and parts cost in the range of $227 to $231. This is based on the amount and the age of Chrysler PT Cruisers in operation.

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