Smoker Lid Counterweight Ideas

Are you facing any problems regarding your smoker lid counterweight? There are many ways to make your smoker lid more efficient. You can use any of the smoker lid counterweight ideas mentioned in this section below to get your solution.

Smoker lid counterweight ideas are used to reduce the weight of a lid so that it can fit on a particular pot. They are also used to balance the lid on the pot.

Some people might be wondering how to make their smoker lid counterweight ideas more efficient. So here is the solution. In this article, you will find some great ideas for making your smoker lid more useful, valuable, and practical by adding a counterweight.

If you are the one who faces a problem with a counterweight and needs to know the solution, then read on as this section provides a list of some of the best ideas for smoker lid counterweight solutions.


How Smoker Lid Works

The smoker lid is a device that helps you control your grill’s temperature. It is an essential part of smoking food and comes with a weight on the lid which keeps it in place. Moreover, it is typically made of metal or hard plastic and has a handle at one end. The handle is used to lift the lid and pour food onto the grill.

The essential part of smoking is the lid. The lid keeps the smoke inside the smoker and protects your food from getting burnt. It also helps regulate the heat, so you don’t overcook your food.

What Factors of the Smoker Lid Counterweight Need to Be Checked for Efficiency?

Metal, plastic, and rubber counterweights can all be used to make your lid more stable. They’re an effective way to complement a traditional setup but can also stand on their own via creative uses of materials.

This section provides some factors that need to be checked to know whether there is any issue or need for a counterweight solution. So, here are tips and tricks for making your smoker lid counterweight ideas more efficient, which must be checked before you move on to the smoker lid counterweight solution.

Tips & Tricks for Smoker Lid Counterweight Ideas

  • Make sure you have enough weight on your smoker’s lid, so it doesn’t fall off easily.
  • Make sure that you can lift the top part of your smoker lids easily so that you don’t need to use too much force.
  • Make sure it fits tightly to the grill, so it doesn’t fall off.
  • Make sure that the top part of the lid is centered on your grill.
  • Ensure that you have enough room in your smoker to place your smoker lids on and take them off safely.
  • If you cannot get a good fit or feel safe, try using two lids.
  • If you use a smoker lid with a spring mechanism, ensure enough coiled-up cable to keep the cover in place.
  • Make sure you have enough coiled-up cable on your grill to keep the lid open
  • Make sure you space your coiled-up cable far enough from the grill, so it doesn’t get caught on anything.
  • Make sure your cable is long enough to reach the lid
  • Make sure there are no sharp ends on any of the cables

Smoker Lid Counterweight Ideas

Counterweights are the additional weight placed on the opposite side of the lid to balance the importance of the pot (or any other cooking utensil). This can be done by placing a second lid on top, a metal rod or metal wire, or anything else heavy enough to provide enough weight.

If you are using a smoker lid and it causes trouble in any aspect of the factors mentioned earlier to be considered, then there is time to settle it down. It would help if you fixed it as it can be troublesome while cooking. As it can be hard to keep your smoker lid in place. This is where the counterweight ideas come into play. There are many different counterweight ideas for smokers, but some of the most common ones are listed below. Check below for your solution.

Metal Rod or Wire

The most common type of smoker lid counterweight is a metal rod or wire. It runs through the middle of the lid and attaches to both sides. The rod can be placed on either side of the lid for convenience, but it’s essential for it not to touch any part of your food because this will cause your food to stick when you try to remove it from the grill.


Spring in the lid keeps the lid from opening when the lid is not attached to a grill.


A metal rod or wire that runs through the lid’s hinges and is magnetized to hold itself in place. A magnet that can grip the metal rod is usually found on the bottom of a cover.

Concrete Block or Brick

If you have a concrete block or brick inside your smoker, you can either place bricks around the exterior of your smoker lid or use wire mesh as a weight to help keep it down on the lid.


You can also use a screwdriver, a drill bit, or another household object as a counterweight.

Wooden Sticks

Use small wooden sticks to prop up the weight of your lid. So it doesn’t slump onto the fire inside the smoker.

Counter Weight Hinges

Use Counter Weight hinges to make sure your lid is light and easy to open


Add a piece of Channel in the middle and a slide behind two pieces of rod. The part kept in the middle is welded to the other two pieces and stays in place when you pull on it. Then, let me tell you how to balance out the weight. They are attached to the belt by a chain and a bungee cord which helps stabilize them. If you are concerned about your pit swinging back and forth, putting some lock-tight around your cable is recommended first. Now to prevent the smoker lids from opening all the way put a halt to several holes from where they usually open. Use a sliding dampener system on the firebox end. Use some trailer on the pit. They don’t get that hot. And for lid handles, use free-floating aluminum. It keeps the handles cool.

Balancing Counterweight

This is a quick thread about balancing your counterweight to keep the door open without too much effort. You’ll want to angle the counterweight at a 60-degree angle from the top of your cook chamber and push off the cap. To know how strong you can keep it open, hold a hammer in one hand and press down on the lid with your other hand so that it latches on. For instance, making one pound each time you add makes it easy to see where you will be to keep the door open without any damage.

Once you weigh a certain number of pounds, you can fire up the scale and know that a total amount of pounds is now needed to complete the task. You can use different chunks of scrap metal angle or whatever you have lying around and cut them shorter than the length of the counterweight. After that, you have enough equal to or greater than the combined weight needed. Weld all the pieces together and shove them inside the counterweight tube. Then you can use a few stitch welds to keep the weight inside the box to prevent.

I hope this section will prove beneficial for you and solve your issue. Comment down below and share your suggestions apart from these and ask if any queries.

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