silt fence cost per foot

How Much The Silt Fence Cost per Foot

Silt fences are a type of erosion control used to protect shorelines and other areas from the damaging effects of silt. In this article, we’ll talk more about silt fences costs and other things you need to know.

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Silt fence cost per foot

A silt fence is a long, thin barrier used to protect the shoreline against erosion. You should install it at the water’s edge, and bury it in the ground so that it can’t be seen.

The cost of a silt fence can vary depending on the size and type you need. It’s important to remember that the average price per foot varies depending on how deep your fence needs to go.

A typical foot of silt fence will cost around $2 to $5. When you are buying your silt fence, you need to buy enough fencing for your needs.

The material for silt fence is called a “geotextile” A google search using that term will bring up the most significant manufacturers. Typically you will have to buy from a distributor such as a road construction supply company.

We usually buy the silt fence already preassembled with stakes from local distributors in Michigan.

We decided to quit making it and supply the stakes—time-consuming and not enough profit margin. My suggestion would be to stick with making the stakes.

Silt fence stakes are going to Indianapolis and Chicago, and Detroit. We average about $800/1000bf FOB my mill.

What is the use of a silt fence?

Silt fence is rated to handle sediment runoff at a rate of 1/4 acre per 100 linear feet of silt fence. So there should be a run of silt fence every 110 feet.

Well, I imagine that 110 ft looks more like 20 ft while traveling at 80 mph.

There are many different patents on the nominal “Erosion Control” silt fencing fabric. The first fabric that I knew of was manufactured before March 23, 1981, and Amoco Fabrics manufactured it.

We sold two different “sieve rating” fabrics for this erosion control fabric as the soil density was different in various locations/states etc.

One was a 40 sieve rating, monofilament Polypropylene Erosion cloth.

The other fabric was a 70 sieve rating, and the specification was the same, EXCEPT this fabric was hot calendered down at the weaving and finishing mill to a 70 sieve rating. Some of the installed materials now have a 70 sieve rating.

How deep is a silt fence?

Silt fences are designed for a specific slope and need to bend at this angle. They do not need to be turned over a distance because they don’t stretch out like human limbs. I’m looking for something to decide how much it should bend and then generate the fence pattern accordingly.

To avoid finishing the content of a line manually, sometimes I start with a line that already has no bends. However, there are times when I can’t find such lines. In such cases, I start with a fixed-length paragraph at the top and look for offset lines as I go down.

If you have the MicroStation software, you can make custom line styles that repeat the ends, a quick and easy process. You choose which fences to apply the pattern to (or place them in separate drawings) and then use it as an edit.

If you only need to draw a line quickly, try the measure command on a polyline and use a block. Dynamic input will do this.

I would create a polyline from my desired point and then save the output in a separate file. From there, I would select the endpoint. I can eventually break the polyline into smaller pieces and add curves by saving the curve as an object in its layer.

I have right now to convert the polylines to alignments and set up a label style for the tick if I don’t do anything else.

How much silt fence do you need?

If you’re considering adding the ends to each fence one at a time, I recommend starting a line somewhere upslope from the end of the fence by eye and snapping it to the fence. It should be close enough to convey your intent along with it.

You might need to experiment with a style for this. You may also use a label style and apply it to all the polylines. Either way, either approach should yield the desired results.

You can set the Polar Snap to “Relative to Last Segment,” making it easy for you to draw each line. At first, you might encounter trouble, but this tool still works reasonably well.

Why does the silt fence not stand up?

A silt fence will work if installed correctly and parallel to the contour. If it is not, or if you are not buried too deep, it will simply fall over.

It’s in a ditch, or the drainage channel will fall over in decent rain. Use riprap check dams in gutters.

Most silt fences only last for a few years because they are specified where the flow rates are too high. We should use riprap, sandbags, or berm in these areas to prevent failure and provide stability in high flow environments.

Depending on the installation and maintenance, the cost of a silt fence can vary. As with many things in life, you get what you pay. The purpose of wire mesh backing is to extend the lifetime of your fence.

The problem with silt fences on Long Island is that they are often installed incorrectly and incorrectly embedded. When placed this way, it is harder for crawlers to get in past the fence and cause a risk for wildlife.

I would also like to add that you should install a silt fence in a wave pattern that allows water to collect not to damage your property.

Any recommendation for silt fence installers?

Call Buddy Martin, and he is out of Dallas. I don’t know if he can do it, but he might know someone who can—214-878-8138 Silt Fence Installation.

There are other companies out there that require a machine called the Tommy Silt Fence Machine. This machine can install large quantities of silt in a concise amount of time.

My now dead BIL was a developer in Clearwater Beach. He put a silt fence up on the flat ground to keep sand from getting ON the beach.

We got a $500 fine for not having a silt fence up while we put the silt fence up. You have to clear the trees in a heavily wooded area before running a silt fence.

Spent the day in court, the judge dropped the fine from $1,000 to $500 and waived the jail time.

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    Working out of Minnesota. I would like to know how to charge for installing silt fencing in right of ways for highway heavy? This would be prevailing wage. Also, once silt fence is installed. We put up put 4 ft. Orange Guardian Safety Barrier Fence.

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