Remove Pulley From Electric Motor Shaft

There are two ways to remove a pulley from an electric motor shaft. First, you can drill two holes near the center of the pulley hub and unscrew the pulley. Use thick washers on the bolts to avoid damaging the sheave.


How Do You Get A Stuck Pulley Off A Shaft?

You have several options if you need to get the pulley off a shaft. You can either use a hammer and chisel to break it free, or you can turn the pulley with a wrench. You can cut the pulley loose with a saw if this doesn’t work. Alternatively, you can buy a pulley puller designed to pop the pulley of a shaft easily. To remove a stuck pulley from a post, you should remove the nut and cotter pin. You can also use a hammer and chisel to wedge between the pulley and shaft. You should remove the pulley as quickly as possible, regardless of your method. Another way to remove a stuck pulley is by penetrating oil on the exposed shafts. You can also use a flat steel plate with holes corresponding to the holes of the pulley. Then, you can use a set of bolts with nuts and washers to pull it off evenly. Half a dozen 1/4-inch bolts will apply incredible pressure. A strap wrench or socket wrench can help you remove the pulley. You can also use a pneumatic air gun to loosen tough bolts. However, use caution. A pneumatic air gun can damage a bolt, so you should only use it if you are sure you’ll need it. Be sure to use a new bolt after you’ve removed the old one.

How Do You Remove A Belt Pulley From A Motor?

If you’re wondering how to remove a belt pulley from the shaft of an electric motor, you’ve come to the right place. Before you begin the process, you must find where the pulley is seated on the shaft. You should be able to determine where the pulley is sitting by looking at pictures of the motor. Next, remove the inner screws of the pulley. It’s recommended that you wear gloves when working with the electric motor. Be careful because the pulley will likely be coated with dust. To clean the pulley of dust, apply penetrating oil. Rust can also be cleaned using a rust buster, but you should make several applications. 

First, remove the screw holding the pulley to the shaft. If you’re using an aluminum or cobalt puller, the screw should be removed before you try to pull the pulley. If you’re planning on reusing the pulley gear, you must also remove the screw. If you don’t want to drill out the screw, you should try to warm the pulley around the hub area, which will loosen it. If the screw is too tight, the gear might skip. Before removing a belt pulley from an electric motor shaft, you should ensure that the pulley and the bushing are not damaged. If the pulley is made of polyurethane, you can use it as a replacement. Make sure that you’re not turning the OD down, though. Once you’ve removed the belt and pulled the pulley from the shaft, you can install a new one. If unsure, you can use a small pry bar to tighten the pulley. Once done, you can install the more relaxed back panel and turn on the breaker switch.

How Do You Remove A Pulley Without A Pulley Puller?

There are several ways to remove a pulley from an electric motor shaft without a pulley-pulling tool. One method involves heating the pulley to loosen it from the post. Once the pulley is hot, it should easily slide out. Another option is to use a puller. First, you must measure the distance of the coupling from the shaft. In many cases, the collar is flush with the post. Depending on the yoke, it may be either out or in. You should take note of the position and take pictures before attempting to remove the coupling. You can also use a screwdriver to loosen the pulley.

However, it would help if you took care not to damage the motor shaft. There are several different sizes of pulley pullers. It is also essential to measure the diameter of the pulley before using the gear puller. If you cannot find a pulley puller, you can try using a pipe wrench or a strap wrench. A pipe wrench is easier to use than a puller. You should also wear safety goggles while working. You can also try welding the pulley if it is badly damaged. However, remember to use a good welder and work in a well-ventilated area. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a replacement pulley if one is available.

How Do You Remove A Tapered Pulley Shaft?

If you need to remove a tapered pulley from an electric motor, there are several steps that you should take. First, you need to heat the pulley. Once it has reached the correct temperature, it should slide out of the shaft. Secondly, you need to measure the distance between the coupling and the post. It may flush with the stick, or you may have to push it out a bit before removing it. Next, you need to remove the bushing, usually held by the pulley. The bushing can be tough to remove because it’s tightly screwed on. A screwdriver with a split in it should work. You can try a bearing splitter or a two-jaw puller if it isn’t. To do this, you will need to unscrew the bolt that holds the pulley on the shaft. Once the bolt is released, you can slide the pulley or sprocket out of the post. Wear safety glasses and other protective gear while doing this work.

Next, you will need to remove the set screw on the pulley. If you cannot get it off yourself, you must drill out the set screw. If you can’t drill out the set screw, you can use an arc welder to remove it. Once the pulley is removed, use a grinder or machine to remove the arc weld. You may also want to use a movable metal key to hold the pulley. You can find one with a slotted center hole that takes half of the key. Woodruff keys, which are also slotted, fit into this slot.


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