Replace Porch Post On Concrete Slab

If you are looking to install a porch pillar, you might be wondering how to attach it to the concrete slab. You can read this article to learn how to do it. Besides learning how to do it, you will also learn how much it will cost.


How Do You Attach Porch Posts To Concrete?

The first step is to prepare the concrete slab. Place the posts and brackets in the concrete slab, using a spirit level to ensure they are plumb. Once the posts are secure, attach the braces using lag screws or nails. For additional support, you can use Simpson anchors. Place the anchors in the concrete slab and align them. Lock the anchors in place with bolts. When drilling into the concrete, use a drill with a masonry bit. You should also wear eye protection to protect your eyes. Plastic anchors are a better choice than wood or metal anchors since they don’t rot easily. Also, use lab screws or masonry anchors that are sized appropriately.

Once you have marked the area where the anchors will be inserted, you can begin attaching the posts. To do this, first mark the location of each anchor with a pencil. You can also use a masonry bit to mark the hole with the post. You can also use a rubber mallet to hammer the plastic anchors into the holes. Once the anchors are firmly in place, fasten the posts to the concrete with three-inch lag screws. If you are attaching wooden posts, you should cut them to fit the post anchors. Ensure that they are pressure-treated so they won’t rot. Make sure you measure the posts’ width and length to fit snugly.

Once you have found the correct measurement for the anchors, you can use a rubber mallet to drive the posts into the concrete. When attaching wood posts to concrete, you should use a metal post bracket with holes. The metal post bracket will then screw or bolt the wood post. You should also choose a post bracket that has lead shields and bolts. Once you have secured the metal post bracket to the concrete, you need to attach the wood post. Depending on the post type and concrete, you can choose between side-mounted and center-mounted posts. In either case, you should mount them a third of the way below the level of the concrete.

How Do I Replace A Porch Support Post?

First, you will need to drill holes for the post anchors. You can use a masonry bit for this. Once you have drilled the holes, you can place the post anchors and secure them with one-inch lag screws. You can also use a rubber mallet to hammer the screws into the concrete. To avoid splinters, make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves.

Before you begin this repair, you must first make sure that the area beneath the concrete porch has been adequately compacted. The soil underneath is usually dug out when the foundation is built. However, the soil will get fluffed up, and it is necessary to compact it before pouring the concrete slab. To do this, you can use special machines, which are labor-intensive. Next, you must ensure the posts fit into the post anchors. If you don’t, you can use a rubber mallet to tap the posts into the posts. You should also apply wood primer to the posts before installing them. This makes them water-resistant. To secure the posts, you should use lag screws slightly smaller than dowel screws. A lag screw should be about one and a half inches long. You should also check whether the post anchors already have holes for screws; if not, drill them first.

Before putting a new column in place, you should check whether the post is load-bearing or decorative. Decorative columns are typically more expensive than load-bearing ones. In most cases, the cost to replace a load-bearing column is between $300 and $500. You should also be aware of any building codes that may apply to your area. The most important thing to remember before installing the new post is to measure the new post’s width and length. Pressure-treated wood posts should not be wider than the new post anchors. To cut the wooden post, use a circular saw or chainsaw. Make sure to measure the width first and then the length. Once you have completed this step, you can secure the new post and porch.

How Do You Change Porch Pillars?

Before attempting to change porch pillars on a concrete slab, it is necessary to determine the exact height of each column. You can do this by sighting a measuring tape across the bottom of the beam. When you find the correct height, reduce the length of each post by one-eighth of an inch to match the height of the beam. If the column is prone to slipping, you should use a high-yield masonry adhesive to secure it. This will avoid damaging the masonry beneath the porch slab. Once the new porch column is in place, you can attach the new railings. After removing the old pillar, cut the new one to fit into the existing post. Once the new one is cut to fit, attach the new one to the plinth. If you need to remove a portion of the post to make room for the new one, seal the cut areas. Then, paint the post or column to match the porch.

You should also prepare your drill machine with a hammering function. Drilling the concrete requires a masonry bit. Make sure to use plastic anchors instead of wood or metal ones. The screws should be at least one and a half inches long. You may also want to use a rubber mallet to hammer the plastic anchors into the concrete. You can also break the concrete sides with a sledgehammer or jackhammer. It will be easy to break if you’re dealing with a porch made of concrete blocks. However, if the porch has been poured onto a concrete slab, you may have to use a jackhammer to speed up the demolition. Make sure you wear protective gear and safety goggles while using power tools.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Porch Pillar?

Changing a porch pillar is a major construction project that requires careful planning. Besides replacing the porch post, keeping the roof intact and the area below it well-supported is essential. If the old post fails, it can cause extensive damage to the home and possibly even injure a resident. Therefore, it’s best to consult a professional contractor. Typically, porch posts are made of wood. Pine, oak, or maple are common choices. Pine is preferable because it accepts stains well.

However, wood is susceptible to rot, warping, and splitting, and can even be damaged by termites. Fortunately, if the damage is only superficial, you can usually repair the post with wood putty and a fresh coat of paint. When evaluating the costs of replacing a porch pillar, it’s essential to determine whether it’s load-bearing or decorative. A decorative porch pillar doesn’t have a structural purpose, while a load-bearing column supports part of the home or the porch’s roof. The cost of replacing a decorative pillar will typically be higher than replacing a load-bearing one.

Porch columns are not cheap, but they don’t have to be. It’s essential to choose the best product for your needs and budget. Some materials are cheaper than others, such as wood or unfinished concrete. However, it’s important to remember that there are also knock-offs and lower-quality products. The price of replacing a porch pillar on a concrete slab depends on several factors. Whether you hire a professional or DIY-it-yourself, the cost of a porch column replacement can range from $300 to $500 per post. However, the cost may be higher depending on the material used and the amount of work needed.

The most common choice for a porch pillar is wood. This material is durable and is more affordable than other options. While wood is the preferred material for load-bearing posts, vinyl is also a good choice. While it may not be as beautiful as fiberglass, vinyl is easy to install and work with.


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