Weller Soldering Iron Tips: Types, Guides, and FAQs

So you have just bought some soldering iron tips for a DIY project. But you are not sure which one to choose. If you are working with soldering iron tips for the first time, we can help you get accustomed to it. In this guide, we will cover everything important, especially related to Weller soldering iron tips.

Soldering iron tips are crucial for the soldering process. This process is used for joining two or more objects together by melting a non-ferrous metal into the joint. It is done with the help of a soldering iron with a tip made of copper core plated with iron. The tip is detachable, and you can choose from a range of tips to use. You can find tips on various sizes, uses, and prices.

Speaking of soldering iron tips, you will find plenty of well-known brands offering quality tips. But one of the prominent ones is Weller soldering iron tips. If you want the best quality soldering iron tips, then Weller could be the best choice for you. Getting a high-quality soldering iron is important. Otherwise, it cannot perform its function effectively. You must also maintain the soldering tips properly. This is because working with damaged tips can cause problems.


Types of Soldering Iron Tips

weller soldering iron tips

As already mentioned, soldering iron tips can be of different types. They vary in size, shape, and use. Before moving onto any further details, we will discuss the different types of soldering iron tips. This will give you a better idea, and hence you will be able to choose the right tip for your DIY project.

  • Conical or B-series Tips

This is one of the most common soldering iron tips you will find. It is named so because it has a pointed cone-like shape. However, the tip is very rounded, and you can do the soldering from any angle. This tip is used for general purposes.

  • Bevel or C-series Tips

Next, we have the Bevel tips, which are also called C-series tips. You can use this type of tip for drag soldering. That’s because it can hold more solder compared to other tips.

  • Chisel or D-series Tips

Chisel tips get their name from their chisel shape. These tips are similar to the conical ones and are used for general purposes. However, it has a slightly bigger surface area than conical tips. This allows more heat to transfer from the tip to the electrical component. If you have a quick DIY project at hand, then Chisel tips could be a good choice. These types of tips are mainly used for soldering thick wires. The good thing is you can find Chisel tips in various sizes. It means you can select a size based on your requirement. The ones that are too large can be used to solder flow from one point to the next and create a bridge. On the other hand, the smaller ones will not reach all the points you want to cover.

  • Knife or K-series Tips

The K-series tips are also called Knife soldering iron tips. It features a slanted tip that resembles the shape of a knife. These types of tips are great for fixing soldering bridges and drag soldering. But you cannot use these tips for point soldering.

  • Needle or I-series Tips

If you need a very pointed soldering iron tip, then Needle tips would make the best choice. These tips are used for very detailed work and are not suitable for soldering large components. This is because it transfers very little heat in comparison to the other tips.

  • Specialized Tips

Lastly, we have specialized tips, e.g., the spade tip. You can use these types of tips for scraping UV glue off from LCD screens or other glass surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Soldering Iron Tip?

weller soldering iron tips

Now that you know the different types of soldering tips, it’s time to talk about choosing the right one for your work. The different soldering tips are used for different purposes. So you need to choose a tip based on the type of work you are doing. For a beginner, choosing the right tip can be an overwhelming process. This is why we are here to help you out.

Here are some key pointers that can help you pick the right soldering tip for your job:

  • You should also choose a tip that is compatible with your soldering iron.
  • Before you choose a soldering tip, you need to determine the type of work you will do, like whether you want a tip for drag soldering, detailed work, or general purposes.
  • You must also consider the size of the soldering tip. If the tip is too small, it won’t transfer enough heat. On the other hand, choosing a large tip can damage the board with too much heat. This is why choosing the right size is important.
  • In case you need a soldering tip for learning how to solder. Then you should avoid using a conical one. As a beginner, you may apply more pressure and thus damage the board in the process.
  • If you need a soldering tip for surface mounts, de-soldering, wire, or through-hole, then a chisel tip would be the best choice for you.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

Soldering is a very detailed process for which you need the right type of soldering tip. When you are just a beginner or in the learning stage, you tend to make many mistakes. However, it is completely normal to make mistakes because that will help you to learn better. To help you out, we have laid down a few tips that can help you improve your soldering skills.

  • You shouldn’t apply too much pressure while soldering because it can damage the board or the tip.
  • You should avoid putting too much force on the soldering tip.
  • When you are in the learning stage, try to use the lowest temperature to avoid premature wear and tear.
  • Once you are done using the soldering tool, make sure that you turn off the soldering station.

How to Take Care of Soldering Iron Tips?

weller soldering iron tips

Soldering tips tend to get damaged over time. This is why you need to maintain the tips so that they can last longer. Here are some tips you can follow to care for soldering tips.

  • Maintain optimal temperature

Soldering station iron is equipped with temperature regulators. This can help you maintain an optimal temperature so that you don’t damage the tips. These regulators are helpful because they adjust the temperature whenever it exceeds or falls below the range.

  • Use high-quality solder

Instead of using a cheap solder, you should get a high-quality solder to work with. This will help extend the life of the soldering tips. The problem with low-quality solders is that they contain impurities that prevent efficient heat transfer. On the other hand, a good quality solder melts completely at the recommended temperature.

  • Clean the soldering tips

One of the best ways to care for the soldering tips is to clean them after use. You can clean the tip using some alcohol and a clean cloth. This will help get rid of the impurities from the previous projects. If the impurities are stubborn, then you can use metal wool to scrape them off. After cleaning, you should apply some fresh solder to prevent oxidation.

  • Tinning the tips

You should always tin the soldering tips before and after soldering. To tin the tips, you need to cover them with a thin layer of solder. This will act as a protective layer and thus prevent the formation of oxidation. It also helps increase the efficiency of the heat transfer.

  • Use Flux To Prevent Oxidation

You can use flux to avoid the formation of an oxidation layer. Flux is a substance that helps dissolve the oxidation layer.

Soldering tips are very crucial for the soldering process. If you want to solder right, then you will need the right soldering tips to work with. You should always choose a soldering tip based on your requirement. Also, make sure that you get tips from a well-known brand.


  • What is soldering?

Soldering refers to the process that is used to join different types of metals together by melting solder. Solder is a metal alloy that is usually made of lead and tin.

  • How many types of soldering tips are there?

There are around six different types of soldering iron tips available out there. Each of the tips is used for a specific purpose. You must choose a soldering tip based on the type of work you are doing.

  • How to make soldering tips last long?

To extend the life of your soldering tips, you should always tin the tips before and after use. Besides that, you should also keep the tips clean.

  • How long should a soldering tip last?

Soldering tips normally can last for years, provided that you maintain and use them properly.


  • Weller soldering irons are great for general household use. Two types of tips come with these soldering irons: chisel tips and conical tips. Chisel tips are used for general work, while conical tips are used for more delicate work.
  • Soldering irons come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most common type of soldering iron is Weller soldering iron. Weller soldering tips are designed to be compatible with Weller soldering irons. Weller C-series tips are larger, more durable, and have extra chisel tips.
  • The Weller soldering iron is a powerful tool for various projects. It is one of the most popular soldering irons because it is easy to use and because of its versatility. In this guide, we will go over the many different types of tips available for this product.

And by this, we conclude our post about Weller soldering iron tips. We hope you find this post useful.

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