Walkthrough of Escape: The Bathroom, The Car, The Office

My mom was a huge fan of escape room games which eventually got me to play these games. Escape games are puzzle-type games in addicting games websites in which you have to figure out a way out using the objects you find.

This blog will guide you on solving Escape: The Bathroom, The Car, and The Office.


Addicting Games

Addicting Games is an online free browser-based gaming platform famous for sports, puzzles, shooting, and car games. Ira Willey and Bill Karmouzis were the founders of Addicting Games in 2002 in New York City.

The target audience of the addicting games site is the Millennials and gen Z’s and people older than that. You can even play as a single-player or against your friends. They have more than 4000 games and dozens of new games launching every week.

Escape Games

To solve escape games, you should have strong logical skills, detective skills, and experience solving similar kinds of puzzles. Collect random items and find clues to figure out how to solve and escape.

Escape games are adventure-based games where a player must solve a series of puzzles and riddles. Usually, it begins with the player being stuck in a single room or somewhere and escaping the room immediately. Search your surroundings to find clues, hints, and items that can help you get out of wherever you are.

Escape: The Bathroom

Escape the Bathroom is in the 5th place of most popular escape games on this site. The game was released on 29th May 2009 as suitable for all ages. It has 91% positive feedback.

To Escape the Bathroom, click on everything and find stuff. You cannot leave through the door because it is guarded with lasers.

How to beat Escape: The Bathroom?

First, collect the plunger and then click on the toilet seat.

Go back and click on the back of the toilet. Grab the plunger head and use it to the flush valve.

Use the plunger’s head on the flush valve by clicking on the toilet reservoir.

Find the bottom cabinet, open its doors and grab the baking soda.

Go back and click on the mirror. Use the wooden stick of the plunger and break the mirror. Collect the mirror shard.

Click the top of the screen to open the ceiling using the wooden stick. Knock several times and grab the hairdryer.

Now click the right side of your screen and click on the odd tile (the middle tile). Pick up the wrench.

Use the wrench to turn on the water on the bottom left side of the toilet seat.

Now flush the toilet by clicking the top of it. Then click on the toilet bowl and retrieve the key.

Use this key to unlock the lock on the mirror. Pick up the toothbrush and the razor and everything you can collect.

Close the drain on the top of the sink. Turn on the hot water (the red one). Pour baking soda and dip the toothbrush in it.

Go back and right twice and click the blue energy cell by using the toothbrush to clean it. Get the hairdryer to dry off the ice on the energy cell and connect the cables.

Use the razor to scratch off the gray scribblings on the wall. With the help of the mirror, find the numbers on the number pad. Type 45801 and enter.

Use the wrench on the valve. Then click the bath and turn the water on. Drop the hairdryer in the water.

Go left twice, and then click on the door. Now you can escape.

Escape: The Car

Escape: The Car was released on 29th January 2007 for the target audience of teens+. It has 90% good ratings.

You’re trapped in a car in this escape game. You have to figure out a way to escape from the car with the tools and hints available or die inside.

How to beat Escape: The Car?

Inspect the seat thoroughly. You will find a screwdriver.

Unscrew the light on top of you using your screwdriver. There is a knife inside.

Use the knife cut yourself free from the seatbelt. Move freely to the front of the car.

On the left side, inspect the cupholder. There will be a key there.

Use the screwdriver ab remove the dash panel at the front. Reveal a bunch of wires.

Use the key on the glove compartment to unlock it. There will be electrical tape and some text on the manual inside.

Read the manual as a tip. In the message, notice how the first letter of each word spells the colors red, black, blue, and white. These are the colors of the electrical wires you should connect. Connect the wires using electrical tape.

If you check the carpet below, you can find a license plate with 2415 in roman numbers. Use these numbers as the code for the safe.

Inside the safe, there is a sledgehammer. Use it to smash the windshield open and escape.

Escape: The Office

Escape the Office, also known as the series 7, is a free escape game released on 20th September 2013. It has 72% good ratings and is suitable for all ages.

In this game, you are stuck inside an office. Use the tools and decode the codes to escape from the Office.

How to beat Escape: The Office

Near the desk by the window, notice a small bump on the right side of the carpet. Click it and collect the power code under the carpet.

Go to the desk, open the left drawer and grab the scissors. Collect the white notecard on the table in front of the monitor.

Use the power cord from your inventory to power on the lamp. Turn on the light and notice the shadow of a key behind the lampshade. With the help of the scissors, get the key out of the lampshade.

Take the key, open the right drawer and collect the stapler and prism.

Remove the power cord from the lamp. Go to the printer near the wall and use the power code.

Go to the window, open the blinds and drag the prism to the hook. The three colors made by the prism will point to the keys of the keyboard. Check the notecard in the inventory and note Red-Red-Yellow-Blue-Blue is the right order of keystrokes.

Type the password TT8CC to access the computer. Click print manager on the monitor and select “Print Remaining Docs.”

Exit the computer and collect the newly printed page from the printer.

Zoom the picture of the wall and notice how it is cracked. Shatter the glass with the help of the stapler and grab the “Teensy key” from the man’s hand.

Go to the wall with the safe and calendar. Have a look at the printed document. It says search for the Award reception date on the calendar. Mine has 18th October 2013. So numerically, it is 18102013, which is the password of the safe. Please keep in mind that the date changes with every game.

Click on the safeguard shortcut on the desktop and enter the password, which is 18102013. When the safe is unlocked, use the Teensy key to open the small box in it. There, you will find a USB drive.

Use the USB drive on the USB reader under the monitor. On the monitor, you will see a new icon on the desktop called “Top Floor.”

In this mini-puzzle, make the middle elevator go up to reach the key when all the other elevators are at the bottom.

For that, click on the second elevator from the left twice, then the second from the right twice. Click on the leftmost elevator twice and rightmost elevator twice. Again click on the second elevator from the left double, second elevator from the right twice, leftmost elevator twice, and rightmost elevator twice. Then click ok. Go to the elevator and press the button. Now you can escape.

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