Samsung Galaxy S9 Sending Duplicate Texts

You’re not alone if you are experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy S9 sending duplicate texts. Several users have reported this problem, and it seems to be affecting several different models. In this article, we’ll look at the possible causes of this issue and offer some potential solutions.

Why Is My Samsung Phone Sending Double Texts?

There are some reasons why your Samsung phone might send double texts. One possibility is that you have the auto-retry feature turned on. This feature will automatically resend a text message if it doesn’t go through the first time. If you think this is the problem, you can check the settings on your phone to see if auto-retry is turned on.

Another possibility is that you have a text message app set to send messages in batches. This means the app will wait until it has a certain number of text messages before actually sending them. If this setting is turned on, you may see duplicate text messages if the app doesn’t send the first batch of messages immediately.

If you’re unsure why your Samsung phone is sending double texts, you can try contacting Samsung customer support for more help.

Samsung phone sending double texts

Why Is My Phone Sending the Same Text Multiple Times?

There are multiple reasons your phone might send the same text multiple times. One possibility is that you have the “send as SMS” setting turned on. This setting will send your text as an SMS even if your recipient has an iPhone. If their phone cannot receive SMS messages, your text will be sent multiple times.

Another possibility is that you have multiple texting apps installed on your phone. If one of these apps is set as the default, it might be sending your texts through that app instead of your carrier’s texting service. This can cause texts to be sent multiple times.

If you’re unsure why your phone is sending duplicate texts, you can try restarting it. This will clear any temporary glitches that might be causing the problem. You can also try resetting your text messaging settings. This will restore your text messaging app to its default settings.

Here Are Some Solutions to Stop Your Samsung From Repeating Text Messages

You can do a few things to stop your Samsung Galaxy S9 from sending duplicate text messages.

First, ensure that the option for “Send as One Message” is turned off in your Settings. This will prevent your phone from sending multiple copies of the same message.

Second, if you have any third-party messaging apps installed on your phone, try disabling them and see if that stops the duplicates from being sent.

Third, you can try a factory reset. This will reset your device to its factory settings and should stop duplicate texts from being sent. However, the important thing is that this will also delete all your data, so make sure to back up your files before a factory reset.

If none of these methods work, then you may have a software issue that will need to be addressed by a professional.

How to Fix the Problem

Fortunately, the issue is pretty easy to fix. Whatever the reason, your Samsung phone sends duplicate text messages. This section will walk you through steps you should try when sending your texts twice. We listed these methods from the simplest to the most complex, so be sure to try them in order.

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi on your phone and then turn it back on again. A weak Wi-Fi connection can cause an Android device to attempt to resend a message after sending it, which might cause a duplicate message
  2. When your mobile data is turned off and back on again, Android devices will attempt to resend messages you’ve already sent.
  3. Other methods of providing mobile data, such as Wi-Fi and mobile data, will not solve reception issues if the area is poor. If possible (and if you have time), try to relocate to a better reception area.
  4. You can turn off automated text messages from the chat app. To turn this off, go to the app settings and look for “SMS/MMS.” You might need a third-party messaging app to have similar settings.
Try to relocate to a better reception area

This feature will automatically resend a message over Wi-Fi or mobile data if there’s a blocked connection on the other end. Android devices have been known to have this happen unintentionally, causing duplicate messages.

Some Other Common Measures to Solve the Problem

Chat features use Wi-Fi or mobile data to send messages instead of SMS services, which is a common option but could lead to duplicates if your Android device tries to do both.

  • Disable chat features on the Messages app. This setting is located under Settings – Chat Features in the Messages app. It can also be performed by changing these settings on third-party messaging apps as well.
  • Clear your messaging app’s cache settings to fix problems with duplicate messages. You’ll find it under “Settings,” then “Apps,” and then “Messages.” It should be named “Storage & cache.
  • Restart your Android device; a reboot will force all apps to close and reset most stored data in RAM, which could clear a temporary problem causing duplicate messages.
  • Reboot your phone & try deleting and reinstalling the messaging app. This will start the app with a clean slate & may fix whatever caused duplicate messages.
  • Switching message apps could be a solution to the issue on your Android phone. Using a different app would be able to fix the problem.
  • Remove and reinstall your SIM card in order to fix any issues you are experiencing with duplicate messages.
  • Factory reset your Android device. It’ll return the software & firmware that’s installed on your device to its original condition, which may resolve the problem.
  • Contact your mobile data provider. Though rare, your mobile data provider may be the source of duplicate text messages. Contact the provider’s customer service for help troubleshooting the issue.


If you’re experiencing duplicate texts on your Samsung Galaxy S9, there are a few potential causes. It could be an issue with your SIM card, your phone’s cache, or a software glitch. In any case, it’s generally pretty easy to fix the problem and get your phone back up and running smoothly. I hope this article has helped you troubleshoot the issue and eliminate those pesky duplicates!

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