trunnion hitch vs round bar

Trunnion Hitch vs Round Bar

People keep asking, which one is better regarding trunnion hitch vs round bar?

To answer this question is not simple. Each type has its pros and cons. If you’re looking for the answer to this question, this article suits you. Some people say that the trunnion hitch is better, but others also say that the round bar is better. And these opinions make us hard to choose the one that suits for us.

But, don’t worry, this article will provide complete information about the trunnion hitch and round bar, the difference between them, and a guide to choosing the right one.

Are you feeling curious yet? Sit comfortably, and let’s begin!


What Is Trunnion Hitch?

A trunnion hitch is a type used to construct a truss, a structure built from multiple members. It is a hitch for towing a trailer with a single-axle or two axles spaced at equal distances. People called it the “triple-diagonal” because it uses three diagonal members to form an X-shaped frame.

There are two variations of the trunnion hitch: the “truss” and the “truing up.” The truss variation uses one diagonal member to form an X-shape, while the truing up variation uses two diagonals to create a Y-shape.

It is typically used on trucks and trailers that carry cargo or equipment. The hitch allows the trailer to be towed in either direction and used to tow motorcycles and bicycles.

Trunnions are the metal pieces that pivot around an axis, attached on either side of the vehicle’s frame. The hitch attaches these trunnions through a pin or bolt so they can rotate as free as needed.

What Is Round Bar?

The round bar hitch is a knot used to form a loop at the rope’s end. People also called it the clove hitch. It is used for many different purposes. You can use it to tie up a load, secure an object, or create a loop in the rope. You can also tie the round bar hitch without any string at all.

The round bar hitch has many variations tied around the same principle, with slight differences in how they are connected. One variation on the knot is known as the clove hitch, and it has two loops instead of one, and it is tied around an object instead of being made from rope material.

The round bar hitch is a standard piece of equipment in the construction industry and is typically used for securing large items, such as logs or wooden pallets, to the bed of a truck.

Round bar hitches are typically made of steel with a round bar on one end and an eye on the other. The look is designed to fit into a ring or hook that can be attached to the load being tied down.

Trunnion Hitch vs Round Bar: What Is the Difference Between Them?

This section will provide you with the difference between a trunnion hitch and a round bar:

A trunnion hitch is a knot used to tie two ropes together. It’sIt’s also known as an overhand knot. The round bar hitch is a knot that connects two cords or attaches one string to another object.

The difference between a round bar and a trunnion hitch is that the hitch has two arms while the round bar has one arm. The arm on the round bar is attached to the load, while you can swivel the arm on the trunnion hitch.

A trunnion hitch is a hitch that is used in construction and engineering. Two half hitches tied this type of knot. On the other hand, a round bar is used in engineering to connect two shafts or bars.

Trunnion Hitch vs Round Bar: Pros and Cons of Trunnion Hitch

The trunnion hitch is a type of hitch that doesn’t require the use of a ball mount. This hitch’s crucial advantage is that you can use it on any trailer. The downside is that it’s not compatible with some types of traps.

In this section, we will inform you of the pros and cons of trunnion hitch:

Pros: It’sIt’s compatible with all types of trailers, easy to use, and quick to unhitch; you can use it in any trailer and quickly unhitch without having to move the vehicle

Cons: You’ll need to buy and install a new receiver plate if you want to use it on your vehicle, the ball mount will not fit into some cars without modification, and you can only use the ball mount with a 2″ trailer ball.

Trunnion Hitch vs Round Bar: Pros and Cons of Round Bar

A Round Bar hitch is a type of hitch that is easy to install and remove. It is also a good option for people who want to tow trailers or boats. It has some advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of round bar hitch:


  • It can be installed and removed quickly, which makes it easier to use in tight spaces.
  • You can use it on any vehicle, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • It has a quick-release lever for quick removal when not needed.
  • The round bar design helps the trailer or boat stay level when it’s being towed.
  • It has less weight than the trunnion hitch.


  • The Round Bar hitch may not work with some vehicles.
  • It doesn’t provide much clearance between the trailer and truck bed when you tow something heavy like a boat or camper.
  • The round bar can damage your truck’s paint if you hit something while driving.
  • In some models, you must remove your ball mount before attaching it to the round bar hitch.
  • When you’re finished, the round bar can be challenging to remove from your truck bed.

A Quick Guide to Choose Your Vehicle Towing Needs

It is crucial to select a towing company based on your vehicle needs. 

Here are various factors that you should consider while choosing your towing vehicle needs:

  • The reputation of the company and company’s type and size
  • Professionalism and reliability of the staff, check if they have any complaints filed against them
  • Cost of services provided by the company
  • Determine what kind of tow truck you need – there are three types: flatbed, wrecker, and utility vehicle.
  • Check that the company has the proper insurance and permits before hiring them for your job.

An Amazing Comparison of the Two Different Hook Types

Two hooks are used in the construction industry: the trunnion hitch and the round bar. The difference between the trunnion hitch and round bar is that one is a fixed-length hook, while you can adjust the other to any length.

The trunnion hitch is a hook with a fixed length, typically 6 feet or more. It is circular, with one end having an eyelet and another having a ball-bearing swivel. The round bar hook has no eyelet and no ball-bearing swivel at its end.

The trunnion hitch has more stability than the round bar comparison chart because it has two contact points with the hooked object. The round bar comparison chart does not have as much stability as the trunnion hitch because it only has one point of contact with the hooked thing.

The trunnion hitch attaches objects to the end of a horizontal bar or pipe, such as a truck bed or rail car. The round bar is a hook used to attach things to the end of a vertical bar.

Trunnion Hitch vs Round Bar: Which One Is Better?

The two most common hitches used in the automotive industry are the Trunnion Hitch and Round Bar. The Trunnion Hitch is a type of hitch that is attached to the frame. The round bar is a type of hitch attached to the vehicle.

The Trunnion Hitch is a type of hitch with a twist in the middle of the hitching post. It allows for better control and reduces the chances of getting stuck. The Trunnion Hitch is an excellent choice for most of your needs and has various features that make it an ideal choice.

The round bar is a type of hitch with a round shape, with no twist in the middle. This type of hitch is easier to install, but it can get stuck if you don’t tighten it enough, which can cause damage to your vehicle. It is a good option for those looking for a more traditional look. It is easier to install and doesn’t require special tools.

Conclusion: there is no clear winner between the two types of hitches. It is a matter of personal preference and circumstances.

We give you pros and cons for you to help you choose the right one for you, depending on your circumstances. Choose wisely!

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